Get your mind off C. Sheen, Gadhafi, bin Laden, Obama, etc.

You only get one mind in one life time.  You can buy more teeth, an artificial leg, a wig,  replace a car, get another house or whatever. BUT THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CANNOT REPLACE WITH MATERIAL THINGS SUCH AS YOUR PEACE OF MIND!  You can take an airplane all over the world or sail on a ship across the ocean  (in a private suite, with a balcony, and 24 hr room service).   However, my Sugar Pie Honey,  if you don’t have peace you ain’t got nothing.  

I am not talking about a PIECE OF CAKE OR PIE or the PIECE OF JERUSALEM THE MUSLIMS WANT!   It is the PEACE OF THE LORD GOD you need in your life.  The old folks use to sing gospel songs and testify in church.  Today, you don’t get that because these big mega churches do not have time for testimony services.  Church will never let out.  However the old folks sang,  “Take the Lord along with you every where you go…”   I mean that they tore up this song…it was on fire and the Lord moved in the building…that is….the Glory of the Lord filled the house.  By the time church was out, the devil was long gone!

What is the whole duty of man? Obey God and keep His Commandments.  If you do this little simple thing, the Lord will live inside of your house….YOUR HEART!  Everywhere you go, you take the heart of Christ with you as HE LIVES…you live in perfect peace! When trouble comes to disturb your peace, you hide under the shadow of the Almighty! 

Thus, Gadhafi, Charlie Sheen, bin Laden, Obama, Nancy P., MICKEY MOUSE, and DONALD DUCK can do whatever they want BUT THEY CANNOT OUT RUN THE HOLY GHOST!  As a matter of fact,  look at the history of the world and its oppressors.  Where is Hitler, Musolinni, and Sadam? 

BUT CHRIST LIVES TODAY AND FOREVER! Are you one of God’s elect?  Quicky repent, confess your sins, believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and  that God raised Him from the dead. Look up to the Lord and do not look down on the ground.  Christ ain’t down on the ground in the dirt, He is seated at the right hand of God in Heaven!  If your life is a mess and you’re confused from day to day, its because you have no stability in your life. Do not blame others even if they did cause shame and reproach to you.  Give it all to Jesus.  In fact, give everything you own to the Lord.  If your husband gets on your nerves tell Him to dial Heaven and tell it to Jesus!  Do you understand?   

I want you to click your heels three time (like Dorothy in the movie OZ) and say in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, I am a survivor, I am more than a concqueror, I am a child of God, I am a winner, I am going to make it, I am going to be better than I was yesterday, I am going to serve the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind! Now get up, wipe away the tears and fine something positive to do for somebody else.  Stop thinking about your own miserable problems because you just gave your miserable problems to the Lord.  In fact all of those nuckleheads (including your family and friends) who hindered you are on that same list of problems.  Right?  If not, get the list out and add them to the problems. 


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