Worldwide News: “MISSING the TARGET!”

The BIBLE states,   “Ye lust and have not:  ye kill and desire to have, and cannot obtain:  ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.  Ye ask,and receive not, because ye ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your lusts…” (James 4:2-3)


How well, GOD knows our human natures because HE made us!  From the beginning of time, the majority of Mankind has been faithful to Scripture:   we lust, we kill, we fight, we war, we want what is not ours, and we want it for the wrong reasons.  Throughout the Ages and Dispensations, the proof of these statements can fill up the space between Heaven and Earth and back a million times.

Globally, we are shipwrecked.  At this very moment, there is fighting in the Middle East not to mention the mess within the United States and other countries. Our jails and prisons are just as full as the ones overseas! Perhaps, the only difference is the U.S. exercises certain rights and privileges for prisoners but this varies from person to person (dependent upon race, age, rank, wealth, and Yo Daddy).

When you ask the Lord GOD for things, make sure it is not based upon lust!  For instance, you may be eager for a new house but you must be realistic about the terms and payment. Consider your job status! In this market, there are no guaranteed jobs and long-term employment is a thing of the past. To make matters worse, companies label themselves  “at will”  employers so they can let you go for blinking your eyelashes too much!

Can the Lord GOD make a way out of no way for you!   YES, HE CAN!  This latter slogan was adopted (by the President of these United States) with a slightly different twist,  “Yes We Can.”   Keep in mind, that we can ONLY do all THINGS through CHRIST JESUS as HE strengthens us!   If the people have a mind to work as One Man, then, “Yes We Can.”   If the people fail, GOD is still able! If you (as an individual) remain faithful, God will move mountains for you!

Have a Blessed Day!



Worldwide News: “NEEDS and DESIRES may not MATCH!”

The BIBLE states, “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart:.”  (Psalm 37:4)   However, “Needs and Desires May Not Match!”


As we all know this is the Holiday Season to shop until we drop!  Notice, I did not emphasize the annual celebration of JESUS’ birth.   Why? None of us will be camped out at the Church (from 10:00 P.M. until 9:00 A.M.) on Christmas Day as some of you did on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving Day).

Keep in mind, this is my opinion; so allow me to be simplistic:  (A)  Needs are necessities, urgencies, and essential to survival or productivity;   and  (B)  Desires are things wished for which are real, imaginary, and sometimes unessential to survival.  Also, they may or may not be productive.  Like you, I love to shop and walk through the Malls;  but I am learning to realistic!

Prior to shopping (before we drop), we all need to ask ourselves a few questions: 

(1)   Can I afford to make this purchase and (if so) do I have the extra cash?  If the cash in your wallet is for your car or insurance payment which is due (right now), you ain’t got the money. DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED CASH! Run as fast as you can from the store and out of the Mall. If you don’t have the will power, ask the store clerk to have Security escort you to your vehicle. Tell them, you have “temporarily” lost your mind and need to go home!

(2)  Can I afford to make this purchase using credit and how will I repay the debt?  If you are still paying for last’s years Christmas charges, DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD(S)!  Roll yourself out of the store and out of the Mall. Ask one of your stingy, tightwad friends to shop with you and tell them to use a calculator as you grab stuff.  Make sure they look like Ugly Betty or a Hot Mess as to keep you from making unnecessary purchases. Most of the time, these folks don’t know how to dress or coordinate clothes – so they don’t shop!  More so, they will criticize everything you do and you will go back home empty handed (unless it is something to eat).

In summary, make very sure your DESIRES MATCH YOUR NEEDS as they do not always match!  The best thing to do is to pray about things and run it past the Lord GOD. Remember, you’ve got to wait for an answer – don’t pray after you’ve made your decision and/or the purchase!  The WORD states, “Delight thyself ALSO in the LORD and HE shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  Do you believe this? Firstly, delight yourself in the Lord!  Secondly, the LORD may grant your desires combined with your needs such as a car, bike, skates, home, job, new teeth, new eye glasses, vacation, extra money, or whatever. Perhaps, these things are just around the corner.  When you least expect it, the blessing(s) will tap you on the shoulder!

Have a Blessed Day!



Worldwide News: “The Devil PLAYS Us BIG TIME!”

The BIBLE states,   Be  SOBER,  Be VIGILANT;   because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour…”    (I Peter 5:8)    Respectfully,   “The Devil PLAYS Us BIG TIME!”


That old dragon is preparing an after dinner dessert for you and yours, but the sweet dish is not edible and it show ain‘t desirable!   When you think all is well, it ain’t!   If you are not careful the devil will steal your joy, hope, and charity.   The devil will make a saved man drank (if possible)…The devil will make you act up so badly your children will ask you “what’s wrong”…The devil will make you look like a fool…     Remember the story of Nabal (a.k.a. fool) and Abigail?  Nabal refused to give food to David (a man after God’s own heart) and his mighty men. Instead, Nabal pledged allegiance to king Saul (whom God rejected as king).  Contrary , Abigail  (wife to Nabal) requested a servant to saddle her mule and she accompanied her servants to deliver food, cheese, grapes, bread and wine to David and his men. In the end, Nabal died abruptly and David married lucky Abigail.

There are times, you cannot reason with people and this includes family members, friends, managers, supervisors, co-workers, church members, bill collectors, and so on.  Our sinful natures feeds our big egos and we act up!  In fact, innocent babies cry when there is nothing wrong with them.  WHY?  They just want Mommy’s attention and they want Mommy or Grandma to make a big fuss over them.

Don’t worry, there is help for you. It takes the  SPIRIT of GOD  to fight the evil forces which surround you and yours.  Alone, you cannot the Lucifer & Company!  Even if you had eyes in the back of your head and sharp blades as finger nails, you cannot fight what you cannot see!   Can you see demonic forces?  Apostle Paul says,  “…put on the whole armor of GOD…in order to stand against the enemy…and stand still waiting….I say wait upon the Lord GOD….and He WILL renew your strength…”  This may sound silly but it is not!    

“The Devil PLAYS Us BIG TIME”  as he is the prince of this world but  GOD is LORD over Heaven,  Earth, and the Universe at large!  However, the devil knows that his time is about to end.   Look at it like this:   I believe the News Media stated that on Black Friday shoppers spent about 5 billion dollars.  Some people lined up at the front doors of stores and others slept in their cars waiting for the doors to open. They had hot coffee and tea mugs as well as cookies, pies, hamburgers, and what ever. Folks played it big time with the intent to spend big money! Shoppers understood that the first hour shoppers got the best bargains as well as the most.  I heard a store clerk say that a Macy’s store  manager did a count down (at midnight) from 10, 9, 8 , 7, 6,  5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the people came in like buffaloes.  Likewise,  the devil is shopping for souls and he knows just where to go!   Don’t allow the devil to  play you!  Instead put your trust in the Lord God of Heaven, Earth, the Universe, and beyond!

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “FIRST Cast the BEAM Out of Thine OWN Eye…”

The BIBLE states,   “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye but consider not  the BEAM that is in thine own eye. How will thou say to thy brother,  Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye;    and,  BEHOLD,  a beam is in thine own eye?”    (Matthew 7:3-4)    Thus,   “FIRST Cast  the  BEAM  Out  of  Thine  OWN  Eye…” 


What do you think about this?   How many times we all find fault with others but we fail to look within our own closets.  This message applies to Constance Lee as well as to U! Our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals should line up with  GOD’S Word  not with what  R. Simmons, Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Constance Lee  has  to  say unless  it  lines up with GOD’S  WORD.   No body can save you as only  ONE  (a.k.a., Jesus)  holds the keys to death, hell, and the grave.  JESUS called Lazarus by name (after Lazarus was in the grave for four days, decaying, and stinking) and Lazarus came forth out of the tomb!  Right On!  If the “dead” can hear the LORD’S voice, how about the living?


(1)   JESUS calls  it like it is!   Check out Matthew 7:5!  The LORD calls us HYPOCRITES!  The WORD says,  “First cast out the BEAM out of thine own eye;  and then shall thou see clearly to cast the MOTE out of thy brother’s eye.”   Most arguments, fights, murders, and wars are started by lies, jealously, envy, and lust!   In other words, “He said…She said…They said…He did this…She did that…YO Mama did…YO Daddy did…and so on and so on. It is ridiculous!

 (2)   JESUS says, “JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and  with what measure ye mete,  it shall be measured to you again.”    (Matthew 7:1)   Whatever you sow unto others, you will reap the same!  Ladies,  you can understand this as we brand other women.  How many times have you said,   “Look at her…she thinks she’s cute…I don’t like her shoes or boots   (but you run to Macy’s to buy the exact pair of shoes and boots).”  Guys,  you talk about your fellow comrades.  Men are just as jealous concerning new cars, boats, clothing, shoes, boots, hobbies, sports, and so on as the Ladies.

In summary, as you formulate New Year  resolutions, let’s take a deeper look into the Word of God!  Ask yourself, does my life line up with GOD’S Word?

Have a Blessed Day!









Worldwide News: “Seek GOD’S FACE like U Shop on Black FRIDAYS!”

The BIBLE states,   “But seek ye  FIRST  the  Kingdom of God  and His righteousness;  and all these other THINGS shall be added unto you.”   (Matthew 6:33)    Therefore, “Seek GOD’S Face like you Shop on Black FRIDAYS!”  Clearly, the Bible says   “…take no thought about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself…”   Don’t  you  have enough evil to deal with today?   Yet, some of us are plotting for BLACK FRIDAY and it ain’t even here!  Some people  will go to bed with their clothes and shoes on so they don’t have to dress at 4:00 A.M. on BLACK FRIDAY!   Their Smart Phones are charged up and their charge cards are ready!!! 


As we all know in the USA, everybody and their Mama will be shopping Thanksgiving night and/or early, early, early hours in the mornings the day after Thanksgiving.  DO NOT GET ME WRONG AS I LIKE TO SHOP AS WELL BUT I NEVER SHOP ON BLACK FRIDAYS!  Simultaneously, you can shop and Praise the Lord as long as you don’t put  material goods  before Worship!

Here is a simple checklist!

(1)  How often do you attend Worship Services?  Do you attend Sunday School and/or stay for the Preaching?  Do you sleep, read books or magazines while you are in Church?  Do you surf the Web on your Smart Phone and text messages to friends while you are in Church?  Do you make eye contact to others while sitting in church?  Do you wish the Preacher to hurry up and finish the Sermon?

(2)   On Sundays (in lieu of going to Church) what happens?  Do you run to Mall, the grocery stores, pay bills, attend football games or other sport events, visit museums, jog in the park or on the streets, lay out on the beach, or sleep over at your friend’s house?  Be honest with yourself!    DO YOU PUT THE LORD FIRST?

If the answer is YES to the above questions, YOU ARE NOT SEEKING FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESSInstead, you are putting selfish lusts and desires in front of the LORD GOD! Seriously, I want you to think about this as the day is coming when none of those things can heal or save you! When you get sick, you ain’t gonna jog around the neighborhood for the people to see you at your worst or you pass out on the street!  You ain’t gonna put on your stiletto heals, pointed toe boots, tight pants, or skinny jeans if your stomach is bloated with gas!  If you have a fever or the flu, you ain’t gonna feel like going to the movies (trying to look cute) – instead you will be burning up but it won’t be with lust.  You may not like this message, but we all (including myself) need to examine ourselves.

The WORD of GOD states, “But seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these other THINGS shall be added unto you.”   When you shop Thursday night or early this Friday, just remember the Lord GOD allowed you to get up and to get out!  

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “Do YOU Have GOOD SENSE?”

The BIBLE states,  “….when the people had heard…they followed Him [JESUS] on foot out of the cities…”    (Matthew 14:13-14)    The question is,  “Do YOU Have GOOD SENSE?”  When you hear about bad events (such as rumors of wars, famines, murders, killings, rappings, Global  hunger, loss of employment, broken families, high divorce rates, natural disasters, sickness, death, and all kinds of spiritual wickedness in high places), do you exercise good judgment?  What type of covering do you have?


Let us look at Chapter 14:12 (preceding the story above)  –  the  Disciples delivered some bad news to  Jesus! Because a dancing girl wanted to look at his head (on a silver charger),  John the Baptist  was  murdered.  King Herod ordered decapitation!  After hearing this tragic fact,  Jesus got on a boat looking for a deserted place looking for refuge.  Have you ever felt like this?   Naturally, Jesus was grieving because John the Baptist was very, very, very special. Here are just a few points:  (a)  John was a man sent from God as a forerunner to herald the news about the Savior.  (b)  The same Angel (Gabriel) prophesied the miraculous births of John and Jesus. (c)  John was the first cousin to Jesus.  (d)  John did not bite his tongue and he spoke the truth!

By Chapter 14:14, a multitude of people were looking for Jesus.  There were approximately 5,000 men and about twice as many women and children (totaling more than 15,000 people).  None of these people were driving  SUV’s, Lexus, Mercedes, Dodge Rams, Ford Silverado, Toyotas or whatever.  None of these people were riding in buses or wagons.  None of these people were riding donkeys, horses, skate boards, or on roller skates.  None of these people had Nike tennis shoes, spandex pants or jogging clothing. They had no binoculars, tape recorders, cell phones, or camera to document this event. With the exception of one little boy (who had two fish and five loaves of bread),  None of these people had picnic baskets or food to eat.  None of these people came prepared for a long journey and there was no Wendy’s, Denny’s, or Ruth Steak Houses on the side of the road.  In fact, there were no outhouses or rest room facilities!

The Bible says,  they [the PEOPLE]  followed Him [JESUS] on  foot out of the cities.   Why? THEY HAD THE GOOD SENSE TO FOLLOW THE LORD!  They recognized a  Great, Great, Great, Great Light  was in their midst. Whether you are dirt poor, filthy rich, well or sick, happy or glad, short or tall, confused or not, you need the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior.  If you have a brain, you must know there is life after death. Where will you spend eternity?  That is the question you should ask yourself because there is only ONE who can save you from the flames in Hell!  May I ask you a question,  “Do YOU Have GOOD SENSE”  to follow the Lord JESUS?

Have a Blessed Day!


Worldwide News: “YOU Are FORGIVEN!”

The BIBLE states,   “Peter came to JESUS, and said, Lord, How often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?…JESUS said,  Until seventy times seven…”      (Matthew 18:21)   Just as you forgive others, the Lord GOD has forgiven you!   Thus,   “You Are FORGIVEN!”    What a relief!   Surely, you’ve made more than 490 mistakes! 


You see, JESUS is the greatest Counselor and He fully understands human behavior as evidenced by His teachings on the Law of Forgiveness!   We all mess up every day and our mess-ups affects the lives of people (including the innocent children) at home, work, church, on the street, in the stores, shoppers and workers at the malls, working out at the gym, driving on the streets and highways, and especially our negative conversations, etc.   On any day, we all have said something ugly, acted up, flipped an unhappy finger, tooted our auto horns, pulled out in front of another vehicle, refused to let someone change lanes, ran through red lights, sped down the street like the late, Steve McQueen  (in the movie – Bullet),  and plenty more!

In spite of ourselves, we tend to blame others as we point fingers saying“I’d be a better person if it wasn’t for him or her…”   Like us,  Apostle Peter (an ordinary human being)  cussed better than sailors on the South Seas…denied Jesus…and argued with the other Disciples about the Gentiles,  we too have many, many, many ungodly issues!   Do you say ugly things to others?  Do you regret the things you’ve said and done?  Have you apologized to the Lord GOD and to the people you hurt? In some cases, it’s not too late!   (a)   If the person(s) are deceased, the Lord knows your heart and you can tell Jesus all about it.   (b)   If the person(s) are alive and you are able to reach him (or them), please do so at your earliest convenience.  However, pray to the Lord for guidance and He will direct your path.

When you pray the Lord’s Prayer,  remember the clause which says,  “…forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors…”   (Matthew 6:12)   This is the Model Prayer for Christians!   As you forgive those who lied on you…turned their backs…gossiped about you…blocked your success…stole your wife or husband…turned your family and friends against you…and whatever else!  When Jesus died on the CROSS,   He paid the Sin Debt in full (and this includes all sin)!   My Brothers and Sisters,   “You are FORGIVEN!”    Now, forgive yourself! 

Have a Blessed Day!