Worldwide News: “WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART?”

The Bible says“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body and be ye thankful. Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching, and admonishing one another in psalms an hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.”   (Colossians 3:15-16)   What more can I say that hasn’t been said and written already? Let’s take our eyes off the horrible things happening in the world and look at ourselves, “WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART?”


There is a commercial on the television which states, “What’s in your wallet?”  Maybe, you’ve seen the advertisement about some Viking men running around in ancient costumes but they are positioned in a modern day city.   Although their attire was perfect back in the day,  it is appropriate for 2016.  On Halloween folks parade in barbaric attire and lots of other characterizations. But the week after all the Halloween parties cease, no body except little 4 to 10 years olds wear their costumes around the house and to McDonalds. If you spot an adult in a Spiderman costume, you will think that he is a little bit off  in-the-head.  If he comes to take you on a date wearing a Spiderman costume, call the Po-PO.

Well now, it’s time for us to examine ourselves relative to the WORD OF GOD.   Apostle Paul tells us what kind of peace to put on:

(1)  “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts…”  As Christians, the kind of peace given to us is of  LOVE  and it comes from God and it rules our hearts as one body. As you know, we are many members in Christ Jesus but we are “one” body of believers. Your race or color matters not!   Furthermore, we are told to be thankful.   It’s shameful that God has to tell us to be thankful because we should know this.  The Peace of God gives wisdom and teaches us to admonish one another in psalms, hymns, and in spiritual songs.

Yes folks, God wants you to LOVE others and to be thankful for the little house you live in, the clothes on your back, the shoes on your feet, the bread on your table, the car you drive or ride in, the window you look out of, and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g  HE  blessed you with – including the breath in your nostrils.  Youse breathing,  ain’t you?   BE GRATEFUL!  Don’t break into your neighbor’s house to steal…don’t shoot your co-workers…don’t hurt innocent people…don’t say terrible things to hurt the feelings of others because you’re angry…don’t hurt your children…don’t, don’t, don’t!

(2)   “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the LORD JESUS, giving thanks to GOD and the FATHER by HIM…”    We were called to admonish one another in LOVE!  We were  NOT called  to decapitate people and video tape their deaths for a worldwide audience to witness. This is not the peace of God; instead it is of the dEVIL.

Christians  WERE NOT called to be criminals, dictators, and terrorists. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY did not tell you to get a butcher knife and wave it over your brother’s head and but it to his throat…now slice his throat.  The Lord GOD ALMIGHTY did not tell you to get a  machine gun or bazooka to blow up the second floor of your neighbor’s house, schools, hospitals, states, cities, and towns to kingdom come.

If you are that angry about your life, then, you should fall on your face and ask the ALMIGHTY GOD to help you. If you must blow up something, then, blow up your on stanking self!   (No don’t do it) But, you’re going to hell not to heaven and there show ain’t gonna be no 12 virgins waiting to have sex with your nasty self and there ain’t no condoms!  I’m a black woman and I’m show gonna tell it like it is… My Mama, told me to “Tell IT!”

Instead, shove your feelings aside and “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.”  Again, I ask the question, “WHATS IN YOUR HEART?”

Have a Blessed Day!




The Bible says,   “In whom we have redemption through HIS blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of HIS grace.”  (Ephesians 1:7 )  No matter who you are, there is “REDEMPTION and FORGIVENESS of SINS!”


Many people are stricken with guilt for their sins against God, themselves, and humanity. Their sins and crimes keep them pinned down like criminals. Yet, many folks have repented and asked forgiveness but they continue to live like men and women on parole. Usually, parolees look free because they are wearing regular street clothes, shoes, hats, jackets, and coats; but they are not free. They have a homing device known as an ankle bracelet as they are under house arrest. The ankle bracelet allows law enforcement officers to trace the parolee’s movements through radio frequency.  Can one get free from the homing device?   Yes!  Any attempt to cut off the ankle bracelet creates a break in the radio frequency and law enforcement officers are immediately alerted.

May I ask you two more questions?

(1)  Can people under house arrest be free?   YES! 

In a sense, they are free to walk around in their lodgings, cook, shower, eat, walk the dog, wash the car, visit friends,  go out to the movies and/or out to dinner. Yet, they still must wear the ankle bracelet and they must report to their parole officers as designated.

But there is a way, they can enjoy freedom – through repentance (to express godly sorrow for their disobedience and wicked ways).  They can only be free in CHRIST JESUS!  Why? Because, in CHRIST,   “…there is LIBERTY!”    (II Corinthians 3:17)   The mind of an individual in Christ Jesus is no longer blinded by his/her past as he/she is set free!   In spite of the sins committed, there is redemption and forgiveness of sins through the Blood of the LAMB of GOD. JESUS’ blood is a cleaning agent!  Allow me to break it down to you,   “The LORD is that Spirit and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is LIBERTY!    (II Corinthians 3:17)

Even if the guilty person is serving a life sentence or facing death, there is redemption and forgiveness of sins through the Blood of the LAMB of GOD. Although the punishment for the sin is still present, the weight of the sin is lifted from the mind and heart of the one who committed the sin or crime.  If you are under house arrest or behind prison walls, you are free in CHRIST JESUS as HIS Spirit has set you free.  The LORD JESUS is with you everywhere you go.  The old saints use to sing a song,  “Take the Lord along with you everywhere you go…cause…you gonna need Him in your home…on your job…and everywhere you go.”     

(2)  Can people not under house arrest be free?   YES!

Whether or not you’ve been caught in the act of sinning or not,   “….all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of GOD!”   Trust me, do not say that you are sinless!  Like the folks under house arrest, all persons not under house arrest can be freed from sin by confessing their sins and repent!

The Gospel of John 8:36 states, “Therefore, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”    The WORD of GOD is truthful throughout all generations and let every man be a liar!  There is no difference in the matter because sin is sin.

The same Biblical verse listed above for people under house arrest applies to people not under house arrest. Let’s say a person poses a question to an audience of one thousand people (1,000) as follows, “If you are perfect and/without sin can you please stand up?” How many people do you think would rise up from their seats?  Hopefully, “zero.”  Truthfully, the audience will be composed of both sets of people – those under house arrest and those not under house arrest.

FINALLY, we are blinded by our own inventions and wittiness as we call “right, wrong” and “wrong, right.”  When the law no longer suits us, we lobby to change the law to accommodate our filthy lusts. No body can hide their heart, mind, and soul from the LORD GOD as HE sees everything, HE knows everything, and HE is everywhere!!!

Whatever you and I do, we must ask the LORD to lift the heavy veil and cataracts from our hearts and minds and make us do what is right in HIS eyes!  Remember, there is “REDEMPTION and FORGIVENESS of SINS!”

Have a Blessed Day!


Worldwide News: “GOD could have left US on the Junk Pile but HE did not!”

The Bible says,   And I [GOD] passed by thee and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, LIVE; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, LIVE.”    (Ezekiel 16:6)

You may be down on your luck and hurting deep within. Maybe, somebody you love or care about has deserted you and cast you aside. Well, you are not alone in this World. There are many people who feel as you do and many others who hide their inner feelings. Whatever the case may be, “GOD could have left US on the Junk Pile but He did not!”   So, LIVE” … LIVE“… LIVE“…


Whatever the case may be, you must press on as GOD said,

(1) “I saw thee polluted in thine own blood…” 

We know the word pollute means “….to contaminate with harmful waste substances…” Blood is the life source in our bodies and it is vital to our organs and survival. If the blood is contaminated the body will break down and sickness or death may occur.

Like contaminated blood, our lives are contaminated with the evils of this World and (many times) the mess we create for ourselves. Regardless, these types of contamination enters into the conscience mind, soul, and spirits of mankind. We cannot think clearly because we are overcome with the trials and tribulations in our lives.

These things are real and not make believe and yet it seems impossible to lay hands on the obstacles or situations. Once things seem under control, another problem emerges out of no where.

For instance, you may have a great family life but your job may be an unhappy place to work as managers, supervisors, or co-workers who come to work full of mess….some lie…some cheat…some spread gossip…some create division in the workplace, etc.

For instance, you may have a great job but a rotten family life as the wife or husband is no longer appealing to you…they might be a slob or untidy…they don’t like going out anymore…they have lost their charm.

For instance, you may have received bad news from the doctor regarding your health or that of a family member or friend. The prognosis is too great for you to handle. Maybe this is the most inopportune time as things are stable and the storms have ceased in your life.

But GOD said,

(2)   “…when thou wast in thy blood  – LIVE…”  …LIVE“… LIVE“… LIVE“…

Again, the LORD GOD sees everything that we do as there is nothing hidden from Him. We sin and we keep on sinning till we fall down on our butts or we get caught in our mess!  Then, we cry out OMG!

Some of us were on the top of the junk pile and others were up under the junk pile.  At any time a Mack truck, tractor, or trailer could have crushed us like a soda can. In spite of our many, many, many failures, the LORD GOD still loves us even when we smother ourselves in sin.

Don’t get me wrong, GOD does not condone the sin and (at the same time) He still loves us and extends His compassion, forgiveness, grace, and mercy to us!

The good news is that He says, LIVE” … LIVE“… LIVE“… LIVE“…LIVE.”

Have a Blessed Day!






The Bible says,   “The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the World, and they that dwell therein. For HE hath founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods.”    (Psalm 24:1)   If ever this was a time to call upon the LORD GOD, today is the day! The entire World is a MESS! I suggest you read this Blog and meditate on it!


Since  “…the Earth is the Lord’s…”  why is the entire World in a BIG MESS?   I’m glad you asked.  As you know the dEVIL is the prince of the air but the EARTH and they that dwell within in (including the cattle on the hill) belong to the LORD GOD!   In fact, the same air (the good, bad, and the ugly air) flows around the entire World as its circuits back and forth. The only difference is the many time zones. Everything has its own circuit zone including the sun, moon, planets, stars, and the entire Universe at large. Through the radio waves in the atmosphere in outer space, our entire Solar System and the Universe talk to each other; yet (to this day), scientists cannot understand the chatter! However, we are so smart and full of wisdom but we cannot understand chatter between the planets! (Smile)

Clearly, the Word of GOD states,   “In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth…”   (Genesis 1:1) You all know the-in-between-story of Genesis 1:1 and 2 verses because the Earth was thrown into chaos (Lucifer’s Deluge).   Why? This resulted from  “the fall” – the dEVIL (Lucifer and his angels) fought God and His army in Heaven.   Sin makes you bold but a fall comes after the sin!

But Lucifer & Company lost and were thrown out of Heaven. When Lucifer fell to the Earth, he destroyed it and everything in between Heaven and Earth. The Pre-Adamite World (once ruled by the most beautiful and anointed cherub named Lucifer…) (Ezekiel 28:14)  became wicked, corrupt, and full of sin. Consequently, the Pre-Adamite World  was destroyed!

Once upon a time, the atmosphere in the Solar System was excellent but not now as demonic dust circulates, giant floating rocks hurl throughout space as they crash into the planets, terrible gases and fumes surrounds the planets as well as travel throughout space, dark holes and dark matter is in abundance, yet, the Universe is being extended as we speak.

Thus, the dEVIL did not make the Earth but the dEVIL destroyed the earth,  “And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters…”   (Genesis 1:2) Inspite of the tragic and horrific crimes and sins (including death and destruction) the dEVIL causes throughout the Earth, the Earth still belongs to GOD! 

If possible, let these words comfort you as you too belong to GOD, “His sheep knows His voice and another they will not follow…”  GOD allows these things to happen and bad things occur because the dEVIL is the prince of the air but that is all the power he has.

As humans, we have been awarded free-will and the decision to obey and/or not to obey the LORD GOD is up to every individual. Thus, the choice is yours! Whether you obey or not, trouble will come your way but in CHRIST JESUS, you have a blood covering over you. Moreso, you can extend that blood covering over your entire family, health, job, finances, car, house, boat, airplane, dog, cat, etc.

No matter what the dEVIL tells you and all the peoples of the Earth (including the departed souls and spirits) will ultimately answer to the LORD GOD. When the death angel comes for your soul and spirit, you will see the ALMIGHTY GOD! If you are a sinner, your soul and spirit will be redirected to Hades.   If you are not a sinner, your soul and spirit will go to Heaven!

Again may I say, today is the day to call upon the LORD GOD as “THE EARTH BELONGS TO GOD!”

Have a Blessed Day!