Worldwide News: “GOD has no Respect of Persons!”

The Bible says, “My brethren have not the faith our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons



Without the LORD GOD, none of us would be here. There isn’t one person on or beneath this Earth who can say that “he created himself!” For sure, people have re-invented (but not created) themselves and others (from rags to riches…sanity to insanity…wealth to poverty…male to female…female to male…through cosmetic changes…or whatever the case).

Although James (writer of the Book of James) was the half-brother of JESUS,  he was down to Earth and pushed the teachings of the LORD JESUS (who did not push hate crimes).  In fact, James called us “brethren.”   The LORD did not come to kill people or to judge because HE came to save the lost!   And, JESUS did not and does not have respect of persons! If you are a believer or nonbeliever, the LORD JESUS loves you! If you ask for forgiveness, the LORD JESUS will forgive you as HE is full of love, mercy, and compassion. If you backslide, the LORD JESUS will restore you providing you repent and make an about face!

If James (and others like him) was an enforcer to local and foreign Governments, the World would be in better shape. I say enforcer because JESUS did not force His power on folk but Mankind compels obedience to the point of war, blood, destruction, and death! In fact, a rap group produced a song entitled, “Who Let the Dogs Out!  that personifies the filthy spirits in this World (past, present, and future until Christ’s return). Mankind has destroyed the Earth and itself including the young and innocent!  You know people can be forced to do things out of fear but they cannot made to live it in their hearts! People can trick you with their lips (saying I’m with you…I’ve got your back…) but their hearts and actions are far from you!


(1) Are we partial to others?  Yes!  We flip backwards like the Blues Brothers when we see super stars and famous people! If Tom Cruise walked into McDonalds, people will leave their cars running (with the kids in the back seat) at the drive through to go inside just to look at Tom Cruise. Not only do we lose our minds over the rich and famous, we program ourselves to look like them. Who are they? Who told you to get a makeover like Madonna, Beyonce, or Tamara Braxton? Did the LORD GOD tell you to do it…did you read it somewhere in a magazine or on the internet? If GOD made you, then, HE made you to be you not something youse ain’t!  Furthermore, GOD looks at the heart not the outward appearance!  FYI:  Mr. Cruise (like you and I) will be standing before the Great White Throne (in Judgment) to give an account to GOD for everything we said and did in this life!

(2) Are we overtaken with the material goods of others? Yes!  We act like jack rabbits over designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, cars, trucks, boats, houses, cell phones, neighborhoods, and other status symbols. If a soul brother ain’t got no car, we discredit him; but if he’s got a gold-tooth in his mouth, wearing baggy designer trousers and cap, we say that he is hipped. If a white man (driving a BMW) comes into a black neighborhood, we automatically think he is rich but he may be driving a borrowed car.  If a white woman pierces her tongue and nose, we say that she is hipped but she may not be what appearances portray!

OMG!   If you go into a restaurant (high or low class) wearing fine clothing, furs, diamond rings, and gold jewelry, the waitress will seat you at the best table. The owners want to put the elite up front to draw in similar customers. Unfortunately, if you go into the restaurant looking like a bum or street person, the waitress will tell you that they have a dress code and the tables are full.

(3) Do material goods or accomplishments make us better people?  Read on!  We must use our heavenly gifts such as education, knowledge, wisdom, money, skills, talents and tools to equally help all people.  If we do not help other people (white, black, red, or  yellow) to improve their circumstances (such as education, food, medical, living conditions and in other areas), we are not Children of GOD!  When we cherry pick people to help, then, we are not Children of GOD!  When we push our own nationality into colleges, universities, and employment, we are not Children of GOD! When we feed, shelter, clothed only those we like (of certain races, gender, and color), we are not Children of GOD!   WHY?   “GOD IS LOVE” and “GOD has no RESPECT of PERSONS!”

Have a Blessed Day!




The Bible says, NOW, the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee and make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:1-3)


In everyone’s life, there comes a time to make changes and we all know it! Some of us, don’t want to step away from the table because we like what we are dipping and dabbing in and the rest of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zones into the arena of faith.   Check out Abraham’s [Abram at 75 years old] commission:

God said, “GET THEE OUT…I’M GOING TO BLESS YOU!” Abraham obeyed the LORD and he left (with his wife Sarah and all their substance) but he took Lot (his brother’s son) with him.  As time passed, they could no longer live together. In the next scene, folks are fighting “The land was not able to bear them that they might dwell together for their substance was great and there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdsmen of Lot’s cattle…” (Genesis 13:6-7)

Like Abraham, we too cannot make it without our “bro, ” “home girl,”  “home boy,”  “cousin” and/or  an “entourage of folks.”  We tell all of our business to people whom we think are friends. Even worse, we post our business on the Social Medias for the World to see. We open ourselves up to scandals every day! Without the Spirit of the Lord GOD, we cannot make it and we cannot resist the dEVIL as we cannot fight demonic spirits and/or spiritual weapons with flesh and blood.  In fact, we can’t even cast the flees and ticks off a dog without flea repellent spray!

The dEVIL clouds our vision with multiple human ailments such as the  “…lust of the flesh…lust of the eyes…and the pride of life…”  (I John 2:16)   By the way, these are worldly ailments! Look how the media directs our fashion world as it is full of sexual overtones!  If you don’t believe me, go into any shopping mall in the U.S.A. or abroad. Take some facial tissues  with you – because your eyes will start watering:

(1) You will see teenagers and grown women (this includes the skinny and over weight) roaming all levels of the mall wearing shirts for dresses and Daisy Duke shorts exposing the cheeks of their buttocks and/or extremely tight fitting clothing. Then, they wonder why the men “sexually hit” on them. You best not look at them funny and make sure you don’t give them any advise because they think they are really cute even with all that cellulite and ruffles showing through the clothing!

(2) You will see young men with underwear/under garments exposed and the pants hanging down almost to their knees. At first glance, you think someone shrunk their pants or stole their regular pants from the wash house without their knowledge.  Instead, this is the now fashion to pimp through the malls and streets half-naked, switching butts, and grabbing one’s loins!

Partially, Abraham obeyed the Lord GOD, but he took the wrong person (Lot) with him and Abraham paid dearly for doing so. After they separated, Abraham and his trained servants had to fight to rescue Lot and others who were taken captive.  You see, disobedience brings unnecessary stress (which none of us need).  Just think, how many times did you warn others? Perhaps, you said,  “Don’t do this or that…don’t go over there…stay away from those people because they are bad news…but they DID NOT listen to you.”  Afterwards, you had to bail them out of their troubles.

“WHEN GOD says GET THEE OUT and AWAY FROM PEOPLE and GO WHERE I SEND YOU…HE MEANS IT!   Yep! After many, many trials and errors, Abraham finally got the message and the LORD GOD blessed him and his descendants forever!  Truly, The Lord GOD has blessed the Nation of Israel and HE has blessed all the people who bless them and GOD has cursed all the people who curse HIS people! This promise holds true for all believers (Jews and Gentiles). Where are you on this time line?

Have a Blessed Day!

Worldwide News: “JESUS has the 24/7 GPS on YOU!”

The Bible says, “Blessed be the LORD because HE hath heard the voice of my supplications. The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in HIM, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise HIM. The LORD is their strength and HE is the saving strength of HIS anointed. Save THY people and bless thine inheritance: feed them also and lift them up for ever.”   (Psalm 28:6-9)


No matter where you are, the LORD JESUS the CHRIST has THE  Global Positioning System (GPS)  tracking on you! I am not enlightened regarding technology (nor do I care about it) but I do know there is nothing hidden from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

For certain many souls (you too) have cried out to JESUS for guidance, mercy, compassion, deliverance, and increase.

(1) Let’s go ask the very first murder victim (Abel) recorded in the Book of Genesis (4:8-12). As the story goes, Cain was walking and talking with Abel (his brother) but Cain was full of himself and extremely jealous because GOD preferred Abel’s offering above Cain’s offering. Well now, Abel offered the first and the best of his flock to the Lord and Cain just brought an average offering (the fruit of the ground). During the course of time, Cain was stewing in his mess and the mess grew and grew until it became a hate crime, “Cain rose up against Abel his brother and slew him…” (Genesis 4:8)  Be careful about folk who carry grudges and want to privately speak with you as they may have ill-will intentions – this includes family, friends, and co-workers. Notice, Cain did not give Abel a chance to explain the art of giving to the LORD GOD. Perhaps, Abel would have said, “God’s been so good that I want Him to have my very, very, very best because He is worthy!

Instead, jealously and deceit dwelled in Cain’s heart and he killed Abel. This was no accident! Here is the punch line, GOD knows everything and GOD said, “The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground!”   (Genesis 4:10)  Although the ALMIGHTY GOD is in Heaven (a planet in the North somewhere in the great Universe), HE heard the voice of Abel’s blood crying out (murder, murder, murder) traveling through throughout the Solar System and through millions and millions miles of space to PLANET HEAVEN!  My question  is,  “How was this news delivered –  by GOD’s  Master  Internet Server(s)  or  by  GOD’S GPS tracking device(s)?  Perhaps the answer is both!

If, GOD has the GPS on spilled blood (of the deceased) whether it’s righteous blood or unrighteous blood, what about the blood running warm in our veins! One writer said (paraphrasing), “GOD’s eye is on the little bitty sparrow and I know HE watches over me….”   PS: You don’t have to worry God’s wrath against murderers of innocent victims because Cain (a murderer) received a just reward as he was cursed,  branded a fugitive/vagabond in the earth,  and told the ground will no longer yield her strength to him.  Also,  God put a mark (the first tattoo) upon Cain’s forehead (front and centered)  “…lest any one finding him should kill him…”   And,  God’s promised to punish (sevenfold) anyone who sought to slay Cain.   FYI:   You don’t have to worry about your enemies or people who come up against you because GOD’s got the GPS on them. 

(2) Let’s go back to the Psalm of David  (Chapter 26:1-2) as he cried out to the LORD GOD,  “You are my rock….Hear the voice of my supplications….when I cry unto Thee…when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle…”   Since GOD heard the voice of Abel’s spilled blood, then you ought to know,  HE hears the voice of  living blood crying out to be rescued or saved. This gives all of us great, great, great hope and faith to call upon the name of THE LORD JESUS to deliver us from our enemies.

Like king David, we acknowledge our sins and faults, but we don’t dwell there in them. Yep!  The dEVIL was after David and David was hollering and crying out for deliverance. Don’t give the dEVIL the satisfaction of hindering your service to GOD! Get up and brush off the dirt and run to the LORD GOD.

King David listed seven blessings:

(1) GOD heard my prayer (verse 6);

(2) God is my strength (verse 7-8);

(3) GOD is my shield (verse 7);

(4) GOD is my help (verse 7);

(5) GOD is my salvation (verse 9);

(6) GOD is my blessing (verse 9);

(7) GOD feed’s me and GOD lifts me up (verse 9)

Remember, JESUS HAS THE 24/7 GPS on YOU! 

Have a Blessed Day!