The Bible says,

         “O LORD, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth!”   (Psalm 8:9)


You will never know the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY until you have a personal relationship with His Son – JESUS CHRIST. You can read all the books and pamphlets about the LORD, but you will never personally know Him until you call upon His righteous name. There is no other help in the World or Universe who can deliver you from troubles, heart ache, disease, sickness, depression, oppression, loss of income, bankruptcy, wayward children, run-away husbands/wives/children, narcotic drugs, dependence upon synthetic drugs. Whatever it is that’s got you bound and tied down, the LORD can deliver you.

                                Listen to: Walt Whitman’s Choir as they sing,

                           “O LORD HOW EXCELLENT IS THY NAME.”

Try to understand the words:    “….there is none like THEE (Jesus)…nobody can love me like Jesus…nobody can treat you like Jesus…how excellent is Thy name…there is none like THEE…I’ve searched all over and I could not find nobody like you…Jesus is excellent…in all the earth…in all the earth…in all the earth…in all the earth…He is excellent in all the earth….how excellent is Thy name…Jesus…”

If you’ve tried everything, flown all over the world…tried most of the drugs…drank all the harsh drinks…ran the streets night and day…ran from club to club, ran from city to city, ran from state to state, ran from country to country, know several languages, left your wife or husband…thrown your family outdoors…or whatever you’ve done, THERE IS NO OTHER HELP FOR YOU OTHER THAN JESUS CHRIST!

You’re so smart, got several educational degrees (judge, doctor, lawyer, professor, business owner, etc.) money, power, wealth, land, houses, own jets, own islands, own hotels, own multiple real estate, make movies, great actor, son or daughter of great and successful people – yet something is gravely wrong! Rehearse your past and ask yourself this question, “…why am I in the situation I’m in?”    On the other hand (if all is well), don’t worry.

BUT, if you have issues and recognize that youy need help, call upon the LORD JESUS. “LORD HOW EXCELLENT IS THY NAME!”

Have a Blessed Day!


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