Worldwide News: “Who then can be saved? WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”

The BIBLE states,  “But,  JESUS  beheld  them [His Disciples], and said unto them, with men this is impossible; BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”    (Matthew 19:26)


A young rich man was fortunate to speak directly with Jesus.  We don’t know his name but he was a goodly person who kept all of the Commandments and he honored his Father and Mother.  However, the rich young man could not give up his worldly possessions to follow Jesus.  As a result, Jesus said, “Verily…a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”   In reply, the Disciples said, “Who then can be saved?”   

The key answer to the question is JESUS!  Let me say that again, JESUS is the answer to all of your problems!   The song says, “Jesus Saves…He will pick you up and turn you around…”   No matter what you are going through, the LORD is a KEEPER!   You may have  Mr. HelloIamYour HeadAche4Today  and  Mrs. LetMeMessYouUp  sitting at your breakfast table,  but the Lord can dance the two-step with them.  When the LORD gets finished with them, their heads will be spinning to kingdom come.  In fact, they may be looking like Jack Nicholas (who plays the lead) in the movie “About Schmidt” who is given some outdated pills to take by Roberta (played by Kathy Bates).    Just keep telling yourself, “THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD…THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD…THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD…”

TURN TO THE LORD, KEEP PRAYING and KEEP BELIEVING!  No man can offer you life everlasting…no man can fix all of your problems…and no man has a Heaven or Hell to put you in.  However,  people will prematurely judge you and hold your past sins against you.  If your salvation is determined by men, you can forget about being saved!  At one time, king David said that he’d rather face an angry God than to be placed in the hands of men; because the LORD is a forgiving GOD! 

The LORD spoke the Truth saying,  “…with men this is impossible…BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”  During this week and the weeks to come, think about your situation and the road you are on.  WHERE ARE YOU GOING? ARE YOU HEADED FOR DISTRUCTION? ARE YOU FOLLOWING THE WRONG PEOPLE?  IF JESUS COMES FOR YOUR SOUL TONIGHT, WILL YOU BE READY? DO YOU FEEL THAT YOUR SINS ARE UNFORGIVEABLE?  If the latter question is your only hindrance, you can stop worrying!  If that’s all the devil’s got on you, TAKE A DEEP BREATH OF RELIEF!   Ask me WHY?   The Answer is and remains,    “BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”

Have a Blessed Day!







The American colleges and universities are playing their students to maintain their own existence.  This is Part Three of the Four Part Series entitled,  “LET NOT THY RIGHT HAND KNOW WHAT THY RIGHT HAND IS DOING!”   Without tuition, grants, and student loans, these institutions of higher learning cannot exist, pay big-fat paychecks to their heads and lead professors, pay moderate to low salaries to staff employees, and pay their overhead costs. In fact, they don’t want students to know THEY are BEING FOOLED AND MISGUIDED to maintain their own survival. These higher institutions are not putting the educational interests of their students first. Instead, it is the REVERSE!  Please encourage your Representative and Congressman to pass stricter laws and penalties upon these institutions for enticing you to encumber debt you WILL NOT be able to repay or dismiss and for the return of American jobs from abroad.

WHAT A POOR ILLUSION TO YOU STUDENTS IN HIGHER LEARNING, TRADE SKILLS, AND RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT WHEN PRODUCTIVITY AND EMPLOYMENT ARE NOT CENTRALIZED WITHIN THESE UNITED STATES. Certainly, the RIGHT HAND (i.e., the colleges and universities) are not letting the LEFT HAND (i.e., the Students) know what they are doing. Currently, there is a tremendous loss of jobs in the U.S. These colleges and universities should be working WITH students to bring back the jobs to America and with job placement agencies and companies. Instead, the higher institutions of learning say, “Take this class or that class…this professor or that professor is teaching…”  However, they should say, “The job market for this or that particular field is not available…”  If so, why are they offering certain classes?   Instead, the higher institution should be looking for ways to quicken and revive the job market in order to preserve it. If they fail to do this, wonderful and historical classes relevant to growth and development will decline and inevitably disappear just as the jobs are disappearing.

How are the recipients planning to pay back student loans and grants? Shall they work at local McDonalds for minimum wages to payback eighty thousand dollars ($80,000.00) of grants and/or loans? How long will it take a student making $6.00/hourly wages to pay back 80k? Are we setting realistic expectations for college students and graduates or is it fallacy? Many students use these grants and loans to live on as well as pay their tuitions. After graduation, how many students apply for a SECOND ROUND of grants and student loans? Will the government pass laws to restrict the number of consecutive grants and loans a student can apply for? If not, we may need to increase the number of prisons to jail good students and their wonderful parents (if they co-signed for the grant or loan because the government will foreclose on their homes and confiscate their autos and boats).  With certainty, the government will inflict stiff penalties, fines, and appoint collection agencies (who will increase collection fees along with interest) as they seek to recover any amount due (large or small).

So, “Why are the colleges and universities increasing their grants, student loans, and scholarships if there are fewer jobs within the United States? 

Please read PART FOUR, next BLOG!





As Christians (concerned Americans and non-Americans), it is our duty to speak out for GOD’S righteousness and to be concerned about the U.S. economy as well as our Country’s future and that of the World.  If you Google the emptiest cities in the United States, you will find there are millions of Americans and non-Americans (who are just as concerned) without employment, medical care, sick, displaced, homeless, families torn apart, living in high crime areas, and lots more.  Even worse, there are BANKRUPT cities, counties, towns, and states.

In order to revive these dying cities and states (for our own survival including our children and their children’s children), we need the return of AMERICAN jobs in Manufacturing and Research Development. How will our descendants take care of themselves if they don’t know how to make things? American stores (especially Wal-Mart) are filled with products from abroad.  CAN’T WE MAKE OUR ON CLOTHES, SHOES, LEATHER GOODS, SPORTING GOODS, WATCHES, FURNITURE, CARS, STEEL, AND SO FORTH? ARE THERE SO FEW AMERICANS and PEOPLE LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES THAT WE NEED TO FARM OUT MANUFACTURING AND RESEARCH TO COUNTRIES ABROAD?

It is stupid to call someone in a Third World country to trouble shoot your Internet problems, to remotely log onto your computer, to request an appointment for a technical person (who works in the U.S.) to knock on your door, or to make a warranty claim for a failing product (which should be manufactured in the U.S.).  Most of the time, neither parties (foreign and the U.S.A. caller) cannot understand one another because of the different dialects.  Honestly, it takes 15 minutes to spell one’s name, address, and contact phone number. In fact, you may feel like jumping out of the window or throwing the refrigerator down the stairs.  If you are a Christian, it takes HIGH HEAVEN to keep you from acting like an idiot!

If possible, pressure your local Representative and Congressman to enact laws enforcing American companies to return American jobs in Manufacturing and Research Development as well as the eight hundred numbers (1-800-xxx-xxxx) for technical support and 411 (informational calls) to the United States.  Most definitely, there are millions of Americans who need employment and these jobs.  After all, these products are in your own home, so why should you call overseas to discuss them?  Likewise, the restaurant or movie theatre you wish to visit is in the U.S., so why ask someone who is unfamiliar with your local city for information?

Please read PART THREE, next BLOG!




THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT RACIAL SLURS AND IT IS NOT WRITTEN TO DEFAME ANY RACE, COLOR, OR CREED!  However it is written to stir up all people to do the right thing. Let’s explore what the Bible demands of us. GOD’S WORD states, “DON’T ALLOW the FIVE FINGERS on your own RIGHT HAND to tell the FIVE FINGERS on your LEFT HAND what the RIGHT HAND is doing.” There are FOUR PARTS to this Blog.  If possible, please read them all!

If the WORD of GOD is relevant to our own bodies, the WORD is just as pertinent to PEOPLE and THINGS outside of our bodies as well as OUTSIDE of the UNITED STATES and in the GLOBAL MARKETS. For instance, the LORD GOD set the standards as HE sees and knows everything but many things remain a mystery to us. God allows us to see and know only what HE desires for us to see and know.

Unlike the LORD GOD, we lay out our business, research and development, blueprints, military secrets, financial and personal data, and far more WITH OUR OWN FINGERS to foreign countries. In other words, we tell it all! Certain things should remain secretive, confidential, and invisible to others within our nation and especially to foreign nations. Why should someone in China research and develop ways for Americans to improve their families, when they prohibit their own pople from having three or more children?  Why should a foreign nation produce and package food products for American consumption (without adhering to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines). They care more about Disney’s Mickey the Mouse than for the FDA. For instance, you may be eating canned squirrels or rats!  Why should the U.S. allow salmon or canned products from countries whose seas and soils are contaminated with radiation? Will the long voyage between our countries diminish the potency of radiation? Do you want to glow at night when you’re trying to sleep?        

Please encourage your Representative and Congressman to pass stricter laws and tax penalties upon American companies making them, “Bring Back American Manufacturing & Research Development Jobs.”  We need to put all Americans and other people back to work and to restore their self-esteem. Also, we need to go back to Bible basics, “LET NOT THY LEFT HAND KNOW WHAT THY RIGHT HAND IS DOING!”

Please read PART TWO, next Blog!

Worldwide News: “GO AHEAD! Inspite of Your Dilemmas and PRAISE the LORD!”

The BIBLE states,   “I will praise the name of the LORD GOD with a Song and will Magnify Him with Thanksgiving.”    (Psalm 69:30)   So,  “GO  AHEAD!  Inspite of Your Dilemmas  and  PRAISE the LORD!”   


Let me make this real personal because the Word says,  “I WILL PRAISE the NAME of GOD…”   Question:   Should we Praise the Lord whether things are good or bad?  Well now,  we praise movie stars, rock stars, Nash car drivers, sport stars, and everybody  else.  None of these people have a heaven or hell to put us in…none can save us…and the majority  of them don’t interact with common folks and/or stoop down to look up poor people.  In fact, we  cannot reach celebrities via postal mail, email, or telephone.  However, the ALMIGHTY GOD (who created ALL things, made us, and sent His Son to die for us) is the last Person we give praise, honor, and glory. 

(1)  HOW WILL I PRAISE THE LORD GOD?  Not only will “I praise Him with a SONG,”    king David  said,   “I will MAGNIFY Him with THANKSGIVING.”   At the time David  wrote this Psalm, we was afflicted and miserable.  He said, “I sink in deep mire…I am weary of crying…my throat is dry…mine eyes fail me…they that hate me (without cause) are more than the hairs on my head…they would destroy me wrongfully…they are mighty…I am a stranger to my brethren..I am an alien unto my Mother’s children…people sit in the gate and talk about me…I  am the subject of the drunkards’ songs and jokes…” 

How many times have you cried yourself to sleep at night, praying, and asking the Lord to  “FIX IT?”   The LORD knows our foolishness and as David said,  “My sins are not hidden from Thee.”  So, there is nothing which escapes the eyes of the LORD.

(2)  CAN YOU STILL PRAISE THE LORD INSPITE OF YOUR DILEMMAS?  Can you lay aside every thing right now just for a minute?  Forget about your workload tonight…forget about your job tomorrow…forget about everything for a few moments. Perhaps, you may not live to see tomorrow.  David said, “I have suffered reproach, shame, and covered my face.”    Question:  How was David able to bare all of this?  Because, David was EATEN UP with the ZEAL of the LORD!  Thus, GOD made David a mighty man, a mighty warrior, a mighty king, and a just king. Also, David was a man after God’s own heart.  In return, David made OTHER mighty men and mighty warriors  (who were just and honorable..with the exception of Joab, his nephew).  Moreover, many, many people (who were distraught and depressed) came unto David and he taught them to be just, honorable, and to trust in the LORD GOD.

In this respect, king David was a role model for us because he made himself go forward in the power and might of the LORD GOD!   Also, David taught by example.  We’ve got to get pass the walls of reproach, people talking about us, and run on any-how!  Do you hear me?   I’m talking to a lot of people out there!  GOD IS SAYING TO YOU, DO NOT LOOK AT THE FACES OF YOUR ENEMIES!  In other words,  don’t give an owl or his hoot about what people think. Let them look at you cockeyed and just smile back at them (some of them got missing teeth anyway).   The LORD has work for you to do and there are people in your surroundings who need you!

(3)  HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU PRAISE THE LORD?  King David said,  “HIS PRAISE SHALL CONTINUALLY BE IN MY MOUTH…”   and  “I WILL MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD…”  Maybe you cannot carry a tune but SANG on regardless!  Brother and Sister, get your praise on! Also, king David invites us to “COME and SEE the AWESOME WORKS of the LORD GOD”  and  he advises us to “BLESS the LORD”  because HE holds our souls in life and suffers our feet not to be moved.  So, HE will keep us from falling!

We’ve got to get up out of our comfort zones, shake off those old chains, and put on the new man of CHRIST JESUS (who suffered more than anyone alive or dead).  JESUS IS THE  DIVINE CELEBRITY  of all celebrities  and  HE CARES for US!   Praise GOD for JESUS Lives!   We are to talk about HIS goodness, HIS joy, HIS blessings, HIS mercy, HIS grace, HIS righteousness, fear HIS wrath, and HIS coverings over our lives.  So, “GO  AHEAD!   Inspite of Your Dilemmas  and  Praise the LORD!”   

Have a Blessed Day!


The BIBLE states,  “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, SHAKE OFF THE DUST UNDER YOUR FEET FOR A TESTIMONY AGAINST THEM.  Verily I say unto you,  It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of Judgment, than for that city [or person].”  (Mark 6:11)  In other words,  DO THE MASHED POTATOES ON THEIR DOOR STEPS!  Can you dance? 


Never mind who comes against you because the LORD GOD has already given you the RIGHT to  “…bless those who bless you and to curse those who curse you.”   The shame is on the part of the rejecters as they are not WORTHY of you nor your presence.

As you go forth in the NAME of the LORD JESUS, you will enter into a town, city, state, country, place of business, or the residence of somebody, and that person may dislike you because YOU TALK ABOUT JESUS! The devil is a liar! Don’t tell me not to talk about JESUS the One WHO died for all mankind to redeem us from sin, shame, and Hell’s fires.   Telling a Christian to shut-up about JESUS is equivalent to asking someone NOT TO TAKE IN AIR!


(1)  Never be ashamed to stand-up for righteousness sake or JESUS just may be ashamed of you on Judgment Day!  GOD endowed you with callings, powers, and gifts from on High so use them. The LORD GOD placed His Spirit within you to guide and to keep you!  What is the name of this wonderful gift?  HE IS CALLED THE HOLY GHOST!  HE will tell you ALL the things HE hears from the direct throne of GOD. Now its up to you to listen, obey, and follow peace with all men and women.

(2)  You don’t have to curse like a sailor or stomp your feet until the blood vessels pop in your legs. Some of your enemies will spark a flame or pick-a-bone with you by exciting your emotional feelings. DON’T LET FEELINGS GET IN THE WAY!  Arm yourself with the Whole Armor of GOD!  Remember, JESUS rebuked the devil with The WORD,  “It is written thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God…”  VERBALIZE THE WORD OF GOD AND HIS PROMISES TO THE ENEMY.

(3)  After you have acknowledged others and shared your testimony, allow them a chance to respond yea or nay.  If they cannot accept your testimony and they refuse to hear you out, the BIBLE states, “SHAKE OFF THE DUST UNDER YOUR FEET FOR A TESTIMONY AGAINST THEM…”

I am reminded of the song a little girl (about 10 years old) sung at a Church. The words went like this, “SHAKE, shake, shake, SHAKE the devil off…In the name of JESUS, shake the devil off.”  Honey, SHAKE OFF that old stale dust from under your feet and MOVE ON in the NAME of JESUS!   Do a JIG in front of them – DO THE MASHED POTATOES ON THEIR DOOR STEPS!   Take a picture!  

Have a Blessed Day!