Worldwide News: “The LORD Will MAKE You to REJOICE!”

The BIBLE states,   “Then they returned every man of Judah and Jerusalem,  and  Jehoshaphat in the forefront of them to go again to Jerusalem with JOY;   for the LORD HAD MADE THEM TO REJOICE OVER THEIR ENEMIES.”    (II Chronicles 20:27)


In my previous Blog,    “The Lord Sets AMBUSHES for Your Enemies,”     the Children of Israel did not have to fight against the children of the Ammon, Moab, and Mt. Seir;   because the  “Battle was not theirs.”   As you know,  the Lord GOD  set ambushes for Judah’s enemies.   While the Children of Judah were   “Singing, Dancing, and Praising the Lord,”   their enemies were killing each other.   Thus, on one side of the road there is death, sabotage, and annihilation;  and on the other side,  there is life and rejoicing!

SIT BACK TO WATCH JUDAH  BECOME THE RECIPTIENT OF BLESSINGS.   On the following morning,   “And when Judah came toward the watch tower in the wilderness,  they looked unto the multitude,  and BEHOLD,   THEY WERE DEAD BODIES FALLEN TO THE EARTH, AND NONE ESCAPED.   And Jehoshaphat and his people came to take away the spoil of them,  they found among them in abundance,  BOTH RICHES and PRECIOUS JEWELS,  which they stripped off for themselves,  MORE THAN THEY COULD CARRY AWAY;   and they were THREE DAYS in gathering of the SPOIL;  IT WAS SO MUCH!”    (II Chronicles 20:24-25)    Can you imagine?    Their enemies were totting all this cumulative wealth from sacking cities  (as there were no safe deposit banks in the wilderness)   just to die and be stripped of it.    Besides GOD’S ambush,  Judah’s enemies (Ammonites, Moabites, etc.)  fought one another to protect their bodily possessions, the jewels and precious stones.  Remember,  it took Judah three (3) whole days to gather the spoil.

The BIBLE states,   “And on the fourth day they assembled themselves in the Valley of Berachah;   for there they blessed the Lord:  therefore the name of the same place was called, THE VALLEY OF BERACHAH  unto this day.   THEN they returned,  every man of Judah and Jerusalem,   and JEHOSHAPHAT  IN  THE  FOREFRONT  OF  THEM,   to go again to Jerusalem with joy;   for THE LORD HAD MADE THEM TO REJOICE OVER THEIR ENEMIES.”    (II Chron. 30:26-27) Apparently,  the Children of Judah rested over night  (after collecting so much wealth);  and the next day,  they journeyed home.  Notice!   THE KING LED THEM!   As the Word confirms,  Jehoshaphat was in the forefront of them…”   It is extremely important that OUR LEADERS set TRUE examples being faithful, prayerful, and obedient to the ALMIGHTY GOD!   In other words,  OUR  LEADERS  SHOULD  LEAD  BY EXAMPLE!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Sometimes,  people intend for you to pass away so they can inherit your car,  house,  jewelry,  money,  or whatever. INSTEAD, the LORD GOD has other plans,   “They may pass away before you and leave their inheritance for your enjoyment.”    Ecclesiastes 2:26 states,   “For  GOD  giveth  to  a  man  that  is  GOOD  in  his  sight wisdom, knowledge, and joy;   but to the SINNER he giveth travail,  to gather and to heap up,  that he may give to him that is good before GOD.”

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Worldwide News: “The LORD Sets AMBUSHES for Your ENEMIES!”

The BIBLE states,   And  WHEN  THEY  BEGAN  TO  SING  AND  TO PRAISE,  the LORD  SET  AMBUSHMENTS  against  the children of Ammon,  Moab,  and  Mount Seir  which were come against  JUDAH;  and   THEY WERE SMITTEN.”   (II Chronicles 20:22)


As the older Saints use to say, “This lesson is getting gooder and gooder!”    This  Blog  is  a  continuation of the previous one,   “GET in the RIGHT Frame of MIND!”    King Jehoshaphat charged the Army and the people to  Praise the Lord  and  he appointed singers and musicians to go out before the  Army of JUDAH!

HAVE YOU EVER  SEEN  US TROOPS   LED BY  SINGERS,  DANCERS,  AND MUSICIANS?   Yes, only in parades not in BATTLE!   Unlike we contemporary Americans (who don’t like to pray and call on the name of the Lord GOD),  this Judean king called on the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,  singing,   “PRAISE THE LORD for HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOR EVER!”     Probably, they repeated these lyrics over and over as they danced, leaped in the air, skipped, twirled around, jumped up and down while playing musical instruments, beating tambourines, and YAHWEH received their Worship and Praise!

The Children of Israel Praised the Lord and danced for hours until the Spirit of the LORD  moved upon them and upon their enemies.  The BIBLE states,   “And WHEN THEY BEGAN TO SING AND TO PRAISE,  the LORD SET AMBUSHMENTS AGAINST the children of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir which were come against JUDAH; and THEY WERE SMITTEN.”    DON’T YOU SEE?    While the Children of Judah were Praising the Lord,   YAHWEH set ambushes against their enemies.   Truly, the Lord inhabits the praises of His people.   The LORD GOD  put  Angels  from  HEAVEN’S ARMY   (in the midst of the opposing armies)  who  started  smacking  soldiers  upside their  heads  and setting traps for them.   YAHWEH did not command the Heavenly Soldiers to slay Judah’s enemies  as   GOD’S Divine Plan  was for them to kill each other!    Without physically seeing these  Warring Angels,  the soldiers (Ammonites, Moabites, and Mt. Seir)  started fighting one another:   (1) the Ammonites and the Moabites started fighting the people of Mt. Seir and they destroyed them;   (2) the children of Ammon stood up against the children of Moab to destroy them;   and  (3) the Ammonites started fighting the Ammonites and they destroyed each other.    OH BOY!    This is better than Hollywood’s movies! Memorize this Bible verse,  “…before they call,  I will answer; while they are yet speaking,  I will hear…”    (Isaiah 65:24)

Stop looking as if like you lost your best friend!   Get up out of your comfort  zone  and  start  Praising the Lord…dance throughout your house…sing aloud…turn on your favorite religious music…buy a tambourine…blow the trumpet…play the drums…play the flute…buy a Hula-hoop…or do whatever it takes BUT GET YOUR PRAISE ON!

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Worldwide News: “GET in the RIGHT Frame of MIND!”



The children of the Moabites,  Ammonites,  and  Mt. Seir  came up in a great multitude  against Judah.   The Children of Israel seemed  like  five ants  facing  THUMPER   (Walt Disney’s big fat RABBIT)!   King Jehoshaphat  and  the Children of Judah were afraid and they went to GOD in prayer!

LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND.   Be honest with the Lord GOD.  The Children of Judah said,  “O our GOD wilt thou not judge them?  FOR WE HAVE NO MIGHT  AGAINST THIS GREAT COMPANY  that  cometh  against us;  NEITHER KNOW WE WHAT TO DO;  BUT OUR EYES  ARE  UPON THEE.”   (II Chron. 20:12)

GOD sent His WORD through prophet,   Jahaziel,   “Be not dismayed by reason of this great multitude;  FOR THE  BATTLE  IS  NOT  YOURS  BUT  GOD’S.”   (II Chron. 20:15)   Then the king told the people,   “Believe in the Lord your God…and he appointed singers to  PRAISE  the  BEAUTY  of  HOLINESS,  as they WENT OUT BEFORE THE ARMY,  saying,   PRAISE THE LORD  for  his  mercy  endureth  forever.”

WHAT’S BEAUTIFUL ABOUT LOOKING AT MULTITUDES ENCAMPED AGAINST YOU  (especially your relatives)?  The children of the Moabites and Ammonites  (both descendants of Lot’s incestuous relationship with his two daughters), and Mt. Seir  (descendants of Esau, brother of Jacob)  were related  to  the  Children of Judah and Israel.   After their journey from Egypt,  God told Moses and the children of Israel  NOT TO  invade the Moabites, Ammonites, and Mt. Seir. Yet, these same Nations were ready to dispossess the Children of Israel.

When we pray in sincerity,  the Lord GOD loves it!   Our prayers ascend upward before GOD,   “…BEFORE THEY CALL, I WILL ANSWER;  WHILE THEY ARE YET SPEAKING,   I WILL HEAR.”    (Isaiah 65:24)   While they were yet calling,  God answered them,   “The battle is not yours...”     You and I must practice what we preach!   Don’t look at the system, people, corporations, hiring managers, supervisors, people on the job, and so forth.   For instance, YOU PRAY FOR A NEW CAR and you RECEIVE IT!   So, your loan is approved for the purchase a newer car and you are mighty glad.   However,  the car  is  a  NECESSITY  because you’re tired of wasting money patching up the old car.   But, someone on the job gets jealous!   So, they “key” your newer car as if they are branding your head!   This is their way of hurting you, comprehendez?   After while,  JESUS’   vengeance  comes  upon them  and  it may be too great for them. The Lord may take away their job, foreclose their home, cripple them, blind them, or put some disease upon them. Although, they may never apologize to you, GOD will bring all things to their remembrance.

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Worldwide News: “HOLD YOUR PEACE: Don’t Say A Word!”

Captain Rabshakeh  boasted,   “Hath  any  gods of the nations  delivered at all his  land   out of the hand  of the king of Assyria?   Where are the gods of Hamath,  Arpad,   Sepharvaim,  Hena,  and Ivah?   Have they delivered Samaria out of mine hand?   Who are they among all the gods of the countries,  that have delivered their country out of mine hand,   that the LORD  should  deliver  JERUSALEM  out of mine hand?   BUT THE PEOPLE HELD THEIR PEACE,   and   ANSWERED HIM NOT A WORD:    for the king’s commandment was, saying,   ANSWER HIM NOT…”     (II Kings 18:33-36)


In II Kings Chapter 18,  king Hezekiah (25 years old)  reigned over Judah and he was nothing like his daDDY,   king Ahaz (who had a priest of Baal to fashion an altar after the one he saw in Damascus),  an idol worshipper.   So you see,  it does not matter who  YO daDDY  is because  YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER   is your   True Advisor!    Hezekiah wasn’t stupid and he started rebuilding the cities of Judah,  revivals,  and  restored proper Worship.   The Bible states,    “He [king Hezekiah]  trusted  in  the  LORD  GOD  of  ISRAEL…for he CLAVE to the LORD and departed not from following him,  but kept  HIS  COMMANDEMENTS,   which the LORD commanded Moses.”     (II Kings 18:4-6)

While king Hezekiah was  TRUSTING and CLINGING   to the Lord GOD,   the devil was busy trying to bust him up!    Old sinful Sennacherib (king of Assyria)  sent his captain, Rabshakeh,   to utter the worst evil threats to Judah and the Assyrian army camped against the city. The Assyrians thought themselves  OUT-OF-SIGHT  as they captured Judah’s sister, THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.   OH BROTHER!   God had their number and God delivered a whammy on them!   Today, we say if it ain’t wham it ain’t ham!   One morning,  the Assyrians had a big surprise,   “The angel of the Lord  [J-E-S-U-S]  went out and smote in the camp of the Assyrians 185,000;  and when they arose early in the morning,  behold  THEY WERE ALL DEAD CORPSES.”    (II Kgs. 19:35)   Honey,  you just keep on holding on  and  keep on praying because the Lord’s got your back!

HOLD YOUR PEACE and PRAY:   Does it amaze you that people deliberately challenge you concerning your beliefs? Once they learn you are a Christian, they know you are obligated  UNDER OATH  to obey the WORD of GOD.   Trust me, your devotion to CHRIST  bothers the sinners a great deal (but check out their addictions).   Which addiction is worse?  Its  O.K.  for  them to  DO THEIR THANG  but you cannot talk about JESUS!   YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR SPIRITUAL BATTLES   and   SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS  IN HIGH PLACES!    There are top people claiming salvation;  but they are no more sanctified than a KNOB ON A DOOR!  We may be at the bottom, but we are on top of God’s Word.

Are you are ready for this next comment?  I carry my Bible every where!   When the devil’s servants see my Bible,  the demons (in certain people)  act  like  Dracula’s babies  looking  at  the  CROSS.  Deliberately, I sit at bars, restaurants, hotels, offices, airports, etc., reading my BIBLE!  In particular,  the bar lights are so poor so I carry my flashlight for illumination.   Do you know what?  The bar tenders never complain.  LOOKS ARE DECEIVING.   I start talking,   “Hello!   How are you?   Is everything OK?  DO YOU MIND IF I SIT HERE?   Naturally, they say,  “Sure help yourself.”    I say,   “Sorry, I don’t drink but what’s good on the appetizer menu?”    I take out my Bible, writing paper, pens and high lighters.  THEN,   I ask for a cup of hot water   (because I carry my own instant tea and coffee bags as I am not paying $3.50 for a cup of tea or coffee).   As I read the Bible,  the bar  tenders  and waiters  ask  me  questions  about  the  Lord!    (SMILE,  I  am  sharing  the  GOOD NEWS!)   Upon leaving,  I tip nicely  because  most  people  think  Christians  are  CHEAP.

Have a Blessed day!

Worldwide News: “Stop Complaining and GET RID of YOUR False gods!”

The Bible states,  “He removed the high places, brake the images, cut down the groves, and brake in pieces the  BRAZEN SERPENT  that Moses  had  made  for  unto  those  days  the  children  of  Israel  did burn incense to it:   and   HEZEKIAH   called  it   NEHUSHTAN   [insert the names of your demigods here].”    (II Kings 18:4)


King Hezekiah was serious about revival and religious reformation.  He led the witch hunt against the idols within the Kingdom of Judah (throughout the various cities).   By the time Hezekiah became king,  the Children of Israel  were  still  burning  incense  and worshipping   the   BRAZEN SERPENT  (originally constructed by Moses)  for NINE HUNDRED YEARS!   King Hezekiah  called  it  (for  what  it  is  a snake),  NEHUSHTAN.    However,  Moses did not give the brazen object a formal name.

Do you know the story BEHIND the brazen serpent?  Here is a short synopsis.   Moses DID NOT make a brass or bronze image for the Children of Israel to worship!   As punishment for their murmuring,  “God sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people and many people of Israel died.”   (Numbers 21:6)    Inevitably,  the  people asked for deliverance and the Lord instructed Moses.

Firstly,   the Children of Israel prayed for victory (after being defeated in battle),   “… some of them were captured by king Arad the Canaanite.  And Israel vowed a vow to obey God and to utterly destroy the Canaanite cities. And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Israel, and delivered up the Canaanites and they utterly destroyed them…”    (Numbers 21:2)

Secondly,  the Children of Israel  WENT BACK   to  their  old ways of murmuring   and  speaking  against   GOD and Moses saying,   “You brought us UP OUT of Egypt to die in the wilderness for there is no bread, water, and our SOUL LOATHES this light bread…”    (Numbers 21:5)    YEP!    They were complaining about the Manna!

Thirdly,  God sent the fiery serpents,     “…the people came to Moses, saying,  WE HAVE SINNED for we have spoken against the Lord, and against thee;  pray unto the Lord that he take away the serpents form us. AND MOSES PRAYED FOR THE PEOPLE.”     (Numbers 21:7)

Fourthly,   And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent and set it upon a pole; and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it,  shall live.   And Moses made a serpent of brass and put it upon a pole…”    (Numbers 21:8-9)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:    We’ve got to stop mouthing against the Lord GOD and HIS servants.    Instead, take inventory of yourself as the Bibles states,   “LET A MAN EXAMINE HIMSELF…”    Do not wait for Holy Communion to examine yourself!   Do it every day!   Once you get a clearer picture of yourself,  YOU MAY NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE.   Surprisingly,  you may be worshipping your little baby or children, wife or husband, car, job, money, or whatever.   GET RID OF THE IDOLATROUS MENTALITY!   But do not hurt people!   If you have great substance,  GET  RID  OF  MATERIAL  THINGS  IF  THEY ARE A  HINDRANCE  TO  YOUR  RELATIONSHIP  WITH  THE  LORD!   DO  NOT  PUT  ANYTHING  BEFORE  THE LORD  GOD  who  says   HIS  NAME  IS  JEALOUS!

Have a Blessed day!


The Bible states,   “…for this day is HOLY unto our LORD: neither be ye sorry…FOR THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.”    (Nehemiah 8:10c)


 NEHEMIAH   was  the  Governor   (i.e., the Tirshatha, the Persian title for governor;  as the Medes and Persians brought down the Great Babylon)  and   EZRA  was the  Priest and Scribe.    During this period, the Jews returned from captivity (under Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon)  and  they were in REVIVAL  under the Priest,   “So they read in the book the LAW OF GOD distinctly,  and gave the sense,  and  caused them to understand the reading.”   (Nehemiah 8:8)   Approximately,  there were about  42,360  people in the congregation,  plus 7,337 servants,  and 245 singers  who  gathered  as  ONE  man,   “FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WEPT WHEN THEY HEARD THE WORDS OF THE LAW…So the Levites stilled all the people saying,  Hold your peace,  for the day is HOLY;  neither be ye grieved.  And all the people went their way to eat, drink, and to send portions to make great mirth, because THEY HAD UNDERSTOOD THE WORDS  THAT  WERE  DECLARED  UNTO THEM.”   (Nehemiah 8:11-12)

Do you understand the  Book of NEHEMIAH  8:10c?   Firstly, every day  is  HOLY  and  dedicated  to  the  Lord GOD.   Secondly, every day you should be reading the WORD OF GOD.    Thirdly, every day you should remorse, repent, and be godly sorry for your sins against the Lord GOD.    Fourthly, every day  you  need to be glad  about  something because “THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.”

Did you ever see the Walt Disney movie, Pollyanna?   There was a little orphan girl being raised by a stubborn well-to-do Aunt who reminded the little girl every day that she was taking care of her.   Moreover, this Aunt ran the whole town including the Pastor of their local church.   It seems the Aunt came from a long line of well established people in authority.  However, the little orphan girl stole the show because her deceased parents were Missionaries but they taught her to play the   “GLAD GAME”   (i.e., to be thankful for everything, no matter what happens).

Similarly,  the LORD GOD  wants us to praise  HIM  and to be thankful for everything!   Keep looking up and over the heads of the people who come with deliberately bad news to discourage you.   Within your mind,  make a mental note to step around them to get where you’re going.  Can you remember this?   Step around your opposition to get where you’re going.   YOU CANNOT MAKE IT WITHOUT THE LORD GOD! 

 Have a Blessed day!

Worldwide News: “The LORD Shall FIGHT For YOU!”

The BIBLE states,   “The LORD YOUR GOD WHICH GOETH BEFORE YOU,   HE SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU, according to all that he did for you in …[put your city and state here]… before your eyes…  The LORD thy GOD bare thee,  as a man doth bare his son,  in all the way that ye went,  until ye came into this place  [put your new home, job, and city here].  YET IN THIS THING YE DID NOT BELIEVE THE LORD YOUR GOD. ”    (Deuteronomy 1:30-32)


Naturally, the Lord GOD led the Children of Israel with a MIGHTY HAND.    Lets ask Moses,   What’s that in your hand?  Answer:  A STICK!    Think about this for a moment because Pharaoh’s Army pursued these tired, hungry, weary travelers (with the elderly, women, children, babies, livestock, and whatever else).  They did not have a caravan of camels or mini vans to load.   The only weapons they carried were their fists,  maybe a few rusted objects,  and Moses had a big stick, a STAFF!

Look at the  MIRACLES GOD  performed  for  the  Children of Israel.   As they stood at the Red Sea,  GOD protected them putting a Pillar of Fire between them and the Egyptians.   Pharaoh’s horsemen rode in chariots and the well-trained footmen carried shields and spears.   The Children of Israel must have been petrified but their enemies did not dare approach the FIRE of GOD.

WHAT ABOUT US TODAY?   I can just see the Lord shaking His head at us!   IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE LORD,   ALL OF US WOULD BE DEAD.  Some of you know this and the rest of you are still waiting for miracles.   BUT YOU FAILED TO REALIZE IT’S  A  MIRACLE  THAT  YOU  WAKE UP  EVERY  DAY  BECAUSE  GOD’S MERCIES  ARE  NEW  AND  FRESH EVERY  MORNING!

In fact, Moses agrees,  “YET IN THIS THING YE DID NOT BELIEVE THE LORD YOUR GOD.”    If there is one thing I have learned as a Christian,  you must have faith in GOD,    “WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE HIM.”     Let me say this:     If you lose your job, the LORD will open an employment door elsewhere,   JUST BELIEVE!    Right now,  you cannot see it and you do not know how you will make it next month!   BUT YOU MUST  HAVE  SPIRITUAL  STRENGTH  IN  LIEU  OF  THE  STORM(S)  YOU  ARE  FACING.    GOD IS ABLE!    I pray that God gives special illumination to your resume…that the HR person has a good morning, grabs a freshly brewed cup of coffee, spills it on all the other resumes (except yours), and realizes you are the candidate for the job! YOU JUST WAIT!

Here is another example.   You ain’t going no where if your vehicle is not working.  The vehicle must be regularly serviced, properly running (good brakes, tires, functioning doors, and windows),  and  IT MUST HAVE GAS!    Without gas, you can turn the ignition all day long  (you may flood it),   but you need gas to move the vehicle.   Although its unlawful to drive without a license, country folks do it all the time and they allow their young teens to drive the family’s pickup truck.   Most of the time, country folks don’t give  an  owl and hoot  about the Law.   But, YOU CANNOT DRIVE IF YOU CAN’T SEE!

Likewise,  you ain’t going nowhere  WITHOUT  SPIRITUAL  EYESIGHT.   Say what?   I will say it again,   “WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD, AND FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD!”    The Lord GOD does not need your eyes to see with but you need HIS eyes.   Many of us act up if we cannot figure out our pathways or destinations.   Strangely,  you  didn’t  think about that when you wore diapers and was sucking on a bottle.   Now that you have a degree, job, car, house, and a little money,   YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

PUT THIS IN YOUR PEACE PIPE AND SMOKE IT!    The LORD your GOD goes before you and HE SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU.”   In fact, every day the LORD goes before you.   Ask me how I know this?    You made it to your destination.  [Hey-Hay-Hey]   Therefore, you can put away your pistols and guns before you shoot off your own toes or accidentally shoot somebody else.

Have a Blessed day!