Worldwide News: “Climbing Higher to THE PRIZE!”

Apostle Paul states,   “I PRESS toward the MARK for the PRIZE of the HIGH CALLING of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.”    (Philippians 3:14)


This great man of God had several reasons for PRESSING ON!   At one time, PAUL was once called SAUL of Tarsus (a religious terrorist) who severely persecuted the early Christians by arresting, torturing, and killing them.   After the Lord’s ascension to Heaven,   JESUS personally came back to Earth to commission Saul.   Thus,  JESUS CHRIST  stopped Saul in his tracks as he traveled to Damascus to arrest more Saints!   After three days of blindness and the inability to eat,  Saul was converted and Baptized into Christianity.  If ever a person lived the song,   “I was blind but now I see…”   it is PAUL of Tarsus.   Inevitably the Lord changed Saul’s name to PAUL but he had to suffer greatly for the Lord.  Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap!   

With the same degree of zeal against the Church, Paul served the LORD with much more enthusiasm to build up the Church.  Like Saint Paul, we need to climb up higher as some of us are operating at the 25 percent level but we need to working at the 150 percent level.  To accomplish this,  we must  PRESS ON  around, over, and beneath our problems.   We must refuse to let obstacles, circumstances, issues, people, objects, things, and the time of day get in our way.   If you’re called to perform a Christian duty at midnight, do it without grumbling.  If you have to bathed someone,  rub oil on his body,  and  powder his butt,  do it without grumbling. If you have to work shoulder to shoulder with someone you cannot stand,  do it without grumbling.   If you have to car-pool with obnoxious folks (who run their mouths about nothing important), do it without grumblingRemember,  you represent the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Furthermore, CHRIST holds life and death in HIS HANDS and you are accountable to Him.   One day, you shall receive the PRIZE of the HIGH CALLING of GOD in CHRIST JESUS,  everlasting life,  and   a Crown of Glory!

In my day, the older Black Saints used to sing,  “Lord, I’m running trying to make a hundred cause 99 and a half won’t do…”   Songs were part of the Testimony Service and the lyrics passed from person to person. Nowadays, most churches have eliminated personal testimonies from the Worship Service. The Pastors complain that people take too long testifying about nothing.  Contrary to man’s opinion, the Bible states, “And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”   (Revelation 12:11)    At the time, I did not understand the older Saints, but now I am running trying to make a 150 percent as 99 percent just won’t do!

Have a Blessed day!


Worldwide News: “Every SINNER shall be SALTED with FIRE!”

The BIBLE states,  “And if thy hand or foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed than having two hands or two feet to go into HELL, into the FIRE THAT NEVER SHALL BE QUENCHED…where the worm dieth not..FOR EVERYONE SHALL BE SALTED WITH FIRE, and EVERY SACRIFICE SHALL BE SALTED WITH SALT…”   (Mark 9:43-50)


In my previous Blogs (#286 and 287),  I talked about the SALT OF GOD’S WORD:   (A)  The Wicked know the Salted Truth concerning the Word;  and  (B) Christians are Seasoned with the Salt of the Living Word.  On Judgment Day, no one will be falsely accused as “… every tongue shall confess and every knee shall bow.”   Either your name will be in the LAMB’S   Book of Life  or  the  Book of Damnation.   The choice is yours!

We see a very clear picture of the  Right of Entry  into  HELL!   Whether or not a SINNER is blind, handicapped, young, old, healthy, sickly, deaf, mute, ignorant, intelligent, or whatever,  HE SHALL BE SALTED WITH FIRE.  Furthermore, the fire shall never be quenched and the worm shall never die. In the Old Testament, every sacrifice to YAHWEH was seasoned with SALT.  Similar to the sacrifices,  Apostle Mark tells us that every person (worthy of Hell) will be seasoned with FIRE!

Many people do not believe the BIBLE and they surely do not believe in the existence of HELL.  However, people have clinically passed away and GOD allowed them to return to their bodies to share their experiences. Their stories are similar, shocking, frightening, revealing, devastating, and hellish but they all agree to one thing,  HELL IS REAL!

Somewhere deep within the center of the Earth, the souls and spirits of ungodly men, women, boys, and girls (from the beginning of time) exist in torment while you and I go about our daily routines.  We think our present situations are hellish but we have no idea of the torments and inhumane treatment of lost souls and spirits (in the after life).   RESIDENTS of HELL  are being tormented for their past sins as the wages of sin is Death!   The Living  (above the ground)  take aspirins or other medications for relief, therapy, vitamins, drink water, sodas, wine, beer, hard liquor, attend picnics, go out to dinner or movies, shop at the malls, take baths, go swimming, play golf, go hiking, play ping-pong, indulge in the things we like, and take vacations.  On the contrary, the  LOST SOULS  in  HELL  are stuck, awaiting judgment, in excruciating pain with no way OUT! There are no vacations, feasts, or parties in HELL.   WHY GO TO HELL WHEN YOU CAN WALK WITH JESUS IN THE COOL OF THE DAY FOR EVER?  While there is breath in your body, please call upon the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, the SON of the LIVING GOD.

Have a Blessed day!

Worldwide News: “YOU are SEASONED with the SALT of THE WORD!”



We all know that SALT  (refined or unrefined)  is a mineral which is essential to our existence.   Most cultures (past and present) use salt  to season foods to cook with,  to preserve foods,  to bathe or soak in,  for healing,  to offer sacrifices,  and for a host of other things.   Some times we use too much or too little of salt but we rely on our individual taste buds.

As Christians, we  are  SEASONED  with  the  SALT  of  THE WORD of GOD!  What does this mean? Like king David (a man after God’s own heart),  Christians  have hidden  GOD’S WORD  in their hearts that they might not sin against HIM.   And if we sin, we must immediately pray for forgiveness.  The job is not finished because we’ve asked God for forgiveness.  It is important to make an about face toward God,  decease from sinning against Him,  and to ask forgiveness from others we’ve sinned against.   The Bible states,   “…by this shall others know we are disciples as we have love one for another…”

Thus, the WORD of GOD lives in our FLESH and HEART; so we do not rely on our emotions and feelings!  We no longer do the things we use to do because our bodies are a  “Living  Sacrifice,  a Living Epistle,  Holy, and  Acceptable unto the Lord GOD.”   We don’t willfully SIN against the LORD by hanging out in bars, doing drugs, running the streets, telling lies, committing fornication or adultery, hurting others, misbehaving, creating confusion, gossiping, and destroying the body, soul, and mind which belongs to GOD.   You do not own yourself as JESUS died on Calvary for the whole human race.  As a famous singer puts it, “My Life is not My Own…to HIM…I belong…I give myself, I give myself to YOU.”

Apostle Mark says, “HAVE SALT IN YOURSELVES”  so you will have “PEACE WITH ONE ANOTHER.” If the Word is LIVING in your heart,  you will have the PEACE of GOD on the inside.  This Peace of God will enable you to work through your depression, dark days, situations, illnesses, and conflicts within and without. In other words, you will not need a sling shot, plastic fork or knife, metal gun, or an automatic weapon to injure others.  However,  sinners (NOT YOU) carry such devices making police force a necessity to enforce the Law.   Obviously,  a policeman cannot go into a shoot-out  with a  WATER GUN.   Instead, he needs working weapons and real bullets, body protection, and backup units.  Lets keep this real!   In family situations and gatherings, old man trouble (the devil) hides under the cloak of confusion but the Lord GOD is not the author of confusion.   Just remember that GOD IS LOVE!

By the way, you  can use  too much  mineral salt  BUT  you  can  NEVER  get too  much  of  the LORD GOD  in  your  veins.

Have a Blessed day!




Worldwide News: The WICKED know THE SALTED TRUTH!”

The wicked Judean king,  Abijah  (a.k.a. Abijam)  said,  “OUGHT ye not to know that the Lord GOD of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to  DAVID  for ever,  even to him and to his sons by a COVENANT of  SALT?”    (II Chronicles 13:5)


In the Old Testament,  GOD made an eternal Covenant of Salt  which will never be broken.  The first mention of the Covenant of Salt  is a mandate to Moses,   “And every oblation of thy meat offering thou shalt SEASON with SALT;   NEITHER  shall  thou suffer the SALT of the covenant of thy GOD to be LACKING from thy meat offering; WITH ALL THINE OFFERINGS THOU SHALT OFFER SALT.”   (Leviticus 2:13)   The second mention of the  Covenant of Salt  is coupled with the  Heave Offerings of holy things given to the Priest for CONSUMPTION.  (Numbers 18:19)    YAHWEH promised these offerings forever to Aaron the Priest (brother of Moses and Miriam)  and  the  Hebrew Priesthood.   Therefore,  we see the Covenant of Salt  sprinkled on all offerings and on the foods consumed by the Hebrew Priests unto YAHWEH.

ABIJAH  followed in the footsteps of his father,  king REHOBOAM   (the son of king SOLOMON,  the son of king DAVID).   Now you know,   Abijah’s father told him about his famous grandfather and great grandfather  (i.e., especially about the wisdom of Solomon and the victorious battles fought by King David and His Mighties).  In fact that was the BUZZ of the day.  Naturally,  Rehoboam told Abijah about the true and living GOD’S Covenant of Salt  with king David and his sons  because  Abijah  reminded them of the covenant,  HEAR ME,  thou Jeroboam and all Israel…OUGHT ye not to know that the Lord GOD of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to DAVID for ever, even to him and to his sons by a COVENANT of SALT?”  (II Chronicles 13:4)  You see,  Jeroboam (the king of Israel) had 800,000 men ready to battle against Abijah’s army of 400,000 (out numbered two to one).

BUT, Abijah’s spiritual walk was no better than Jeroboam’s as they both were wicked leaders.  Regardless, YAHWEH  kept  His promise to king David and allowed Abijah victory against Jeroboam’s army (about 500,000 men of Israel were slain).   Often times,  GOD  keeps  His  covering over  us  because  Mama, Daddy, Granny, or somebody prayed for us to make it.  Because of the intercessory prayer,  GOD keeps a covering over us.  In stead of destroying us,  GOD LOOKS DOWN FROM HEAVEN WONDERING WHEN WILL WE CEASE IN OUR WICKED WAYS.

Like king ABIJAH,  some of us are living on the opposite end of GOD’S WORD.  We know the TRUTH and the RIGHT WAY but we don’t live it because we cannot help ourselves.  We may be descendants of pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and great teachers of the Gospel but we choose to live contrary to the Bible.  We favor the pleasures of this World more than we do living for the Lord GOD as we exploit HIS mercy!   We tell ourselves,  “I’ll get right tomorrow or next week after I work out a few things.” Unfortunately, we never get THANGS worked out!   Some of us are quick to LIE even in the face of knowing the TRUTH and some of us will tell the TRUTH even if it hurts.  Although the Bible states,   “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God,”  stop using the verse as an excuse to sin.   JESUS died on Calvary to save the lost and all excuses are nailed to the Cross.

Have a Blessed day!   


Worldwide News: “JESUS asked, WHY MAKE THIS COMMOTION and WEEP?”

The BIBLE states,   “And  when  He  [JESUS]  was come in  [the House of Jairus], He saith unto them,   WHY MAKE YE THIS COMMOTION and WEEP?    The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.”   (Mark 5:39)


The Lord JESUS accompanied Jairus (the ruler of the synagogue) to his house where his little girl laid motionless.   Upon arrival,  there were paid mourners  (howling, crying aloud, and  weeping)   musicians, guests, visitors, and family members who were grieving over the death of Jairus’ daughter.   It  was  quite  a  fanfare!    JESUS must have looked at them while wishing  He had a big broom to sweep these fakers outside.   Paraphrasing, JESUS said,   “What is all the fuss over…”    The MASTER   “…took the damsel by the hand and said unto her  TALITHA CUMI   which is interpreted,   DAMSEL,   I SAY UNTO THEE ARISE!”     (Mark 5:41)

Some of us, make a big commotion over little things in our lives as trials and tribulations entertain us  and  some of us are really going through terrible ordeals.   Don’t worry or fret because all believers must carry their own cross, regardless how large or small our burdens are. Besides, the Bible says not to count it strangely if you are tried by fire!   Thus, expect your faith to be tested and your candidacy for EVERLASTING LIFE!

 WHAT POWER JESUS HAS!   Question.  IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD TO DO?  It is nothing for the Lord to heal us,  restore us,  employ us,  and promote us.   We must aim HIGHER than our horizons because the sky is the limit  and  ALL EYES should be on the TRIUNE GOD.   JESUS is the author and finisher of our salvation and faith.   Also,  no one else can do you like,  JESUS.   

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?   Make up your mind (stop wavering as things happen to you on a daily basis)  to be steadfast in the Lord. It’s alright to look at the news so you will know how to pray but do not mimic the World because many people are not followers of JESUS.   Why would you want to look like somebody or behave like Hollywood’s   “bad adult boys and girls”   who are not believers?   They are as spiritually dead as door knobs and they do not know it!   Most of them are not what they appear to be.

Come go with me and let us get into the  Presence  of  the  LORD  JESUS  CHRIST!   Let us bond in prayer and pray ONE FOR ANOTHER!   Don’t let circumstances get in your way. If you feel as I do, please make a comment on my Blog!

Have a Blessed day!


Worldwide News: “ONLY BELIEVE!”

The BIBLE states,    “As soon as  JESUS  heard  the  word  [thy daughter is dead…]  that was spoken,   HE  saith unto the ruler of the synagogue  [Jairus],   BE NOT AFRAID,    O-N-L-Y     B-E-L-I-E-V-E.”     (Mark 5:36)


What does it cost to Believe in the Lord JESUS CHRIST?   Like Jairus, we should be seeking the Lord and many of us should be running to Him for salvation.    I cannot image what Jairus was thinking when they told him,   “Your daughter is dead…don’t trouble the Master…”    Just look  at  JESUS  who said,   “BE NOT AFRAID, ONLY BELIEVE!”  

TODAY,  the Lord is saying the same thing,  BE NOT AFRAID, ONLY BELIEVE!”    In the Old Testament, King Davis wrote, “The LORD is my Shepherd;  I SHALL NOT WANT…Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,   I WILL FEAR NO EVIL for THOU art with me;   THY rod and THY staff comfort me.   THOU preparest  a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;   THOU anointest my head with oil,  my cup runneth over.   Surely GOODNESS and MERCY  shall follow me all the days of my life:  and  I WILL DWELL IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD FOR EVER.”    (Psalm 23)   Therefore, no matter what you are going through   (even in the face of the shadow of death)  do not fear evil because the LORD is with YOU.   Allow me to give credit and honor to the late evangelist,  Paul Rader,   who wrote the song,     “ONLY BELIEVE…All Things are possible IF you only BELIEVE.”     Check  it  out  as  the   “IF”   is conditional upon FAITH!    And,   you know the Word of God,    “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”

Moreover king David said,   “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, AND  THE  KING  OF  GLORY  SHALL  COME  IN.   Who is this King of glory? THE  LORD  STRONG  AND  MIGHTY,   the LORD  MIGHTY  in  BATTLE.”    (Psalm 24:7)

Have a Blessed day!



Worldwide News: “GO HOME…Tell Them What Great Things the LORD has Done for YOU!”

The BIBLE states,   “JESUS said,   “GO HOME to your friends, and TELL them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how HE HAD COMPASSION ON YOU.”    (Mark 5:19)


By this time,  the man  called Legion  (who had been demon possessed in the tombs of Gadara)  was    “…sitting, clothed, and in his right mind…”   (Mark 5:15)   This same man came to Jesus begging to go with Him.    But, JESUS  told  Legion,   “GO HOME  to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you,  and how HE had compassion on you.”    In other words,  the Lord GOD  wants  us  to  talk about  HIS goodness as we testify to others.   Unfortunately,  people   (like the towns people in Gadara)  will  tell you to   SHUT UP!    Do not talk about the Lord JESUS…don’t tell what the Lord has done for you…don’t spread the Gospel (the Good News), don’t share your dreams or visions, you don’t know what you are talking about, and so forth!

The Old Testament reads,   “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT UPON ALL FLESH;  and YOUR SONS and YOUR DAUGHTERS shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions;  And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.”   (Joel 2:28)   Also,  the New Testament reads the same in Acts 2:17.

Therefore, do not pay attention to these preachers (young and old) with stuffy shirts and wrinkles around their lips as they talk against  your calling, dreams, and visions.   They ain’t the only ones called of the Lord.   Perhaps,  they may be stuck in their pulpits each Sunday,  but you ain’t!   THE LORD IS DOING A NEW THING!  It’s not about you, us, them, power, prestige, money, glory, or fame…IT IS ALL ABOUT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS EXPECTED RETURN TO THIS EARTH!   PREACH THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL AND JESUS CHRIST!

Don’t  let  PEOPLE  shame or humiliate your  Ministry  as if you are nothing!   SHAME ON YOU PASTORS,  EVIL DOERS,  AND  SPAMMERS!   There are many, many, many diversities and administrations of gifts and callings  BUT THE SAME GOD   (One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Ephesians 4:5)  administers  over  all.   If people are Christians (born again believers, living right, and preaching Jesus Christ crucified and the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT),  leave them alone!   They are RIGHT and your judgment of them may be WRONG!   You don’t know what the Lord told them, unless you were there.   Were you there when they crucified JESUS?

To those of you who are   “TESTIFYING”   about your Christian experience,   KEEP ON KEEPING ON.   WHY?   Because the Lord GOD commissioned YOU.  Also, these mega church pastors, small time pastors and preachers (on the radio, internet, and television) are NOT GOING to encourage you.   Instead, they will ridicule you because they are jealous and they do not have nothing else to talk about!   In fact, they are receiving inspiration from you and I (no one of significance).    Truly,  many pastors  have lost their  inspirations  and  they are dried up as the Sahara Desert!   DO YOU FEEL ME!   You may not preach like Apostle Paul or pray like Apostle Peter,  but you are called of the Lord!   I know what I am talking about as I am a victim like many of you.

Again, the Lord JESUS told Legion, “GO HOME TO YOUR FRIENDS AND TELL THEM…”   Thus, you must  do the same and put yourself in the place of Legion (who was saved and reformed). Let others know about your compassionate LORD!    Start your Ministry at home and then you can branch out.   GOD  told  Prophet Jeremiah,  “Don’t look at their faces but speak My Words….”     Likewise,  DITTO, DITTO, and DITTO!

Have a Blessed day!