The LORD told Moses,  “Put off thy shoes from thy feet for the place where thou standest is HOLY GROUND!”   (Exodus 3:1-5; Acts 7:33)   Likewise,  THE GROUND BENEATH YOUR FEET IS HOLY  because   THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET IS HOLY!


MOSES (chosen by GOD to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt) was called and commissioned by the LORD GOD.  Moses saw a peculiar thing  “…the Angel of the LORD [JESUS] was in the flame of fire in the burning bush…” but the bush WAS NOT consumed.   Next, Moses took action because   “…he wondered at the sight and got closer…”   As Moses approached the bush,  “…the voice of the LORD came unto him saying,  I AM THE GOD OF THY FATHERS, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”   Naturally,  Moses was trembling and probably he came close to wetting his pants.  Then,  the LORD said,   “Put off thy shoes from thy feet for the place where thou standest is HOLY GROUND!”

Throughout our lives, we travel hundreds of miles (in circles) and to many places by foot.  We go throughout all the rooms in our residence.. make hundreds of trips to the refrigerator, kitchen, and bathroom…from the apartment or house to the car…schools, colleges, and universities…Malls…movie theaters…parties…sport events…work places…churches…parks…beaches… vacations… airports…bus and train stations, and so forth.   Most of the time,  we wear tennis shoes, casual shoes, sandals, boots, but rarely (within the USA) we go barefoot (unless we are at the beach or lounging at home).

I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WHEREVER YOU ARE THE GROUND YOU ’RE STANDING ON IS HOLY GROUND.  Whether or not you are a Christian, the ground you are standing on belongs to the One True, HOLY GOD as He made all things visible and invisible!  If you are a CHRISTIAN, every ground you tread upon is HOLY because you are walking in the footprints of JESUS CHRIST.  Thus, you take the LORD with you everywhere you go.  In other words, the soles of your feet is HOLY GROUND.  Everywhere you go, your Holy feet go with you!  There are places and businesses you enter where the LORD is not welcome (neither are you) but the Light of Christ shines through you, anyhow!  CARRY YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.  Keep this in mind because some people will NEVER see the LIGHT without the Spirit of the Living God within YOU!   Some people cannot accept you because they hate the Light of Christ!  Do NOT let this stop you from SHINING!

SHINE ON WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!   In fact, TURN UP THE VOLUME!  If you’re having a bad day or going through trials, TURN UP THE LIGHT of CHRIST  because  THE GROUND BENEATH YOUR FEET IS HOLY GROUND! 

Have a Blessed Day!