Worldwide News: “SHAKE that thang (the devil) off of YOU!”

The Bible says, “And JESUS came and spake unto them (the Disciples and others) saying,  ALL POWER is given unto me in Heaven and in Earth.”    (Matthew 28:18) 


There are no more excuses for us, because JESUS died for the sins of the World. We have a choice and the decision is private. Amen! You cannot stop others from seeking the Lord and you must not get in their way!

This message is for somebody out there who is being victimized! You are haunted by the past, present, and you are terrified of the future! You want to change your lifestyle but somebody or something will not let you. He, she, or it (the devil) keeps throwing up your mistakes and threatening to ruin your character among family, friends, and co-workers. Maybe (and maybe not) one of the following scenarios fits you.  a)  Perhaps, you are still in the closet but you are no longer sure about things.  b)  Maybe, you are breaking off a relationship outside of your marriage or engagement that you can’t get out of it!   c)   By chance, you may be unhappy with your live-in-mate and you’ve been prowling grocery stores, parks, bars, nightclubs, sport activities or whatever looking for new people. Looking does not mean you are lusting but your eyes are fleshly and youse just may lust!

One of the most audible ways of describing a therapy is a song by:

                 Dorothy Norwood called,

                  “Shake The devil OFF!”  

Like the song says, “…shake, shake, shake – shake the devil off – IN THE NAME OF JESUS, shake the devil off……shake,  shake, shake – you don’t need him (the devil) around – IN THE NAME OF JESUS, shake the devil off….put him (the devil) under your feet, shake the devil off – IN THE NAME OF JESUS, shake the devil off….”    Youtube this song as I am sure you will enjoy it.

The most important ingredient and power is in JESUS!  You can only cast out the devil in one way –

               IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Have a Blessed Day!


Worldwide News: “As in the Days of NOAH!”

The Bible says, “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the son of Man be…Before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the ark…And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.”  (Matthew 24:37-39)  I know some of you are so mad with me as I have thousands of spams to prove it.  You ain’t mad with me,  YOUSE ANGRY WITH GOD AND YOUSESELF!   Just remember, the Lord GOD says, “Be angry and sin not!”  When you read this Blog, keep an open mind and remain civil as we (Americans – you too) have the right of freedom of speech!


(1) Mankind is no different from ancient Mankind.

We still fill up our bellies…we still marry – then break the marriage – then re-marry – then break that marriage…then find somebody else to marry- then break that marriage, etc. To paraphrase, we are still eating, drinking, and having sex!  Ain’t nothing changed – its the same thang as in Noah’s days!  You don’t have to go on-line as you can look at yourself, family, friends, co-workers, and/or neighbors to learn people are jumping zones left and right. One month your friend is with his wife and family but the next year he is divorced and shagging a new woman. Further, he will introduce the new woman and the new baby with joy! So, you act happy-glad but within you shake your head as you know this man left his previous wife and kids. The same goes for you women who abandon your husbands and children.

(2) How many times do we need to go to the Altar?

JESUS DIED ONCE ON THE CROSS – DESCENDED INTO HADES – LIBERATED THE RIGHTEOUS FROM PARADISE BELOW – TOOK THEM TO HEAVEN AS HE ASCENDED – CAME BACK TO EARTH TO SEE THE DISCIPLES & SAINTS – AND NOW HE IS SEATED AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD!  How many times must Jesus prove His love for us?     Although the LORD’S death was slow, humiliating, and painful,  HE DIED ONCE!   There is no Biblical scripture stating, the Lord JESUS made a mistake and/or died for the wrong cause!  Yet, mankind makes mistakes on a regular basis and we keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. Some of us are still repenting for the same sin we committed last year (day after day and year after year).  We’ve become habitual sinners!    How many wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends do you need to be physically, emotionally, intellectually, and mentally satisfied?  Maybe these people are not the problem – may be YOUSE the problem!   We’ve got to get over abused excuse,  “I’m only human….”

(3) JESUS is coming back to this Earth!

Regardless to what you feel or think, the LORD’S return ain’t got nothing to do with your feelings or thinking.   It is a BIBLICAL FACT THAT JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK AGAIN TO THIS EARTH TO JUDGE MANKIND!   Unfortunately, your feelings and thinking got you stuck in places you cannot shake or get out of.  Youse got to step outside of your box to take an objective look at your situation.  If you cannot see yourself, ask the Lord JESUS to show you a mirror of yourself.   Now back to my point!  Christians (Worldwide) are preaching the same message, “Jesus is coming..”   The message is loud and clear. Are you ready?  Is your house (your spiritual house) in order? Are you cleaning up your spiritual house? If not, TODAY is your day to get right with the Lord GOD!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “Do U know why the Wicked Flourish?”

The Bible says,  When the wicked spring up like grass and when all the workers of iniquity flourish, it is that they may be destroyed forever.  But YOU, LORD are on high forevermore. For behold , YOUR enemies, O LORD, for behold, YOUR enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered…”  (Psalm 92:7-9)  Just because workers of iniquity flourish and spring up like the grass, it doesn’t mean you are a loser! The worse thing you can do is to compare yourself to others! You don’t know how they got to the “flourishing mode” as they trampled upon others and sold them down under the gutters!  People (without the love of God in their hearts) don’t care about you and they show don’t care if you live under a bridge and drink polluted water!  The Lord GOD made us unique and in His image. Thus, we should never brand ourselves anything but a Child of the MOST HIGH GOD! You cannot become a Christian by works, money, or fame as salvation is free!


I know for a fact that many of you are going through disappointments, trials, tribulations, and a host of others things. Whatever you do, DO NOT compare your situations to the wicked. Know this, we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of the LORD; but I would rather be a door post in the House of the Lord than a rich fool (on my way to hell and glad about it)!  Hopefully (you and I) are not continuing down the wrong paths! If reformation is taking place in your life, you are making progress.  Why?   You ain’t where youse was yesterday!

(1) There is a reason for national and global catastrophe: Folks within the US and overseas are acting CRAZY! Perpetrators are killing innocent people, human trafficking (kidnapping boys, girls, women, and men) is sky-high,  armies are trashing the lives of peaceful people for no earthly reason and destroying entire cities, etc. We have never seen so much destruction, spreading of disease, bombings, planes crashing, civil wars, international crimes, murders, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sink holes swallowing up apartment buildings and homes, partner swapping, lusting, covetousness, liars, and so forth.  JESUS IS COMING BACK AGAIN!

(2) This world is ruled by the devil: You can see the devil’s handiwork on every street corner. Never mind flying to Europe, you can see the enemy at work within the school system, home life, church, and government. The enemy doesn’t care about your race, creed, color, size, sexual preference, or whatever! There is a sickness spreading and it cannot be fixed with Bayer aspirins!

The WORD of GOD says that the enemy (the devil) came to rob, steal, kill, and destroy! AIN’T THAT WHAT THE dEVIL IS DOING? What about the senseless killings within the USA…Chicago (Illinois), Freedom (Florida), and stand your ground laws? Aren’t the prisons full? Should we follow the advice of Scrooge, “…create more work houses for the poor and unwanted kids?”   What about the surge of prostitutes (male and female) on street corners? What about the multitude of boys wearing their pants below their underwear? What about the girls and woman who show their thongs above their jeans? What about the parents and grandparents who smoke more illegal drugs than the youngsters? What about the mothers who wear micro-mini-skirts and their six-year-old daughters wear granny dresses? What about the married fathers and mothers who go out to pick-up sexual partners? What about the office workers who screw their way to the top and betray fellow employees who deserve certain promotions?  JESUS IS COMING BACK AGAIN!

When people ask me what about this and that, my answer is we are living in perilous times and JESUS IS COMING BACK AGAIN!

Finally, “…the workers of iniquity may seem to flourish but they will be destroyed forever…and…they were put here for a reason…they are on GOD’s death list!”

Have a Blessed Day!


Worlwide News: “GET OUT OF YOUR MESS!”


The Bible says,  “The GOD of Glory appeared to our father Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia before he dwelt in Haran…And said to him, GET OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY and from your RELATIVES and come to a land that I will show you…”   (Acts 7:2-3)      Read on… “GET OUT OF YOUR MESS!”  


The Lord GOD told Abraham to leave his father/relatives and GET OUT!   Question: Was Abraham perfect and upright?  No!  None of us are perfect human beings.   Nonetheless, GOD still loves us and HE is waiting on us to make an about face towards HIM!  So, why did the Lord GOD command Abraham to leave his people?  Here is the answer – they were serving idol gods!  And, for this reason, the Lord GOD chose Abraham to make him and his descendants to be a blessing to all the tribes of the Earth.

Check it out: the Lord GOD can take someone (small and insignificant) and make him or her into a great person.  In fact, Lord GOD may be selecting you! Like Abraham, the Lord GOD can take you and make your into a great human being. Perhaps, you are:  an artist (or an inspiring artist)…or a musician (or an inspiring musician)…or  a doctor (or an inspiring doctor)…or a healer (or an inspiring healer)…or whatever the case may be!  Hopefully, you want to be a blessing to others!  If you listen closely, the Lord GOD may be speaking to you!   Doesn’t this appeal to you? 

As you know, great people have great impact upon others who inspire others (who inspire others) for the good of Mankind (not for the worse)!    You are a smart cookie so pick someone from any era who made a great impact upon humanity!  Examine the fruit of his/her labors very carefully.  Perhaps, you may see the chain reaction he or she had upon others.  Maybe your father, mother, sister or brother are great people; but their success don’t make you great!  You’ve got to work out your own soul salvation! 

Examine yourself!  You may be wondering why, how, and when to change your life for the better! You are not the first and you won’t be the last person to feel lost down, and out. For sure, you’ve got to do something or things will get worse. Some of us are on prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or dope; but none of these things are the answers to our problems. If the doctor prescribes medicine that’s one thing but there are homeopathic ways to deal with health issues! If you are popping pills left and right, then you need to be more cautious about your health. Maybe you don’t need all those synthetic pills and you need to talk to your doctor about alternatives.

We need to turn to the Lord GOD and HE will fix it! We all get in jams and the nightmare continues day after day and  year after years! As we age, we look into the same bathroom mirror for years.  By the way, you can run from bathroom to bathroom but you will still look the same!  It is not the mirror’s fault as the mirror reflect the process of aging!  We put on excess weight and the bags beneath our eyes are more prominent!  Face it, there are some things we can fix and some things we cannot fix! Our hairs turn gray so we buy hair dye!  Our hairs fall out so we buy hair pieces! Our teeth get bad so we buy false teeth (or cap them in gold)! Our bellies expand so we work out at the gym! If we don’t like our nose, we get plastic surgery!

After we accomplish all the previous things (listed above), our inner man and/or our inner woman is still the same!  We can change our outward appearance but we are still the same person within!  If you are a hater, you’re still a hater regardless to the new suit you have on!  If you are a liar, you’re still a liar regardless to the new wig you sport!  Get the picture?  We still don’t like ourselves and we don’t like other people who look better. Either we poke fun at them or we copy their looks or celebrities to make ourselves feel better. As you know,  feelings don’t last forever!  One minute you want to look like a movie star and the next minute you feel like the devil!  Our outward appearance is not the answer to our problems!  Like the song says, “In times like these, we need a SAVIOR…make sure your anchor grips a SOLID ROCK…and that ROCK is JESUS!”   Allow the Lord GOD to fix you and “GET YOU OUT OF YOUR MESS!”  

Have a Blessed Day!