Worldwide News: “Don’t FEAR Other MEN!”

The BIBLE statesI will not fear what man shall do unto me… because …the Lord is my helper!”  (Hebrews 13:6)   The Bible says be not afraid of them that kill the body, because (after that) they have no more ability to do anything else. Although they may kill the body, the spirit and soul lives on!  Question:  Have you ever seen a spirit, soul, or Jeannie  trapped in a mayonnaise jar or an ancient vessel?  Answer:   No because nobody has this power except,   GOD!    Therefore,  “Don’t FEAR other MEN!”  


However, we do fear others and this fear is displayed through our actions as we make so many changes (via the way we dress, live, work, think, eat, drive, read books, study the arts and sciences, allow for surgical transformations, and whatever else) to please people who have no control over our eternal destiny.

I’m talking to somebody out there who is afraid of what others will do, say, or think  about you, your beliefs, and the changes GOD is making in your life.  You really must read this Blog because it will help you,  make you re-think your life, or make you so angry that you will SPAM my Blog!  As Jesus said,  “His WORD is a two-edged sword – dividing asunder…”   Take a minute to sit down and breathe deeply because I’m fix ’in to tell you something important!

(1)   The Bible says,  “There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid that shall not be known.  Therefore, whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.”   (Luke 12:3)

Along with all of the deceased  from all Ages and Dispensations (whether their souls are in Heaven or Hell) and the living, you and I will be standing in the Judgment Line (either with the sheep or the goats).  Can you imagine this scene?  The living will be standing with the dead (people from the past raised in their ancient garbs, robes, gowns, rags, or burial dress) before GOD the FATHER You, I, and thems will give an account of everything we’ve said, thought, done, imagined, contemplated, and freaked to do on this Earth (whether it was socially accepted, done undercover, done in the open,  thoughts of  the heart, premeditated, or babblings written in ink, on paper or toilet tissue, books, pamphlets, or via the Internet). 

Whomever you fear or feared (Ned, Fred, Betsy, Jane, Tom, Harry, Linda, etc.) will be standing besides or behind you before The Great White Throne of GOD!   Like you and I, they will be shaking in their boots or sandals.  In fact, ain’t nobody gonna be looking at the other person’s funny looking (ancient or modern) shoes, clothing, jewelry, or crazy hair styles!  Instead, folks gonna be looking at that blazing Lake of Fire turned-up so high they’ll be looking like a burnt Krispy Cream donut!  You know what?  Race, kindred, creed, color, and/or whatever else WILL NOT matter! Everyone will be hollering from the top of their lungs to the soles of their feet!  

(2)   There is only One (GOD) who knows all about us!  Doctor Luke says,   “…even the hairs of your head are all numbered…” (Luke 12:7)  We’ve all passed many wig shops, make-over salons, and surgical transformation facilities to know that everybody (especially Hollywood) is made up to be something thems ain’t!  We use make-up, cover-up-creams, inject our lips and buttocks with Botox, wear false eyelashes, allow doctors to perform surgeries to make genital changes to our bodies, women allow surgeons to stuff silicone in their breasts to make larger cups, men overdose on Viagra (to impress), folks swallow diet pills and wear tight workout clothes (to impress), as well as we do many unspeakable thangs to ourselves!

However, GOD has pictures of the real McCoy (YOU) as well as your before and after pictures and GOD will say to many, “…what you is now ain’t what I made you to be before I placed you in your Mama’s womb…”  

(3)   No matter what mankind does to you GOD is greater and through the LORD JESUS, your situation will be turned around – but you must provide the faith and believe that your  crooked path will be made straight. 

If you have been victimized like Prophet Job (who believed GOD), your end will be better than your beginning.  This does not mean that your deceased son(s) or daughter(s) will be raised from the dead because Prophet Job’s sons and daughters were not.  Instead, Prophet Job was given new sons and daughters (and like their brothers, the daughters had special rights of inheritance).  This does not mean that your old boss will rehire you, but GOD has a better place of employment for you.  This does not mean that your ex-husband or ex-wife will come back to you, but GOD has a better, faithful, and truer mate waiting for you.  This does not mean that you will get your foreclosed home back, but GOD has another residence for you.  Just because you lost your standing in the community, GOD will reform your life and people will see the change.  Whatever your personal situation is, GOD knows all about it and HE is still on the Throne!   Remember?  One of my previous Blog states,  “Heaven is not cLOSED!”   GOD is there 24/7!

IN SUMMARY:  My question to you is, “What justifiable explanation can you give God for not serving Him as He has done so much for you?”   GOD will supernaturally strip away our MADE-UP looks (wealth and poverty) and we shall appear as the real McCoy, which HE made us to be.  If the hairs on your head are already numbered by GOD…and…if you cannot lengthen your height, put strands of hair on your head (without surgery or adding extensions or braids or plugins or via other artificial means), then, why worry about what men think about you?  Exclusively, Dr. Luke says,  “But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear:  Fear HIM which He hath killed hath power to cast into hell…”  GOD has the Supreme Power over death, hell, and the grave as HE proved so many times – especially through the Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST!   Therefore,  “Don’t FEAR Other MEN!” 

Have a Blessed Day! 

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