All of The Animals Are Talking About It

All of the animals know, respect, and understand more about God than human beings.  All of nature (with the exception of mankind) obeys God’s commandments.  One will never find chickens, roosters, or cows roaming the streets of San Francisco because God gives them innate sense to stay away from mankind and city life.  For the same reasons, one will never find animals protesting and marching down the city streets of Beirut, London, Paris, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world. Instead, the animal kingdom knows its rightful place. When provoked or attacked, animals will defend themselves and their offspring.

Animals talk about the wondrous works of God! From their point-of-view, they are highly valued by their Creator.  As humans, we know (according to the Word) that God’s eye is on the little sparrow!  In this book, the animals offer interesting and unique testimonies about their experiences, observations, and surroundings concerning Biblical events. One cannot help but to laugh at them as well as to love them!

Try to keep your imagination open and allow yourself to float back into time to visit each era described by the animals.  Pretend that you are there invisible, voiceless, and that your only function is to be a witness to the things in progress.  Can you do that? If so, then let’s go…


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