Worldwide News: “ALL of your SPIRITUAL BILLS are PAID in FULL!”

The BIBLE says,  “When JESUS therefore had received the vinegar, He said IT IS FINISHED:  and He bowed His head, and gave up the ghost.”  (John 19:30)   All of your mistakes, ill-feelings, bad thoughts, unlawful deeds, hatreds, murders, lying, stealing, cheating, waywardness, hostilities, and so much more have been paid in full by JESUS the CHRIST!  You may still owe monetary and/or physical bills to others, but  “ALL of your SPIRITUAL BILLS are PAID in FULL!”  


Never mind the red carpet treatment because THAT “carpet” it nothing more than an old dirty, raggedy rug with a lot of dirt embedded under and between the fibers!  The road you want to take is the one  JESUS (The Greatest Man) walked  throughout the Earth.  Very few people recognized HIM as a celebrity  (The SON OF THE LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD of ALL CREATIONS).  During our Lord’s trial, He was taken from judgment hall to judgment hall…treated with unbelievable hatred…falsely accused…humiliated……beaten..and hung on a cross!  Frankly, our LORD was treated like an infested dog!

The GOOD NEWS is,   “JESUS said,  IT IS FINISHED…”  His Disciples, Mother, and close friends were standing there but none of them could save Him.  The LORD knew exactly what time it was.   During His last meal, JESUS had vinegar (sour grapes)…gall for meat (that is…suffering, reproach , disgrace, shame, humiliation, etc.) 

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DEALING WITH  LATELY?   Aren’t you tired of  feeding on left overs…sour grapes…drugs…alcohol…being treated like a step-child…excluded from certain social clubs and groups…treated like the black sheep…mistaken as a fool…laughed at…told you can never amount to anything…talked about…mistreated…and…looked upon as if you’re carrying the black plague in your veins….  ITS ABOUT TIME!   All right then!  If you’re a Christian, you no longer owe any man anything – except LOVE [Jesus and fair treatment]!   Whether or not YO home boys or home girls got YO back, you still need JESUS!   Why?   YO homies cannot save you because they cannot save and/or deliver themselves from trouble!  In fact, they gonna be standing in judgment next to you! Like Jesus’ Disciples, family, and friends, your homies  are unable to deliver you!

JESUS PAID YOUR SIN DEBT IN FULL AND HE PAID IT ONCE AND FOR ALL!   Again, the GOOD NEWS is  “JESUS said,  IT IS FINISHED…”  So what, you may still owe thousands or millions on bills…you may be delinquent on your car, credit cards, house, or boat note(s)…you may have just lost a job…but the LORD GOD is still in control!   Since JESUS withstood the shame, you can too!  If you confess and believe in the Lord JESUS CHRIST,   “ALL OF YOUR SPIRITUAL BILLS ARE PAID IN FULL.”  

Have a Blessed Day!



The BIBLE says,  “Seeing then that we have a great high priest that passed into the heavens, JESUS the Son of God… For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities…Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need.”  (Hebrews 4:14-16)   Awe, you think that nobody cares about your issues and woes!  Sorry, you are wrong!  No matter who you are, the LORD GOD cares for you!  If you are earnestly praying to GOD, you have a spiritual bank deposit account in Heaven!  Now, you must learn how to use it because,  “WE HAVE A HIGH PRIEST WHO UNDERSTANDS!”


The problem is so many of us have turned to other sources for help rather than go to the LORD GOD!  We do not give our spiritual needs the same attention we give to our physical needs.  Many of us are too busy with making a living, surviving, or dodging bullets. Check this out!  We run to doctors and psychiatrists for solutions; but they are people with the same infirmities.

Matter of fact, the doctor may be popping more pills than you!  The flip side of the coin is this:  (A)  The doctor cannot save himself as he lives in the same imperfect World as you and I;   (B)  If the doctor has infirmities (as none of them are perfect), how in the World can he solve all of your problems?  Still, we put so much confidence in doctors.   For this reason, we take prescriptions to the pharmacy to be filled.  We just know that these pills will do the trick:  certain drugs will calm our nerves and regulate our heart beats…other drugs will help us sleep and/or to get up in the mornings…other drugs will regulate our sugar and metabolism…and other drugs will help us not to flip out on people…and so forth.  Keep in mind that there are risks (side affects, overdose, and suicidal thoughts) with many of these prescriptions.

Let us put the same but more emphasis, faith and trust in the LORD GOD who hears, knows, and sees everything we do, feel, think, and say.  Why?  There is absolute perfection in JESUS!

(1)   GOD made JESUS the High Priest.  “And being made perfect, He [JESUS] became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him…”   (Hebrews 5:9-10)

(2)   JESUS CHRIST did not glorify Himself.  Instead, Jesus humbled Himself and was made lower than a angel.  (Hebrews 5:5)  The Lord suffered, cried, bled, withheld his complaints, was spit upon, tortured, hung on the cross, died, rose again, released the souls and spirits of departed saints from captivity, and He took them to Heaven.

(3)   We have a greater hope in JESUS CHRIST as He is the anchor of our souls;  and  He is a not just an anchor some of the time – HE IS A STEADFAST ANCHOR  for all seasons and occasions!   Our Lord is not a fix-it pill which we take for migraine headaches or for flu vaccinations.  The LORD’S   Holy Blood  fixes all ailments and conditions – It even raises the dead!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “BUT YOU CANNOT SIT DOWN – not YET!”

The BIBLE says,  “GOD, who at sundry times and in divers manners, spake in the time past unto the fathers by the prophets. Hath in these last days spoken unto us by HIS Son (JESUS CHRIST), whom HE hath appointed HEIR of all things, by whom also HE made the worlds.  Who (JESUS CHRIST) being the brightness of HIS glory and the express image of HIS person, and upholding all of HIS person, and UPHOLDING all things by the WORD of His power, when He (JESUS CHRIST) had by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the MAJESTY on high…”  (Hebrews 1:1-2)

When you read the headlines (local and Worldwide issues), you cannot help but wonder what’s going on with the people of the Earth!  Husbands against wives (and vice versa), brothers against brothers…mothers against daughters, nations against nations, dignitaries against their own people, the fat cats (Wall Street)  swindling the little cats, the big fish eating the little fish, banks foreclosing on homeowners, fighting within companies, supervisors writing-up bad performance reviews on their subordinates (for no reason at all), and worse of all innocent lives being taken for no reason (little children being shot by snipers), kidnappings and hostages taking and so forth…    “BUT YOU CANNOT SIT DOWN –  not YET!  Why?  Unlike JESUS CHRIST, youse down here on the Earth and your work ain’t  finished!   Plus, there are souls who need your inner strengths and help!


Like it or not (and I’m sure that many of us have been victimized in one way or another), GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!  I ain’t going to get into the rhetorical question,  “Why does God let bad things happen?”  because you and I know that this World belongs to Lucifer!  The devil is a roaring lion seeking throughout the Earth whom he may devour!  That means, the devil wants to gobble you up, chew you into little bitty pieces, and swallow you down!  In fact, the devil  will bite and eat on your flesh (while you are alive and conscious during the entire activity).  

Because of the traumas in our lives, many of us feel like we’re being eaten little by little every day!  More than often,  you get up (trying to feel good) and something bad happens!  During the day, you make all kinds of adjustments and you work through the day!  By nightfall, you get another call about your wayward kids, a job bid gone bad, an unhappy client, a job loss, the doctor’s office calls about your ill-health, or something falls through the cracks!     “BUT YOU CANNOT SIT DOWN –  not YET!  Why?  Because the LORD GOD has not taken you off the Earth!  While there is breath in your body, you live; and so, you must learn to fight!  Every day there is a new fight or an on-going battle (but the battle is not yours as it belongs to GOD)!

The LORD requires that we follow His guidelines! You must press your way and persevere.  Like the woman (in the New Testament), you MUST NOT look at the crowd or pay attention to your opposition.  Instead, you’ve got to make it through the night…through the wee hours before the break of day…through the daylight hours…through the afternoons…and through the early evenings!  You’ve got to PRAY,  “Lord, give me strength…help me…I feels like giving up but don’t let me…rain on me…shower down on me…take this pain and suffering away…get me through somehow my Lord…see me through…”   

Nobody said,  “LIFE WOULD BE EASY!”    If you wake up tomorrow as a stroke victim (I pray that you don’t) and the only thing you can do is open your eyes and blink, don’t you give up!  Why?  Our LORD is only a thought away!  Perhaps, you may not be able to speak but your conscious mind is alert – so think JESUS and keep on thinking JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS until HE answers!  I promise, HE WILL COME TO YOU!

Have a Blessed Day! 


Worldwide News: “GET IT RIGHT!”

The BIBLE says,  “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with GOD.  And Noah (at five hundred  years old) begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth…And Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him.  And Noah was six hundred (600) years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.”  (Genesis 6:8-9; 7:5-6)  We’ve got to “GET IT RIGHT!”  before its too late!


We serve an awesome GOD who can do anything but fail.  The Lord GOD called a simple but  “righteous man”  who was 500 years old and gave him three sons (when he was 500 years old)More so, Noah was not on Viagra or stimulantsWe must not forget Noah’s unnamed wife (who was quite a woman and birthed Shem, Ham, and Japheth).  Between the ages of 500 to 600, Noah preached the Word of GOD as he and his sons built the Ark.  By the age of 600, Noah, his sons (who were about 100, 99, 98 years old), the women folk, and all the animals entered the Ark.   WOW-WEE!   I cannot picture a 100-year-old man having sex and building huge ships, let alone a 600-year-old man.  Most elderly people cannot hammer a nail into a piece of wood; instead, they sit outside on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the sun. 

JUDGMENT FOR THE OLD AND NEW WORLDS:  In Noah’s days, “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually [and so He decided to destroy it].”  (Genesis 6:5)

SOUNDS LIKE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE YEAR 2013!   In paraphrasing, the New Testament says,  “…the people [past, present, and future] of the world are willingly ignorant of the Word of God and about the heavens of old:  

(A)  Lucifer’s Deluge (the Pre-Adamite World) – the Earth was standing out of water. Whereby the World that then was overflowed with water and perished – everything died (men, plant life,  fish, fowls, beasts, critters, etc.) and the sun, moon, stars, and planets no longer gave their lights. This disaster was caused after the war in Heaven and Lucifer and his defiant angels fell from to the Earth;   

(B)    Noah’s Deluge –  God rained upon the earth for 40 days and nights and the earth was destroyed by WATER, with the exception of the fish, plant life, Noah and his family, the animals aboard the Ark, and the sun, moon, stars, and the planets continued to shine;   

(C)  Modern Times – But the heavens and the earth, which are NOW  (after Noah‘s flood),  by the same Word are kept in store, reserved unto FIRE against the Day of Judgment  (JESUS’ second coming) and the perdition of ungodly men and women.”    (II Peter 2:10; 3:5-7)

FOR YOUR INFORMATION:  The Lord is not slack concerning His promise as some of us are slow and lackadaisical as we procrastinate about some things, with the exception of the things we like to do!

As in Noah’s days and the ancients, the people of 2013 are just as sinful and scoffers of the truth:  they have eyes full of adultery;  they cannot cease from sin;  they have beguiling unstable souls;  they have exercised with covetous practices (taking things which do not belong to  them); and they have cursed children (who are as sinful as their parents and adults.  In fact, young teenagers are killing innocent little children and babies for no earthly reason.

The Bible says,  

(1)  “They have forsaken the right way and are gone astray following the way of Balaam [a prophet who knew the God of Israel and he fell from obedience;  also Balaam was a descendent of Esau, the eldest son of Isaac; and Esau was the twin brother to Jacob.]  [Notes: like his father (Bosor, a.k.a. Beor),  Balaam loved the wages of unrighteousness and he was hired by the king of Moab (Balak) who wanted him to curse the children of Israel.  How could Balaam curse Israel when God blessed them?]  But Balaam was rebuked for his iniquity.  The dumb ass (which he was riding) spoke with a man’s voice and forbade the madness of the prophet.  [Notes:  The dumb ass saw the Angel of the Lord (JESUS) standing in the pathway with His sword drawn to slay them].”   (II Peter 2:15-16)  Are we like Balaam?  If so, do we need a dumb ass to tell us what is right and wrong?; 

(2)   “For when they [kings, queens, prime ministers, the government, people of high authority, judges, elected officials, doctors, etc.] speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh and through much wantonness.  Those that were clean escaped from them who live in error. While they promise them liberty they themselves are the servants of corruption.”   (I Peter 2:18-19)   Amen, Brothers and Sisters as this is the Gospel truth!   As a matter of fact, you can go to a psychiatrist or psychologist for counseling and the psychiatrist or psychologist  may be a nut himself/herself!  The problem is, “You just don’t know it!”  I challenge you to ask him/her a few questions and I promise you will ask them to take the couch!   

IN SUMMARY:  We’ve got to “GET IT RIGHT!”  as  the “Day of the LORD”  will come as a thief in the night in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

In paraphrasing, the Word of God says,  “Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved [our houses, money, wealth, lands, buildings, cars, airplanes, boats, villas, the heavens, the solar system, etc.), we need to focus on “Getting It Right.”  Question:   What manner of persons ought we to be?  We should engage in all holy conversation and godliness [not filthiness].  Also,  we should be looking for and hastening unto the coming of the Day of GOD.  Thus, according to His promise, we should look for the new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.”     (II Peter 3:11-12)    Honey, I call this not only  “GET IT RIGHT!”    but an upgrade to  “GOT IT RIGHT!”

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: Who said, “LIFE WOULD BE EASY?”

The BIBLE says,  “By faith, Noah being warned of GOD of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house;  by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”   (Hebrews 11:7)   What if Noah was a “chicken” and he did not believe God’s warning?  Perhaps, we would not be here today!


Let us put ourselves in Noah’s place for a moment.  Imagine, a voice from GOD speaking to you and with outrageous instructions about a fabulous and unbelievable story that “He [GOD] is going to destroy the entire Earth and its inhabitants with a flood!”    Some of us would run screaming to the nearest mental institution. In fact, the police might lock you up for your own safety.  The astronomical tasks to follow is so unreasonable that we would say, “God, You must  be crazy.”   But we serve an awesome GOD who laughs at our incompetence and wavering faith.  How can one man with three sons build an Ark as long as a football field?   Who in the World would enter a room or ship with loose lions, tigers, and bears?  Who can chop down forest trees, haul them to a different location, saw them, sand them, measure them, and so forth to build a gigantic ship?  Who can gather water, grain, seed, fruits, and so forth (lasting a full year) to feed an army of assorted beasts and birds?   How on Earth can one man be expected to supervise such tasks without bulldozers, mechanical lifts, power tools, and an abundance of strong men and hundreds of workers to complete such tasks?  Yet, Noah did with three men!  Do you possess Noah’s qualities?   


Moving on to our modern times, life continues to be challenging. There are days you want to hide up under the bed but circumstances demand that you get up and out.  Most of the time, we paint our faces, put on nice clothes, and walk in to work or school as if we are feeling just fine! On the inside, we are a complete mess!   Most people are overly medicated that they cannot find their keys in the morning or at night.  Because of our reliance on prescription drugs, most people cannot function.  I think this is why folks drive so crazy and reckless because most of them are heavily medicated!  Why depend upon pills?  WE MUST LEARN TO DEPEND SOLELY UPON THE LORD GOD!

Allow me to say,  “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen….”  The substance of the things you want may not be visible but truly they are there in the spiritual world.   For your information the spiritual world is just as tangible as the physical world.  If demonic powers can materialize and manifest themselves into bodies (as they enter into humans to take over their minds, bodies, and souls), surely, heavenly beings  enter into human bodies and our World to assist in the materialization of things of substance.  Just as there are evil forces, GOD’S Grace and Mercy is far more greater!  


ALL gifts come from GOD and these gifts are disbursed according to HIS Will., Mercy, and Glory.   Certainly, these gifts are on the way down from Heaven and YOU must believe  this in order to receive them.  If you don’t believe, the gift(s) will not arrive.  How would you feel if your gift was given to your neighbors?  Allow me to encourage you to believe in the Lord GOD for yourself!   As the Word states,  “…he that comes to GOD must first believe….”    Life is not easy and you must not give up. More so,  LIFE is worth fighting for because LIFE is beautiful.  

Have a Blessed Day!