The Lord is Able! “For with God nothing shall be impossible!” Luke 1:37

It’s envitable!  Good days are coming and you will meet new people but everyone is NOT your friend.  You don’t collect internet pictures of people you DO NOT KNOW and call them friends!  

Webster’s Dictionary gives the following definition of friend,  “A person whom one knows well and is fond of…one who is not an enemy or foe; ally…”   You cannot discern a true friend by looking at someone’s breasts, color, shape, eyes, height, shoe size or etc. 

FYI:   The ONLY TRUE FRIEND is JESUS THE CHRIST!  He will be at your side through thick and thin.  The Lord will be with you thru a job loss, surgery, recovery, illness, struggles, death, heartaches, mental breakdowns and the list goes on and on and on!  Furthermore, if you repent of your sins, the Lord will be reconciled to you and He will restore you (including all the enemy has taken from you). 

The angel (Gabriel) told Virgin Mary,  “For with God nothing shall be impossible!”   Luke 1:37

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Don’t Write To Me Unless You Really Want JESUS to Help You!

There is only ONE way to come clean!  Ask the Lord to forgive you and make an about face from your sins.  Don’t you know that the Lord is merciful, compassionate, and forgiving. You may be down in the dungeon and you may have allowed others to put you down there.  This makes no never-mind to the Lord!  If you have repented, all of the dirt you’ve done is cast to the bottom of the sea!  You are brand new, just like a new born baby!!

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All of The Animals Are Talking About It

There are several old stories in this book which are told by eye witnesses –  the animals!  This book is for young children andthe child” that lives within you, even though you are an  adult.  If you think I’m kidding, just purchase the book.  The Word of God says, “If we don’t worship and praise the Lord that the  rocks will cry out.”    Well, no rocks are going to cry out for me as long as there is breath in my body.   

If rocks can cry out, then,  ANIMALS CAN TALK and they do in this book!   The young ass that JESUS sat on has plenty to say and you need to hear his comments.  In fact, his grandmother has a wonderful story to tell about her owner, Balaam.  And, you need to hear what the animals said about Noah’s Deluge!  Moreover, the Nativity Animals had things to say about Baby Jesus!  Pretend you are back in each time zone and you are listening to the animals. 

Place everything else on hold (in your life) and go back to the simple and basic things in life. Of course, you cannot go back to the womb, but you can talk a spiritual walk and take inventory of your life.  Stop judging yourself and let God do His job!  HE IS ABLE and FORGIVING!  You cannot save yourself!  Maybe no one ever read you a bedtime story or maybe you never felt loved.  THAT’S ALRIGHT BECAUSE THE LORD LOVES YOU!   Because of sin, we live in an imperfect World!   HOWEVER, I SERVE A PERFECT GOD! 

You don’t need endorsement from any one except GOD and there is only ONE who can save, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD!

Yours in Christ Jesus! 

Constance Lee