Worldwide News: PART TWO: “I Think…THEREFORE SAID I…”

The BIBLE states,   “And king Saul said,  THEREFORE SAID I,   the Philistines will come down now upon me to Gilgal, and I have not made supplication unto the Lord: I FORCED MYSELF THEREFORE,  and offered a burnt offering. And Samuel the Prophet said unto king Saul, THOU HAS DONE FOOLISHLY… Thou hath not kept the commandment of the Lord thy God…the Lord would have established thy kingdom upon Israel for ever…but now thy kingdom shall not continue:  the Lord hath sought Him another man after His own heart,  and the Lord hath commanded him to be captain over his people, because thou (king Saul) hast not kept that which the Lord commanded thee.”   (I Samuel 13:9b-14) 


 What will disobedience cost us?   It boils down to a very old saying, “I Think Therefore I Am.”  Most individuals will admit, “I got my own mind and I don’t see things that way…so I‘m gonna do my own thing!”     This process is broken into two steps:

(A)   JUSTIFICATION:    “I Think…Therefore I said…”    Unfortunately, many of us are not operating under Divine Attributes such as GOD’S  Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom which flows in the river of GOD’S Love, Grace, and Mercy.  If you are not operating in  GOD’S  Divine attributes, you are operating in your own knowledge, understanding, wisdom and your conclusions are marred by prejudice because of the absence of Divine Attributes Love, Grace, and Mercy. We should obey the Lord GOD’S Commandments and Statutes.  Instead, we don’t quite see the  Word of God  lining up to our personal desires and irrational decisions.  Likewise, king Saul disobeyed GOD’S Word and lit the fire to the sacrifice because he was justified in his own mind.

(B)   ACTION:    “I forced Myself Therefore…to do this or that.”   So, we make excuses and exceptions to the Golden Rules.  Most of us are not wealthy, so let us reminisce.  Go back to the time you little money and a little place to stay.  Back then, we had a “fire” burning in our bellies for the Lord GOD because of our needs. Humbly, we thanked God for our food, job, a place to stay, and reasonable health and strength.  NOW we have a little jingle and chump change in our pockets and we can eat out at restaurants, go to sport events, take in movies, and do this or that.  Some of us (not all of you) don’t pray as often as we should.  Likewise, king Saul’s actions were sparked by his decision to act upon his own justification.  For this reason (knowing that he was not a priest),  king Saul offered a sacrifice unto the Lord GOD;  then,  he ran out to salute Prophet Samuel (as if everything was peachy).  Please note that king Saul’s disobedience cost his Kingship of Israel.  In so many words, Prophet Samuel typed king Saul as a “fool.”   

In the same way, we are fully relying on our own understanding to solve problems and situations. Because we can think, we have lost our zeal for the Lord GOD.  Since we cannot physically see GOD, we discount  GOD’S  Divine presence from our lives until something tragic happens.  At that point, we holler aloud as if  Big Foot  leaped down at us from a 275 feet Giant Sequoia Tree.  Do not allow the opportunity (to serve the Lord GOD)  pass you by and do not let it be said (concerning any of us),   “…the Lord hath sought Him another man or woman after His own heart…”  

Have a Blessed Day!


Worldwide News: PART ONE: “AS SOON AS…”

The BIBLE states,   “And king Saul tarried seven days according to the set time that Samuel had appointed;  but Samuel (the prophet) came not to Gilgal… And king Saul said,  Bring a burnt offering to me and peace offerings.   And  king Saul  offered the burnt offering…as soon as he had made an end of offering the burnt offering,  BEHOLD,  Samuel came;  and Saul went out to meet him that he might salute him…And Samuel said,  What has thou done?”   (I Samuel 13:8-11)   Just   “AS SOON AS”   you take it upon yourself to accomplish tasks, your help from the Lord arrives but you have already incorrectly solved the problem!


How many times do we launch out into the deep without spiritual understanding?  You may be logistically, technically , mechanically, educationally, commercially, medically, and financially, scientifically, mathematically equipped to the tenth power and still be inapt spiritually.

Apparently Samuel the Prophet gave specific orders to king Saul telling him to tarry seven days which meant to wait for his arrival to Gilgal.  Exactly what does God mean when He says to wait on Him, to be patient, and to have faith?   Well, it means for us not to be self-sufficient or self-reliant (leaning upon our own understanding or expertise)  and  not to justify ourselves by our actions.  In king Saul’s case,  he was way out-of-line as only a prophet/priest could offer sacrifices to the Lord GOD!  For this reason,  Prophet Samuel asked king Saul,  “What has thou done?”     At the time,  king Saul was in a backslidden condition and he exalted himself  before his army and the people of Judah.

How many times have we all said,  “I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna do that…AS SOON AS… this or that happens… or AS SOON AS…this or that person arrives…”   Yet, our hasty decisions seldom ends on a positive note.  In fact, the situation is heightened, worse than ever, and almost not repairable!   This message is for all of us (including myself) to:   (1)   Ask the Lord GOD to design our lives;   (2)   Obey the Lord GOD and to put ourselves last;   and  (3)   Keep the faith by waiting on the Lord God without jumping to our own conclusions.

See Next Blog, PART TWO!






Worldwide News: “Did JESUS Leap Off the Pinnacle of the Temple?”

The BIBLE statesThen the devil took  JESUS  up into the holy city and set Him on a pinnacle of the temple.  And the devil  said unto Jesus,   If Thou be the Son of God, cast Thyself down  for it is written, God shall give His angels charge concerning Thee: and in their hands they shall bear Thee up, least at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone.”    (Matthew 4:6)   The question is,  “Did JESUS Leap off the Pinnacle of the Temple?”   The answer is “NO!” 


The devil will pass off all kinds of flavors and temptations to trick you!  Watch out for the devil because he is a trickster as he knows your likes and dislikes!   [Notice the devil took Jesus up to Jerusalem (the Holy City) and to the TOP!  Likewise, Satan will come after you in church (the Holy City) from the Pulpit down to the janitor in the basement.  Do not expect church folks to be perfect as they are human beings.  Yet, the Lord says,  “Be ye Holy for I am Holy…”]    So, the devil told Jesus, “All these things will I give thee, if thou will fall down and worship me”    and  the devil will use the same tactics on you!    As you already know, Satin is the god of this World,  but  the  LORD  is  GOD  of  Heaven, Earth,  and  the  entire  Universe at large.  Why in the World would the devil expect Jesus to bow down to him?   Jesus is a Member of the TRIUNE GOD!    What can the devil do for Jesus (except get out of His way)?  

JESUS did not jump because He was on duty with special orders from GOD!   More so,  Jesus ain’t gonna two-step with Satan as He is Three-Stepping with the TRINITY!   Apparently, the Lord completely understood His orders and assignment.  As a faithful and obedient Son, Jesus was well versed in what  to expect  and  He did not deviate from His assignment.  Although, Jesus prayed to GOD  “…to remove this bitter cup…”   Afterwards, Jesus said,  “…Thine Will Be Done…” 

We all know the fate of this World!  JESUS IS COMING BACK AGAIN FOR A CHURCH WITHOUT SPOT AND WRINKLE!   Do not let the enemy deceive you to give up, to give in,  to run away,  to sever your ties,  to cut your own throat,  to throw in the towel (after all these years of service),  to leap from a ten story building or to leap from a three foot roof,  to put a gun to your head (or to the heads of others),  to disassociate yourself from family and friends because things aren’t working out!  Do not allow the devil or anyone (for that matter) to stop your mission!   INSTEAD,  GET YOUR GARMENT READY AND KEEP IT WASHED, PRESSED, AND SPOTLESS BECAUSE YOU KNOW NOT THE DATE, HOUR, OR TIME OF JESUS’ RETURN.

Have a Blessed Day!






The BIBLE states,   “And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion saying, Lord my servant lies at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented. And Jesus said unto him, I will come and heal him…The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou should come under my roof: but   Speak the Word  and  my  servant  shall  be healed.  For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me;  and I say to this man, Go and he goes;  and to another,  Come and he comes; and to my servant, Do this and he does it…”     (Matthew 8:8-9)   Thus,  “ALL SOLDIERS MUST OBEY ORDERS!”


As Christians (in the LORD’S Army), we are all on assignment.  The Lord says,  “If you love Me, keep My Commandments.”   The  Lord  GOD  is  The Commander-in-Chief over Heaven and Earth!  Some assignments are easy and others are difficult but we do not get to choose our assignments. Let’s look at it another way!  The United States has about five Military Divisions (Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard) and every soldier takes an allegiance to the U.S. and every soldier must obey his Commanding Officer.  Check this out!  All Commanding Officers (from every Military Branch) takes his orders from the President of the U.S. (the Commander-in-Chief).  Obedience is mandatory and it is not an option.

The Commander or General of each Military Branch gives an order and it is carried out down to the last soldier. Although the Written Order may go from hand to hand (and unit to unit), the order remains the same from beginning to end regardless to the time element.  No one can change the “Original Order.”  The last soldier to carry out the order cannot disregard the order because he does not like it or because he does not like his captain.  Such idiotic behavior could risk the entire mission and the lives and safety of the entire  company of soldiers!  Without doubt,  this soldier will suffer severe consequences for failure to obey orders.

Likewise, we must obey the Holy Spirit (sent from above) as He speaks to us!  None of us knows what tomorrow holds but we know the Lord GOD is in control. Things may be out-of-whack but the Lord can take care of  “Mr. Whack and Ms. Mack”  or whatever the names are of your enemies and problems!  JESUS ALREADY HAS THEIR NUMBER!  You just keep on working for the Lord GOD.  If   the  Lord says,  “Go…or…Come…”  and  when  He  says,   “Do this…or… do that…”   you must listen as  “ALL SOLDIERS MUST OBEY ORDERS!”

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: PART TWO: “MAMA said, YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE IT!”

JESUS says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments…” (John 14:15)    Likewise,   “MAMA said, YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE IT!”


My Mama (now deceased) was a Missionary and devoted to the Lord.  But, Mama could pick a tick off a dog with a horse whip!  MAMA DID NOT PLAY.  If we stepped out-of-line, her super fist knocked us into the next week and trust me in those days there was no 911 or DFAX to help us.  Mama said what she meant and she meant what she said! Mama show-nough was quite a character. Martin Lawrence’s “Big Mama” ain’t got nothing on my Mama.

I grew up in a Christian home and just about   every day  Mama said, “YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE IT!” Growing up, I interpreted this to mean that Mama was gonna make us behave and make us live it. She drowned us in the Word of God and she poured the Scriptures down our throats like a cat drinking Pet milk!

But Mama meant well and she lived the life she preached!  As I am no longer a child, I now think as an adult but more so as a Christian woman!  Now my LORD is my Father and Mother! Thus, My Heavenly Father says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments…”  Notice:  JESUS did not say if you like me, keep my commandments.

As Christians, we are married to the Lord GOD and He is married to us as well as to the backslider!  Jesus is the Bridegroom and His Church (collectively) is the Bride.  I love this analogy and I’ll tell you why. In most marriages, the bride and the bridegroom are madly in-love!  They stare intensively at one another with smiles and giggles.  Seemingly, no one else around them matters.  To unhappily married people, this looks silly!  On the contrary to other couples (falling in love) this is an incentive to look forward too!  Once couples are married, they must keep their marital vows to one another as it is GOD’S Law!  If either one of the mates are unfaithful, certain characteristics will show up in the marriage.  For instance, the man may come home late at night or he may stay away through the weekends.  At that point, the wife says, “You don’t love me anymore…you don’t sleep with me anymore…if you love me, you will act like you love me…and you don’t live like you love me!”    Likewise,   JESUS says, “If  ye love me, keep my commandments…”

Have a Blessed Day!



JESUS said, “If ye love Me, keep My  commandments…”    (John 14:15)    Therefore,  “KEEP the LORD’S COMMANDMENTS!”


It’s as easy as one, two, three!  Thou shalt love the Lord thy GOD with all thy heart, soul, and mind. The Lord wants us to love Him because He first loved us and gave His life for us! Its only right to love those who love us.  If you love the Lord GOD, YOU WILL KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS and you will do good unto those who persecute you. Let me tell you something, you don’t have to set booby traps or dig ditches for your enemies as vengeance belongs to the Lord. When the Lord gets through with them, you want even recognize them and they will look like chicken little!  You will be praying for them.

Seemingly, we love ourselves more than we love the Lord GOD!  I think we call it self-preservation as we preserve our money, goods, assets, investments, and so on before we attend to the needs of others. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing negative about loving oneself but not to a fanatical extent. Our lives must be balanced spiritually, emotionally, economically, and physically.

(1)  You may be a diabetic but you seek to control this disease by eating the right things and exercising.  More so, you share your experiences with other diabetics hoping to help them.  Lets look at it another way. Due to the diabetes, the doctor may have amputated your legs but your Godly spirit is not amputated!  You are not bitter about the disease (although the absence of your limbs are greatly missed), you will not allow your circumstances to sour your faith in the Lord GOD.

(2)  You may be  taking care of dependant in-laws who have latched onto you for years. In fact, they are the new motionless limbs on your body: rather than two feet, you now have four or eight incompetent feet (which are dragging on the ground but you only need two feet to balance yourself).  They are living with you and now you have so much responsibility on your plate that you don’t want to go home at nights. You may be paying all bills like the gas or electric, water, insurance coverage, the rent or mortgage, maintenance on vehicles, and buying the groceries every two weeks.

(3)  You may have wayward teens and young adults living in your home. They do not obey house rules…they stay up all night running up the electric bill watching the television or surfing the internet…they invite friends over to eat and sleep over…they refuse to listen to your sound advice.  Now you are wondering, if you can buy them a one way ticket to Mars!

Yet, JESUS said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments…”

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “CHECK Your Vision and FOCUS on the RIGHT THINGS!”

The BIBLE states “And ye shall  hear of wars  and  rumors of wars…For  nation shall rise against nation, and  kingdom against kingdom:  and there shall be famines,  and  pestilences,  and  earthquakes, in divers places.  All these SIGNS of the SECOND COMING of CHRIST!”   (Matthew 24:6-8)    If you are not focusing on the Word of the Lord,  you need  to “CHECK YOUR VISION AND FOCUS ON THE RIGHT THINGS!”


We are witnessing the Signs of the Times!   The Bible gives us explicit detail and insight in to the chaos that is permeating over this Globe. A little child can understand what is happening. If you read a fairy tale story to a little child, he understands it, he believe it, and he falls asleep.

As adults, we make believe that things are not as bad as they appear;  but  things  are  far  worse  than  they  appear!  If you read the headlines on the Internet, you will see mixed-up signals and they are Worldwide:


(1)  the social media plagues people with the new look which was the old look of 1920’s, 30’s, 50’s, 60’s;   (2)  the cosmetic sellers plague people with which lipstick color to wear or which hair dye to use;  (3)  the presidential candidates are making outrageous promises and accusations…some are dictators, murderers, and cut throats;   (4)  the politicians are at each other’s throats (not caring about their constituents);  (5)  people are killing one another;   (6)  the prison population is increasing;  (7) the perverts are molesting children and women;  (8) the number of home invasions and robbing have increased;  (9) once trusted teachers, pastors, and counselors are molesting children and teens; and the list goes on.   The devil has designed all of this mess and these things to divert our attention Worldwide away from GOD’S Word to ourselves.  Instead of doing GOD’S Will,   we are all about ourselves…me, me, me, me, me, me!


Certainly, I don’t have to tell you about the wars and rumors of wars all over the Globe. You can read this for yourself! Iran is against Israel and Israel is against Iran…Turkey is against Syria and Syria is against Turkey… World  religions  are against one another:  Islam is against Christianity and Christianity is against Islam. Seemingly, we cannot co-exist in peace; so we’ll just blow up the entire Earth…that way no body gets to live! There are famines, droughts, pestilences, tsunamis, and earthquakes in divers places.   Just Google any country on the Internet and you will see.


Every tribe, nation, country, state, providence, township (incorporated or unincorporated that is on the map or off the map), every citizen, non-citizen, man, woman, boy, and girl are GUIILTY to some degree or relatively GUILTY to some degree.  The Bible states,  “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God”   as there are no exceptions to GOD’S Word.  There is nothing wrong with grooming oneself (looking good, looking good) but not to the extent that nothing else exists. There is nothing wrong with serving God (as we see fit) but not at the expense of persecuting and killing other people because, they disagree with your method of worship.  We did not make ourselves (neither did we make the next fellow) as we were all bought and paid for with a price, the Blood of CHRIST JESUS!  If you suffered abuse as a child or adult, then ask the Lord GOD to help you but do not hurt other people and do not hurt yourself any further.  There is help for you as you kneel right there in privacy and tell the Lord about your afflictions as He knows what your needs are.  CHECK YOUR VISION AND FOCUS ON THE RIGHT THINGS!”

Have a Blessed Day!