Worldwide Christians: “The Lord’s Spirit is upon You!”

Surely, these are the last days!    The Lord said,  “Low I am with you always even until the end…”    Although every thing in our lives may not  just fine, we know that the Lord Jesus is with us and He is working it out.  We have an insurance policy in Jesus the Christ who is making intercession for us day and night!     

God is sending down His HOLY SPIRIT upon all believers (including little children),   “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:  And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.”      (Joel 2:28-29)   

Also, the Word of God says,  “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…”  (Acts 1:8)   If you have the Holy Ghost, you have POWER to: walk right; talk right; obey the Lord; refuse to do wrong; overcome evil;  take control over your life; pray and believe the Lord will save your family; and believe  “…all things are possible with God…”      Without faith, “ is impossible to please God and he that cometh to Him must first believe…”   

Certainly,  you are more than a conqueror!  Even if your spouse, loved ones, or friends don’t see the Light of Christ, you must continue serving the Lord!  Right now, they don’t want to hear the Lord because they are not ready to live right. There is a problem with that philosophy as tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  For example, a person refuses to repent, turn from his wicked ways,  make an about-face, and accept the Lord Jesus.  However, he plans to get saved the next day but he passes away. Where does is his soul and spirit?   

 But you have chosen to listen to the inner voice of the Lord speaking to you. Thus, you are responsible for everything the Lord’s given you to do.  If He says don’t talk on the phone, then, stay off the phone.  If He says to stay out of the stores, then, stay out of the stores.  If he says, walk around the block three times saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; then, walk around the block three times saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  If he says to anoint with oil your house, door knobs, car, check book, keys, or whatever; then, DO IT!  Believe me, the Lord knows everything about us and everything surrounding us! 

Your actions may be difficult for others (especially the people who are close to you) to understand.   They will be upset because you don’t share in the same interests.  They will think you are strange.  AND YOU ARE STRANGE BECAUSE GOD’S PEOPLE ARE PECULIAR! 

Turn off the television, read your Bible, get some quiet time with the Lord, pray in the Holy Spirit as He hears directly from the throne of God.  Basically, don’t be afraid to cry out, to weep, and to moan.  The SPIRIT is working things out within YOU and outside of YOU! 

May the Lord keep you safe from all hurt, harm, and danger!

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USA News: ALL PASTORS: “We are All Baptized into One Body whether we be Jews or Gentiles!”

Once again, I am appealing to all Christian Pastors throughout the USA and the World! 

FIRSTLY, Jesus said,  “Is it not written, MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED OF ALL NATIONS THE HOUSE OF PRAYER?  but ye have made it a den of thieves.”   (Mark 11:17)   Jesus and his disciples went to Jerusalem and Jesus went into the temple.  You know the story!  Jesus found merchants selling all sorts of goods, merchandise, services, and moneychangers.  THE LORD WAS OUTRAGED!  Jesus knocked over the tables and ran them out.  In fact, He “would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple.”  (Mark 11:16) 

Today, there are multiple preachers (i.e., the top mega churches) selling their books, DVDs, pictures, clothing, tapes, stories, pens, pencils, souvenirs, etc. on Sundays and through the week at the bookstore on church ground.  If you don’t believe me just go on-line to any of the mega church websites and you will find the Senior Pastor(s) are selling all kinds of stuff. Do you think its right for you to sell these things even with 50 percent discounts at church?  Are you following the Word of God?   About 90 percent of these pastors are multi-millionaires and claiming to become billionaires!   Some of these Big-time Pastors are eating steaks, lamb chops, baked potatoes, chicken salads, prepared by their personal cooks, and served by their personal butlers, and their beds are made by the personal maids.  On the other hand, the members of these Big-time Pastors are barely eating, unemployed, losing their homes, and unable to feed their families.  Yet these pastors have more than enough money to provide housing for 300 families!  Remember the story about the rich man who decided to tare down his old barn just to build a bigger barn to hold all of  his goods?   This man had so much stuff (goods, dry grains, foods, etc) that he should have given most of it away to the poor and he could have sent it by wagons to other surrounding towns and villages.  Surely, there were many people in need!  What on earth was he thinking?  He was selfish and self-centered. 

Why does a mega church pastor need a 3 million dollar home…several cars….an airplane, a helicopter, police escort, limos, etc.?  It’s time to share with the poor.  The Word of God says that if you have two coats, give one coat away to someone in need!  Give some of your goods away because you don’t need three vacation homes. You can only sleep in one bed at a time!

SECONDLY, Jesus said, “THERE ARE MANY MEMBERS, YET ONE BODY.”   (I Corinthians 12:20)   If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you are a member of the BODY OF CHRIST.  Welcome!  “For as the body is one and hath members, all the members of that one body are ONE….so also is Christ.”  (I Corinthians 12:12)  

Furthermore, Apostle Paul said don’t be ignorant!  Within the body, there are spiritual gifts (A.K.A. diversities of gifts) BUT THE SAME SPIRIT. (I Corinthians 12:4)   Apostle Paul listed these diversities of gifts:   the word of wisdom; the word of knowledge; faith; healing; miracles; prophecy; discerning of spirits; divers kinds of tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Then, he says “But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.  For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.”  (I Corinthians 12:11-12) So, we are many with different shades of color, with different types of hair, eye colors, sizes and diversities of gifts; BUT IT IS THE SAME SPIRIT!   If this is true, why do we alienate one another?  Why is there segregation? 

Taking it a bit furhter, Apostle Paul says that the head cannot say to the foot, “I have no need of you.”  Also, the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you as the whole  body IS NOT an eye!”  You don’t see anybody walking around on their eyeballs!  

If this is so, then, every member is essential (black, white, green, yellow, red, or whatever).  Moreso, Apostle Paul said, And those members of the body, WHICH WE THINK TO BE LESS HONORABLE, upon these we bestow more abundant honor; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness.”   (I Corinthians 12:23-24)  This means that the least members of the body of Christ (i.e., the poor, cripple, homeless, undesirable, etc.) are more important than those (i.e., the comely parts) because they are in need!  THE WEALTHY, RICH, AND ELITE MEMBERS (i.e., the comely parts) “…have no need but God hath tempered the body together having given more abudent honor to that part which lacked.”     In this respect, God created a balance among the members of the Body of Christ.   

In addition, Apostle Paul said, “That there should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care one for another.”   (I Corinthians 12:25)   If this is so, why are the churches segregated?  Why is there a difference in a white or black Christian church?  Is there a white or black heaven?  WHY CAN’T WE COME TOGETHER?   Didn’t Jesus say,  “My House shall be called of all Nations the House of Prayer?”  SO, WHY DO WE BOMB CERTAIN BLACK CHURCHES?  In reality, we are hurting ourselves!   Further, the Bible states,  “Whether one member suffer all the members suffer with it or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it.”   (I Corinthians 12:26)  Whether or not we accept it, the WORD OF GOD is ALWAYS RIGHT! 

Didn’t Jesus say,   “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body,  whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.  For the body is not one member, but many.” 


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Worldwide News: Some people think God does not have character!

A lot of people think that God does not understand humor. They think the following:  (1) serving God is boring; (2) living the life of a Christian will take all the fun out-of-life; (3) they cannot dance or drink wine; (4) they cannot wear makeup; (5) the wife will lose sex appeal; (6) the husband will get grumpy; (7) they cannot take fun vacations; (8) they cannot tell funny jokes; (9) they cannot wear fancy clothes; (10) they cannot wear colorful clothes like reds, pinks, purples; (11) Bible study will be boring; (12) Christian fellowship will be dull; and so on and so on!   

Let me tell you something!  If you think God does not have character take a look at yourself!  YET, GOD STILL LOVES YOU!  Perhaps your teeth fell out…maybe you lost your hair….maybe you’ve gained 30-60 pounds since your youth…maybe you don’t look like that cheerful 16 year old any more…maybe your high school friends cannot recognize you…maybe you have a big stomach…maybe you lost a lot of weight…maybe physical circumstances have not been good….maybe financial problems caused you to drop down in life…maybe this and maybe that happened to you…maybe be you just cannot tell others about the terrible things in your life!   YET, GOD STILL LOVES YOU!

You see, God has a marvelous computer system of the past, present, and future!  God looks at every Age, Dispensation, and Generations of people.  Personally, God knows every one in His data base.  He knows the date of their conception, birth (day, hour, minute, and second).  He knows the exact date of their death (including the hour, minute, and second).  Furthermore, He knows all of the in-betweens about their life:  birthdays, first tooth, last tooth, celebrations; thoughts, attitudes, meditations, pre-meditations, secrets, desires; the people or persons in their lives;  and  their mistakes, failures, successess, disappointments, accidents,  etc.  YET, GOD STILL LOVES YOU!   Even if you are in jail, about to be jailed, convicted, sentenced, serving time, just released, about to go back to prison, or whatever the case may be…GOD STILL LOVES YOU!

Take time out to pray and ask for forgiveness to the Lord.  He is waiting!  JUST YOU WAIT BECAUSE YOUR NEW LIFE WILL BEGIN!  

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Worldwide News: You’ve got to trust in the Lord to win!

You may think life is over but it is not…it’s just beginning!  Sometimes you feel as if you’re playing dodge ball.  Remember that game?   We played it in school.  There are a few people outside of the circle throwing the ball at the people (within the circle) who must stay clear of the ball.  One touch of the ball puts you out of the game.  That’s what it feels like in the office at work!  Everybody trying to defend himself and prove his net worth in the company at the expense of others!  Real hard working people don’t have to prove anything as their performance speaks for itself. But cowards will make use of certain weaknesses in others only to make themselves look good.  They don’t realize the law of sowing and reaping.  Whatever you sow (good or bad), you will reap!  If you sow wicked seeds, you will reap a wicked harvest.  Sometimes, the harvest ain’t no good!  You’ll end up alone and miserable! 


Nehemiah  (a Jewish man) was the cup bearer for king Artaxerxes in Susa.  He was a righteous man, honest, and full of integrity that’s why the king entrusted his life in Nehemiah’s hands.  During those days, people like to poison their enemies, rrivals, or joint heirs for the throne, riches, inheritance, and land.   The king was always on “orange alert”   for his life.  One day as Nehemiah was serving the wine, the king looked at Nehemiah’s long face and said,  “Why is thy countenance said seeing thou art not sick?  This is nothing but sorrow.”  (Nehemiah 2:2)    Then, Nehemiah told king Artaxerxes:  (1) the remnant of Jews (from the 70 years of captivity in Babylon) were distressed and greatly afflicted; (2) the wall of Jerusalem  is broken down and the gates are burned with fire; and (3) my fathers’ sepulchres lie in waste.   With compassion, the king allowed Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem for twelve (12) years to make repairs. Not only did the king give Nehemiah am extended  leave-of-absence, he gave him letters of instructions to: (1) the forest keeper to give timber to Nehemiah; (2) governors of the provinces to give money, silver, or gold from the local tax collectors and the king’s treasuries; and (3) a formal escort of the captains of the army and military men to accompany Nehemiah to Jerusalem.  Above all that, Yahweh was with Nehemiah, the Hebrew! 

When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem, he caught HELL!  As usual, the enemy(ies) know the people who have favor with God; and they were waiting for Nehemiah.  In fact, they heard about Nehemiah’s coming and arrival.  For this reason, they trumped up charges against him.  They were:  Sanballat the Horonite;  Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite;  Geshem the Arabian; the High Priest (who was allied with Tobiah); and Jewish nobles (believe it or not).  These people were madder than stanging donkey bees!  Eventually, they wrote letters to the king questioning Nehemiah’s presence, the repairs, and they falsely accused Nehemiah as a traitor trying to set-up himself as king in Jerusalem.  Then, they hired soldiers to fight with Nehemiah and his crew.  In fact, Nehemiah and his men had to work strapped with guards and weapons to defend themselves.  They worked all day and guarded themselves at night.  Once in a blue moon, they took time  to wash themselves but they still had defend themselves.

To make a long story short, the work ceased but it was revived.  Eventually, the king had the records searched and found Nehemiah’s request to build was in order.  Both kings Cyrus and Darius authorized the rebuilding of Jerusalem and financed the project (via taxes and the king’s treasuries).  Lets look at  king Artaxerxes’ answer to Sanballat, Tobiah, Greshem, and the Jewish Nobles.  The king sent letters instructing all opponents to “back off” from hindering the work in Jerusalem.  Then, the king told them to provide financial aid and building resources, timber, etc.  And, they had to obey or die because the king was going to make their houses as a “dung hill.”  



When trouble comes your way, don’t stop to let in the devil and his demons.  This is not the time to give up in lieu of opposition. Frankly, you should expect interence.  Your enemies are not going to pat you on the back and say,  “GO AHEAD!”   Instead, they will talk about you, frown, snarl, say ugly things, stab you in the back, run into your car, poison your pet, put a box of tacks in your driveway, or whatever to discourage you. 

Also, don’t let the enemy know your plans.  Sometimes, we talk too much!  Nehemiah did not tell anyone for a long time what he planned to do.  During the night, Nehemiah went out to survey the damage and the Lord spoke to him concerning the repairs.  Afterwards, Nehemiah approached the right people who had plans to rebuild Jerusalem.  Their hope was renewed in Nehemiah.  In other words, don’t do what the enemy expects of you.  The enemy wants you to give up, cry, fall down, etc.  BUT, Nehemiah did not give up!   He prayed to the Lord for help and he stayed on course.  Although, Nehemiah received five messengers carrying five different letters for him to meet with his enemies, Nehemiah did not stop working to meet with these people.  Finally, a messenger was sent who deliverately lied to trick Nehemiah in an ambush to kill him.  But Nehemiah trusted in the voice of the Lord who told him not to go as it was a set-up.

YOU’VE GOT TO LISTEN TO THE LORD NOT TO MANKIND!  You cannot please God and man!  Either you will love the One and hate the other. YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS!   Was Nehemiah angry?  YES.  So its O.K. to be angry but the Bible says,  “SIN NOT.”  Do you get angry?  Of course you do, but you’re are not one to sin against the Lord GOD!  If you do, just ask forgiveness from the Lord as He is faithful, merciful, and full of compassion.


If the Lord GOD intervened in for Nehemiah and Ezra (and so many others), what about you and I? 

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Religious Community: “O Give thanks unto the Lord!”

Happy Father’s Day to All!  I realize there are broken families, single parent families, and families who have lost their Fathers.  I pray for all of you and the Lord loves you.  Don’t give up and don’t be bitter.  Whatever happens, try to be forgiving to those who have hurt you and forgive yourself (as none of us are perfect).   

Psalm 107:1-9  states, O GIVE thanks unto the Lord for he is good:  for his mercy endureth for ever.  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, who he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy; And gathered them out of the lands, from the east, and from the west, from the north, and from the south.  They wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way; they found no city to dwell in.  Hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted in them.  THEN THEY CRIED UNTO THE LORD IN THEIR TROUBLE, AND HE DELIVERED THEM OUT OF THEIR DISTRESSES.  And he led them forth by the RIGHT WAY that they might go to a city of habitation.  OH THAT MEN WOULD PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS AND FOR HIS WONDERFUL WORKS TO THE CHILDREN OF MEN!”   



The first thing the psalmist tell us is to “…GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOR EVER.”     Never mind your problems, give thanks unto the Lord for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Every day that you open up your eyes, get out of bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair, look in the mirror, put on your glasses (if you wear them), put on your clothes and shoes, can make it to the table to eat, drink your liquids, take your medicine, take your vitamins,  drive your car, walk to the bus stop, take a taxi, walk to school or work, etc., GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOR EVER.”    You and I (including all mankind, past, present, and future) do not have any goodness, except for the Father in Heaven.  All of our goodness is as “fifthy rags.” 

Secondly, if you’ve been redeemed, you’ve got to “SAY SO!”    Tell everyone that you talk too about the Lord GOD!  Tell the milk man, tell Walmart Associates, tell your neighbor, children, husband, wife, friends, co-workers, etc.  Tell them how you were so sick and could not get well but GOD healed you!  Tell them how you acted a fool and mistreated others but the Lord GOD took a whip to your back and beat you back into submission.  Tell them how you will never act like a fool again!  TELL THE TRUTH AND BLESS THE NAME OF THE LORD GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH FOR THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM! 


Confession is good for the soul.  When you tell the truth, it reminds you that you do not own your own soul, spirit, or body!  You have no authority unless it is given to you from above!  As you humble yourself to the Lord, He looks down from Heaven to bless you.  If we continue to be stiffnecked and hard-hearted, the Lord cannot bless us.  

It is very important that you understand that “..with God, all things are possible to him that believeth in him…”  Without faith, it is impossible to please God!  After 400 years of servitude, Yahweh delivered the Hebrews from the Egyptians.  Purposely, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart to show him that HE ALONE IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD AND THERE IS NONE OTHER.  

The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, without a city, hungry, thirsty, ready to die, but they remembered Yahweh’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  So, they cried out to the Lord and He heard their cries. What did the Lord God do?  He blessed them: He was a protective cloud by day and a pillar of fire in the night;  He did not let their feet swell up and their clothes did not wear out;  He gave them meat to eat and water to drink;  He brought them into a land flowing with milk and honey;  He gave them houses they did not build with all kinds of riches and goods; He gave them fruitful lands, plenty of livestock, gold, silver, servants, multiplied their household, etc. 

THIS SAME GOD HAS A BLESSING FOR YOU SO JUST BELIEVE IT AND REACH UP TO RECEIVE YOUR BLESSING!  Remember, you have a Heavenly Father who watches over you and yours! 

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Worldwide News: “God really cares for You!”

Some of you say or think there is no God!  You do this because you are hurting deep within the walls of your heart.  Your life is in shambles and you have put yourself in this situation but there is nothing too hard for God to fix!  DID YOU HEAR ME?   Without being intimate with a man, Virgin Mary conceived a Holy Child from God.  The Holy Spirit moved upon her.  That is a miracle!   In the Old Testament, two wicked dead  spies were thrown into Prophet Elisha’s grave (who was dead for about two to three years), and they arose from the dead!  The minute the two corpses touched Prophe Elisha’s body, they were revived!  Here is another miracle for you:  God divided the Red Sea and Prophet Moses led the children of Israel across on dry land.  YOU JUST NEED TO READ THE WORD OF GOD AND BELIEVE IT! 

When disasters strike, the first phrase out of your mouth is “Oh My God!”  If there is no God, why do you say OMG?  If you don’t believe in a higher authority, why say “OMG.”   When a loved one or friend is deathly ill, you ask  believers to pray for that person(s) to be healed.  If you do not believe in the power of prayer, why do you ask others to pray?

You want to believe but you are afraid because you don’t think God really cares for you.  You’ve made many mistakes and you’ve broken many promises and vows to the Lord.  BUT HE IS A FORGIVING GOD.  While the blood is running warm in your veins, this is the time to turn your heart to the Lord.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  Our tomorrows depend upon the Goodness of God!   

God’s eye is on the little biddy sparrow, a bird and rightfully so.  He is concerned for all of creation.  However, you and I were made in the image of God. Furthermore, God gave man dominion over the earth!  WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE LORD GOD.  If you are male or female, you are accountable to the Lord GOD!  You have a soul, spirit, and body that will spend eternity somewhere.  So, where will you spend it?  Do you want to go to heaven?  Or, do you want to be included in the fiery wave of souls who will be tortured in the Lake of Fire?  Have you every burned your finger?  If so, the whole body hurts.  Well, there won’t be any paramedics or emergency rooms in the Lake of Fire!  In fact, they don’t even hand out bandaids.  Just think about that for a moment.

So where will you spend eternity?  By the way, eternity is FOREVER.  Don’t you want to be with the ONE who controls everything, everybody, the entire solar system, the Universe and the extended Universe?

Don’t get mad, just think about it! 

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Worldwide News: “Padang Panjang” My Brothers & Sisters in Christ!

You have a great missionary work to do in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I want you to know that the prince of the air (the devil) is fighting you!  As I tried to reach you, my computer shut down and so much more happened over and over again.  Suddenly, I realized its not me (I am not savvy on the computer) and it is not you…rather it is the enemy.  BUT GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU (AND I)  THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD!  Amen. 

Keep up the good fight.  Yesterday, I heard a wonderful sermon from an anointed man-of-God.  This man can preach-off your socks and send folks running through the isles.  However,  some people sit so quietly but the whole church should be on fire.  Its like that everywhere at most churches…some people are praising God and others are sitting like frogs on a log.  You know that ONE PERSON can put a thousand souls to flight and TWO PEOPLE can put ten thousand souls to flight. Allow me to share what this marvelous Pastor’s sermon,  “And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall resp, if we faint not.  As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”  (Galations 6:9-11)   I love this Scripture and it’s one of my favorite. 

You may be tired and disgusted with the circumstances surrounding your native land.  The Lord understand your frustrations and He is watching to see what you will do!  Remember, the Lord knows everything and He allows certain things to happen to all of us….LIFE IS A TEST!  The fact is God did not wash you out to sea with so many other people.  WHY?  He allowed you to be here today to rebuild that which was torn down.  Get with your fellow Christians and pray everyday.  I am sure that you are but things are not turning around as fast as you’d like them.  THAT’S OK.  It is not for you (none of us) to know the seasons, times, and the ways  the Lord GOD will answer our prayers. 

Apostle Paul said for us to “…STAND FAST IN THE LIBERTY OF GOD.”  Just as Moses held up his arms all day long while the children of Israel crossed over the RED SEA on dry land, you must believe for God to perform miracles in your native land.   The Lord brought the childrenof Israel out miraculously with a strong arm.  While the children of Israel crossed over, Pharaoh and his army pursued but they did not cross over!!!  They were drowned in the Red Sea but their weapons floated up to the shoreline for the Hebrews to use as  weapons.   “SHALL NOT THE JUDGE OF ALL THE EARTH DO RIGHT?”  (Genesis 18:25)   

Today is no different…just the names, the year, the century, and so forth have changed,  BUT THE LORD GOD IS THE SAME NOW AND FOREVER!  I don’t want you all to give up because the enemy is at your door.  I don’t want you to stop believing because the devil has a stronghold over your country. Naturally, you want a positive change for your country but the devil’s presence is overwhelming.  Daily, you witness the devil’s control over others> In fact, your family and friends will fight you behind your back.  When it comes to financial prosperity, money is the root of all evil.  For many reasons (including child prostitution and other passions, and abominations), the Lord harshly judged the islands.   

GOD IS NOT PLAYING WITH MANKIND.  The USA and all the other countries are being judged as well.  To paraphrase, the Bible states,  “In the last days perilous times shall come:  men loving men (unnaturally), women loving women (unnatural affection), wars, rumors of wars, nation against nation, famines, earthquakes in divers places, corruption, fighting within families, hatred, coveting, jealously, signs in the skies, volcanoes errupting, ships sinking, and so on.”   AND STILL PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO LIVE ACCORDING TO THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD.  Jesus said that the world will hate us (all Christians) because the world first hated Jesus. 

However, the Lord GOD said that He will not destroy the ENTIRE earth with water, but He did not say that some parts of the earth will be destroyed with water.  This happened here in the USA; so we are not immuned to the Word of God.  Just be grateful (as I am) that it was not you who was lost at sea.  Just look at Japan and the disasters with the melt down of the nuclear power plants (radiation leaks).   Still, people continue to serve other gods and not give reverance to JEHOVAH.  Do you remember what He said concerning Pharaoh?  Purposely, Yahweh hardened Pharaoh’s heart to show him that ONLY GOD IS ALL POWERFUL.  Pharaoh thought he was a god.  All of those plagues were sent upon Pharaoh because of his hardness toward Yahweh.  And, in the end, Pharaoh had to let the Hebrews go!   Isn’t is wonderful that the Yahweh used a little Hebrew baby who was put into the Nile only for Pharaoh’s own daughter to pull the Hebrew baby out of the Nile and name him, Moses!   Then that same Moses led the Hebrews back into the water where they were baptized in the Red Sea. 

This same God can use you!  Without faith it is impossible to please God and where there are two or more, He is in the midst of you.  If Elijah prayed for the rain to dry up for 3  1/2 years, you can pray for those volcanoes to dry up!  If Joshua prayed to win the battle and for the sun and moon not to set, surely, you can pray for the corrupt politicians to take their hands off God’s people.  As king Hezekiah prayed for healing  and the sign that Ahaz dial would be turned backwards, you and your pray partners can pray for God to heal Padanpanjang from its ills.  Somehow and soon, the Lord will move the dishonest people out of your way.  God said  “…touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm…”    Not only will their teeth fall out but there genitals as well!  You all just keep on keeping on and continue to pray for your country’s deliverance! 

My prayers are with you all!

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