Worldwide News: “Can JESUS Steer a Ship without a Crew?”

JESUS said, “ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH.” (Matthew 28:18) Thus, “JESUS can Steer a Ship without a Crew.”


The other night I watched a picture about the “Flying Dutchman”  the story about a sea captain (who killed his innocent wife and pronounced his own curse)  who lived for many years as a ghost aboard a ship without a crew and the ship sailed on its own.   The thought came to me  “…a ship sailing without a crew…”

Our  LORD JESUS CHRIST   had and has   All power, majesty, and glory before He came to this old filthy earth and   HE  arose  from the grave with  All power, majesty, and glory as  HE now sits on the right side of GOD the FATHER in Heaven.  Do you know anybody or anyone with this kind of  POWER?

Not only can JESUS steer a ship,  HE walked on water  (Mt. 14:22-23),  HE calmed the sea  (Mark 4;35-40),   HE raised the dead,   HE healed lepers,   HE unstopped deaf ears,   HE gave sight to the blind,  HE fed multitudes of people,  HE casts out demons,  HE is Alpha and Omega…and so on!

Can Jesus steer a ship without a crew?   JESUS  has ALL Power!  HE CAN RESURRECT SUNKEN VESSELS, AIRPLANES, and ALL SOULS on earth and sea as well as under the earth and sea!   One night (not too long ago), I saw a dream of God’s sailing ships or flying vessels in the AIR  not on the sea.  They were assorted (small and large) but the largest ones were twice the size of one aircraft carrier.  In fact, some of them looked like aircraft carriers and PT boats.  The huge ships moved so swiftly through the air as if unguided. I was suspended in the air (very high above the earth) and  there was an Angel  guiding me who said, “Just look at God’s vessels, how they fly, how they are angled, and suspended in mid-air.”   They all had designated courses because there was no mistake about their point of direction  AND  there were no collisions.  I replied, “I had no idea God sailed ships through the air.”   [Note:  I know about God’s Living, Winged, and Flying Vehicle as described by Prophet Ezekiel and  God’s Chariot of Fire which took up Prophet Elijah in a whirlwind.]   Not only did I see these flying vessels but the sky was so beautiful, light blue with many horizons and colors  in the background including subtle starsplanets with halos  (which appeared to be smiling at me),  and a  calming light  all around.

May Jesus steer your heart!


Worldwide News: “GOD says, “If…If…If…THEN…I WILL…I WILL…I WILL!

GOD says,  “IF MY PEOPLE which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves…IF MY PEOPLE will pray….IF MY PEOPLE shall seek My Face…IF MY PEOPLE shall turn from their wicked ways…THEN…I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN…I WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN and I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.”    (II Chronicles 7:14)    Therefore,  GOD says,  “If…If…If…THEN…I WILL. .I WILL…I WILL!”


It sounds like a piece of cake and a walk in the park but it is not fun so when the devil is after your butt!  WITH JESUS  IT  IS  A  WALK  IN  THE  PARK  BUT  IT  IS  A  CONDITIONAL WALK!   I am not going to sell you a fairy tale because life hits you like a MACK TRUCK doing 99 miles per hour.  You don’ see it coming until its on your fender!

I will firmly stand on the WORD of GOD because GOD CANNOT  LIE!   Now somebody at the car dealership or the auto repair shop may sell you a pack of lies  but  GOD CANNOT LIE!  Your own husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend may sell you a suitcase full of lies  but  GOD CANNOT  LIE!   Your elected officials may promise a roasted chicken dinner on every table  but GOD CANNOT  LIE!

Nobody is coming to your aide without price  except  the LORD JESUS  because GOD never FAILS!   HE abides and gives victory. Although it may not be the victory you expect,  GOD NEVER FAILS! We fail the Lord GOD.  I’ve stopped counting the number of times that I’ve failed Him.  My teeth should be cracked wide open for the times I said…Lord, I’ll go and I’ll do this or that!   THIS INCLUDES YOU TOO!

As you know already, GOD’S promises are conditional because He says, “IF you do THIS….I WILL DO THAT!”  He will hear your call, forgive you, heal your land, heal your sicknesses and diseases!   Are you called by His Name…humbled yourself…turned from your wicked ways…praying in faith…seeking His Face?   If so, you’ve got to DO IT every day not when you feel like it or some of the time.

Have a Blessed Day!



The Bible states, Behold, MY Servants shall EAT…Behold, MY Servants shall DRINK…Behold MY Servants shall REJOICE…Behold, MY Servants shall SING for Joy of Heart…”   (Isaiah 65:13-14)   You can deposit GOD’S  Word in your spiritual piggy bank because  “BLESSINGS ARE ON THE WAY!”


Are you going to follow the WORD of GOD or the dictates of your Emotions?  GOD never said that you won’t have some bad days and when its bad its really bad! Why did Prophet Isaiah write these Words to us?

In order to understand Prophet Isaiah’s mindset, please read the in-between-lines because the Prophet was speaking to TWO audiences:  (1) GOD’S Servants represent the FIRST AUDIENCE: those who are doing their best to be righteous and obedient unto the Lord GOD…who daily repent of wrongful deeds…who keep believing and hoping for GOD’S Will in their lives…who believe in GOD’S deliverance;  and (2) The Rebellious and Disobedient People represent the SECOND AUDIENCE: those who provoke the Lord GOD to anger….who walk after their own thoughts…who worship false gods…who sacrifice in gardens…who blaspheme God upon the hills…who burn incense upon altars of brick which are among the graves of departed spirits…who spend nights in dark retreats looking for dark sayings…who eat forbidden foods and flesh…who follow after the iniquities of their sinful fathers.

THE FIRST AUDIENCE:  a)  BEHOLD,  My Servants shall EAT;   b)  BEHOLD, My Servants shall DRINK;  c)   BEHOLD, My Servants shall REJOICE;  d)  BEHOLD, My Servants shall SING for JOY of HEART

THE SECOND AUDIENCE:  a)  BUT, ye shall BE HUNGRY;   b)  BUT, ye shall BE THIRSTY;   c)  BUT, ye shall BE ASHAMED;   d)  BUT, ye shall CRY FOR SORROW of HEART

No matter what’s going on in your life and/or in the lives of your family and friends, keep on believing and trusting in the LORD GOD!  When the Lord GOD says  “shall”  it’s equivalent to a promissory note; so expect to receive His promises which may not come today, tomorrow, or next year but they are on the way!   The catch is easy  –  you must believe!  Abide safely in the LORD’S Camp as BLESSINGS ARE ON THE WAY!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “THERE IS HELP FOR YOU!”

The BIBLE states  “But GOD, who is RICH in MERCY, for His great LOVE wherewith HE LOVES US…when we were DEAD in SINS hath QUICKENED US together with CHRIST (By GRACE ye are SAVED)…HATH RAISED US UP TOGETHER and MADE US SIT TOGETHER IN HEAVENLY PLACES in CHRIST JESUS.”    (Ephesians 2:4-6)  So, “THERE IS HELP FOR YOU!”


Many of us feel inadequate to serve God because we have failed Him on many occasions BUT we all have fallen short of the glory of God.   I want you to lay aside every weight and hindrance which barricades you behind a brick wall.  I want you to picture the demise of the Berlin Wall.  Next I want you to imagine the BRICK WALL you setup between yourself and the LORD.  Don’t take another step…stay right there…NOW picture a huge sledge hammer and break down that brick wall between you and GOD!

(1)  WE  All were DEAD in SINS.  Although we are walking around, breathing,  eating, and drinking,  we are as dead men and women If we are not under the Blood of Jesus. You may have a high-end job and you may be feeling just fine today but next week the doctor may give you a poor prognosis. Your high-end job or riches CANNOT save you.  If you are without JESUS, you are DEAD in SIN  and  you are a walking dead man or woman even though you are breathing.

(2)  But,  GOD  QUICKENED  US thru His great LOVE, the richness of His MERCY and GRACE,  we are  SAVED.  It is not of our goodness but it is the Goodness of Jesus, which saves us.  Some people believe good deeds will save them such as feeding the poor and paying their bills on time.  The Word tells us that all of our goodness is as FILTHY RAGS and there is none good but the FATHER.

 (3)  GOD hath RAISED US UP.  Again, we have no power or authority of our own.  By the way, we can’t even cast the fleas and ticks off our pets!   But, GOD has all power and authority in His hands.  Your enemies have no power over your mind and soul  because  “YOU”  belong to THE LORD GOD.

(4)  GOD hath Made Us To Sit Together in Heavenly Places in CHRIST JESUS.  Some of us don’t feel worthy at all.  Once the Lord cleanses and forgives you (no matter how dirty your deeds were), YOU are a NEW CREATURE as GOD’S Mercy and Grace wiped out all your wrong and sins.  Thus, you have been MADE worthy (whether you like it or not)  to sit with all believers in Heavenly Places in CHRIST JESUS!  Just think about that for a moment!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “OPEN the EYES of YOUR HEART!”

Apostle Paul says,   “I pray that the  EYES of  YOUR  HEART  may  be  ENLIGHTENED  in order that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you…”    (Ephesians 1:18)


I was blessed to visit Ephesus (TURKEY) many years ago  and  I walked through the pagan Temple of Diana and I climbed the big stones of the Great Theatre.   During my visit, these structures were in ruin as they have been for centuries.  TODAY, THEY ARE STILL IN RUINS!   Whether these structures were destroyed by fire, earthquakes, wars, or sacking,  the  fact  is  nothing  is  permanent,  EXCEPT THE WORD OF GOD!  The local people are still selling everything in relics, souvenirs, hand-held objects, pamphlets, books, and paintings with the exception of CROSSES!

APOSTLE PAUL preached to the people of ancient Ephesus saying, “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…”   To this day, the majority of the Ephesians are backwards as their forerunners who lived in ancient Ephesus.  They still reject the concept of THE TRINITY (the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). For the most part, they still DO  NOT  want  JESUS  but  THEY  WILL  OFFER YOU  JACK DANIELS!   In fact,  the Hittites are still  just as argumentive as the two Hittite wives of Esau (the twin brother of Jacob who were the sons of Isaac and Rebekah).   The Bible stresses that the Patriarchs  (Isaac and Rebekah)  were  weary of Esau’s  Hittite wives.

The most important thing is to take Apostle Paul’s advice as there is a way to advance in this life and over your problems.  (1)  Put the Lord JESUS first in your life;  (2) Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything you need will be added unto you.  (3)  Seek to find out what the Will of God is for you.  (4)  Do not struggle, plot, or kill to be important or rich because God knows what your needs are before you even ask.

You have to   “OPEN THE EYES OF YOUR HEART”   NOT YOUR WALLET.   The LORD has all the riches in glory and our little pennies are nothing to HIM!   HE WANTS OUR FELLOWSHIP and HE WANTS OUR HEARTS!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “IN HIM WE WERE CHOSEN!”



Every Mother and Father knows their children.  When you go to the day care or school to pick up your sons and daughters, you can spot them out amongst the many children on the playground. Either you recognize their clothes, shoes, the way they laugh, the way they skip, or the way they run,  BUT YOU RECOGNIZE THEM and YOU KNOW THEIR WAYS.  You know which ones will tell the truth or lie, you know if they eat cookies in bed because they leave the crumbs, you know if they sneak to watch television or their tablets because they cannot get up on time out of bed, and you know the one who will tattle-tell on his siblings.  If you live with anyone long enough, you will be familiar with his ways.

Likewise, the LORD GOD knows each one of His children.  In fact, GOD  told  Prophet Jeremiah, “I knew you before I formed thee in the belly of your Mother’s womb…” BELIEVE ME, the Lord communicated with all of us before  HE formed us in our Mother’s womb.  Whether or not our parents planned our births, GOD PUT US HERE and WE ARE NOT HERE BY DEFAULT!

If you are a CHILD of GOD, you have received   “THE SPIRIT OF ADOPTION”   and you can cry out saying, ABBA FATHER!   You are not a slave…You are grafted into the Body of Christ…You are not an accident…You are truly loved…YOU ARE CHOSEN!   Thus, you have the right to say  MY FATHER!   When nobody else seems to care about you, JESUS cares!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “Do U Have Your TICKET for EVERLASTING LIFE?”

The BIBLE states,   “In   HIM   we   were   also   CHOSEN   having been  PREDESTINED  according to the  plan  of  HIM   Who  WORKS   OUT   EVERYTHING   in   CONFORMITY   with  the  PURPOSE of HIS    WILL…”    (Ephesians 1:11)


I don’t think you all realize just how BLESSED you are!   Throughout the week, we are suffering with all kinds of things going on in our lives.  If you are married and have children you are running like a chicken with your head chopped off here and there…If you are a single Mom, you definitely need an extra pair of caring arms…If you have a physical impairment, you may be relying on others to help you…If you have bills, you are stressed beyond repair…If you are unemployed, you need JESUS!   I think you all get the picture.

No matter what you are going through, none of us have suffered as much as Prophet Job but the LORD gave Job back twice as much!   And, JOB MADE IT TO HEAVEN and that is where we all want to be! Thus, our time on Earth is like a MOVIE which the LORD GOD will play back.  Most of the MOVIES are full of  sadness, sorrow, divorce, happiness, death, new life, more marriages, plots, liers, fornicators, adulterers, bad people, good people, financial ruin, break-throughs, break-ins, break-ups, peeping toms, procrastinators, devastation, and so forth.  Some of the movies have happy endings and others are unnatural calamities.


(1)   “In HIM WE WERE CHOSEN…”           [before the foundation of the World]

(2)  “Having been PREDESTINED…”           [before the foundation of the World]

(3)   “According to HIS PLAN…”                   [before the foundation of the World]

(4)   “Who works out EVERYTHING..”         [before the foundation of the World]

(5)   “Every thing IS in CONFORMITY…”    [before the foundation of the World]

(6)   “With the PURPOSE of HIS WILL…”   [before the foundation of the World]

Since everything is worked out, you can rebuke that old devil in the Name of Jesus. 

Have a Blessed Day!