Worldwide News: “NOBODY IS PERFECT!”

The Bible says, “And JESUS said unto her [the woman taken in adultery], GO AND SIN NO MORE!”   (John 8:11)   Some people think JESUS the CHRIST is a fairy tale….a nice person who went around doing good deeds…an alien from out-of-space…or… an obsolete prophet. Some folks read the Bible at night in lieu of taking  sleeping pills. Yet, we can watch all night movies on the television and the dirtiest of the dirt bag movies which are full of drugs, sex, and violence. As we fall asleep, we say, “Amen.”  


In the Book of John (8:1-11), JESUS went into the temple early in the morning (taking His rightful place) to teach the people. Honey, where there is g-o-o-d, there is evil – make no mistake bout it!    The dEVIL was present because the Pharisees came-a-running with a married woman who was caught in bed with a man. Point blank, the Pharisees said, “Master, this woman was taken in adultery in the very act.”  (John 8:4)  [Note:  How ironic that the Pharisees called Jesus,  “Master”  as they rejected Him as the Messiah.]  We don’t know this woman’s  name…we don’t know the man’s name…and we don’t know if the man was married or not. Apparently, the story is only concerned with the woman’s promiscuity. Was she pretty, tall, short, or fat?  We don’t know.  Was she happily married?  We don’t know.  Did her husband have prostrate issues?  We don’t know.  Was her husband cheating on her?  We don’t know.  Was it right for her to be in bed with another man?   NO!

Unfortunately, this woman and legally the man broke the Law of Moses, “Thou shalt not commit adultery or fornication!”   We ain’t gonna touch the fornication issue in this Blog as some of you are already acting like kangaroos!  But, we do know the woman was not alone in bed. WHERE WAS HER SEXUAL PARTNER? Since we don’t know his name, let’s call him Foo-foo.  Most likely, Foo-foo pulled up his under-garments, put on his robe, and ran HOME after the mob pulled the woman out of bed. For this story’s sake, let’s place Foo-foo in the back row of the mob as he too carried a rock in his hand (justifying himself of the sin). Can’t you see the mob shouting obscenities at the woman (as if all of them were perfect citizens, husbands, boyfriends, wives, and girlfriends) while they dragged her through the streets to the temple?   Is it necessary to stone a person caught in the act of adultery and, if so, should the punishment fit the crime? Let’s take a peak at Eastern culture as their courts condemn women caught in adultery. The executioners bury alive women (up to their waists) and they stone these women to death.  During the “stoning,”   a  woman may beg for mercy but she does not receive forgiveness!  Sometimes,  an unhappy husband just wants to get rid of his wife and he yells out, adulterer!  OMG!  Perhaps, the husband is guilty of the same crime with another woman!   

In general, people like to point fingers at other people caught in sin; but they forget their own thumbs “point backwards towards themselves.”  Do you know somebody claiming to be an eye witness to a crime? For instance, he/she saw a thief stealing a package of meat in the supermarket and the witness told the loss prevention personnel or the store manager. Yet that same whistle blower picked up a candy bar to eat or drank a Pepsi soda failing to pay for it at the cash register!   Is this considered stealing?  In fact, if you take one piece of bubble gum without paying for it – it is considered stealing.  

Today, what is JESUS saying to the World?   Jesus came to save the lost and He did not come to judge – not at this time!  Jesus could have said to the Pharisees and the mob, “Where is the man who was with this woman?”  Instead, Jesus stooped down (twice) to write in the dirt and said, “He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone!”  (John 8:7)  There was no one left in the crowd because all present were sinners – “NOBODY IS PERFECT!”

However, the end of the story is just as important as the beginning.  Jesus told the woman caught in adultery, “GO and SIN NO MORE!”   What does this mean to us?  Well, a four year old child can tell you what it means – to stop and don’t do it again!  As adults, we should not repeat the same sins over and over and over again.  By now, we should overcome obstacles.  The WORD tells us “Come out of your sins and be clean…thus saith the LORD of HOSTS!”   The Lord GOD is forgiving, full of compassion, grace, and mercy.  You may be feeling lowest of the low, but JESUS the CHRIST will change your life – if you repent and make an about-face towards HIM!  Although “NOBODY IS PERFECT”    and  we are covered under the BLOOD of the LAMB, it does not give us a license to continue on sinning and sinning and  sinning!

Have a Blessed Day!


Worldwide News: “REDEEMED? Then, SAY SO!”

The Bible says,  “O GIVE thanks unto the Lord, for HE is good: for His mercy endureth  for ever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy…”   (Psalm 107:1-2)  Please read on…


I’ll just bet many of you (not all) have forgotten the power of rehearsing the righteous acts and things the LORD has done in your life and the things HE is doing in your life.  If you are reading this Blog, you are breathing and this is one more day or night the Lord has kept your soul and spirit in your body! Give GOD the praise because it belongs to Him! 

You may be traveling through some rough days (given the economy), sickness, disappointments, unemployment, wayward children, bad advice, unhappy marriages/relationships, death (among family and friends), and many other things;  but if you’ve been rescued from sin, “Then, SAY SO!”   Never mind what others think or say about you because people will talk regardless of what you do and that which they don’t know, they will make up. If they see a married woman sitting with a male stranger in Starbucks, they will swear she was skinning and grinning at the man. It never occurred to them that she might be talking about the Lord JESUS and testifying about His work in the lives of her family!  If they see the preacher man driving with a woman passenger (who is not his wife), a busy body will say he is flirting behind his wife’s back. Perhaps, the preacher man is just giving a ride to a co-worker (whose car broke down).  Certainly, you all get the point!

In Psalm 107:1-2, the Children of Israel  (as they were in bondage in Egypt) cried out unto the Lord in their trouble and the Lord delivered them out of their distresses. They were commanded to Praise the Lord because the Bible says, “O GIVE thanks unto the LORD….”  Upon hearing the Word of God, a blind man can’t miss the emphasis on that “Big O!”   If you can read the “BIG K”  sign  (a store in the USA), then,  you can read the “BIG O GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD!”   So, it is a universal command for all of us (Jews and Gentiles) to worship the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and to give HIM praise!    It is a wonderful thing to remember GOD’s marvelous works, wonders, and judgments!

Praising the Lord has nothing to do with us being happy or unhappy.   As a matter-of-fact,     “The Joy of the Lord is our strength!”    Like Prophet Job (who lost all his children and everything he had), we must retain our integrity and faith in the Lord GOD. We all know the story of Job and how his wife told him to, “Curse GOD and die!”   But, Job was a righteous man and he did not sin against GOD!  Instead,  Job worshipped the Lord, saying, “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”   (Psalm 1:20-22)   Eventually, Job got his wife straightened out saying, “You talk like a foolish woman…”    In all of this, Job did not sin but he spoke the truth!  If Job can speak up, then, we can too (and sometimes we have to put people in their places) so long as we are not sinning and willfully trying to hurt others!

Have you ever been in trouble or distressed?   I will admit that Job reacted to his dilemma because he rent his mantle, shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground.    OMG!  Under the same circumstances, any one of us will do the same as Job!    Like Prophet Job, we are allowed to act up a little and  sometimes we act up too much!   (Note:  Don’t go to work and fall down on the floor because  your supervisor asks you a question!)  We’ve got to learn how to play down the drama!  The Lord did not promise any of us sunshine everyday because we will have nothing to pray for and some of us will not call upon His name. Thus, a little rain and sometimes acid rain falls upon us! Sometimes, we bring negativity upon ourselves because we overeat…drink too much…dress like slobs…refuse to bathe…run away…look crazy…so forth!  Whatever,  do not sin against the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY  or  other people!  For example, if you refuse to take a bath, then, you are sinning against yourself.  But, if others have to smell you, then you are sinning against them by putting out a fowl odor up in the atmosphere!

Like the Children of Israel (in Psalm 107), we all have cried out unto the Lord and He heard (and still hears) our cries! Whether or not we deserve His mercy, compassion, or forgiveness, HE bestows it upon us. Then, we promise to obey the LORD JESUS CHRIST and to walk in His footsteps. Unfortunately, some of us walk backwards to our old ways; because we give-in to the dEVIL’s temptations who tells us,  “…go ahead just get out there one more time…just tonight and afterwards you can get right on tomorrow…just one more puff…no body is looking and no body knows you around here.”   However,  t-o-m-0-r-r-o-w  may be too late! 

Honey, shake that dEVIL off and tell him, “Satan, the LORD rebuke you!”   Now, get up to reclaim your redemption because the LORD JESUS redeemed you from before the foundation of the World!  Your name is written in the Lamb’s   “Book of Life!”   Do not let the dEVIL or anyone snatch you away from the LORD.  Why?    You’ve been redeemed and the WORD says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy…”

Have a Blessed Day!