Worldwide News: PART TWO: “U Are CHOSEN to Bring Forth FRUIT!”

The BIBLE states,   “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain:  *THAT WHATSOEVER YE SHALL ASK OF THE FATHER IN MY NAME, HE MAY GIVE IT YOU.”     (John 15:16) 


JESUS said, “I AM THE VINE,   ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:   FOR WITHOUT ME YE CAN DO NOTHING.”    (John 15:4-5)   If you are ABIDING  in  CHRIST JESUS   then   HIS WORD   is   ABIDING in you.    If so, YOU ARE A BRANCH in CHRIST JESUS! Praise the Lord!   The next point is very crucial to your existence.  The BRANCH can not BEAR FRUIT of ITSELF except IT ABIDE in the VINE [CHRIST JESUS].   Thus, you’ve got to stay in HIM  24/7  to survive.   When you are out of HIS Will, you are out of the arch of safety!

*NOW YOU CAN ASK THE FATHER FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT  and    “HE MAY GIVE IT YOU! ” Don’t ask for something stupid like for God to kill your enemies…just ask Him to save them and then let their teeth fall out their mouths or for a big ugly wart to grow on their ugly foreheads!  You know sometimes your enemies can really b-u-g you and force you down on your knees before the Lord GOD.  Be careful for what you ask for as you just may get it!    You just may be the one to pray them out of their situations.

However, there is nothing wrong with asking the LORD GOD to do great, great, great things in your life and in the lives of others.  On a more positive note, go over the Gifts and Callings because there are wonderful things you can ask the Lord to do for you!   Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK FOR PATIENCE as you will receive several severe trials and tribulations.  Trust me, you don’t want to go there!

Since you are in CHRIST JESUS, your fruit will remain to the end of the World.  When you stand before THE ALMIGHTY GOD  (i.e., in Judgment),   your works will be tried and tested in the Fires of GOD.   If your works withstand the “Fires,”    you will receive a  Crown of Glory  from  the  Lord GOD.   If your works do not withstand the “Fires,” you will still receive everlasting life and be in the presence of the TRIUNE GOD. Every day, make sure you do something for the LORD!  If you testify to someone and he or she repents and comes to the Lord,  all of Heaven rejoices.  On the down side,  if you testify to someone who refuses to believe in the Lord JESUS, don’t worry about it!  You’ve done your part by sharing the Gospel which is the Good News.   Frankly, it is better for that person to surrender to the Lord as Hell is everlasting!

Have a Blessed Day!



Worldwide News: PART ONE: “U Are CHOSEN to Bring Forth FRUIT!”

The BIBLE states,   “YE HAVE NOT CHOSEN ME, BUT I HAVE CHOSEN YOU, and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth FRUIT and that your fruit should remain…”    (John 15:16)


Whatever else you may be thinking negatively about yourself, lay it aside and let go of it!   According to the Word of GOD,  you did not make yourself,  you did not select your parents,  you did not make your brothers…sisters…friends…etc.   Instead, GOD IS THE AUTHOR and FINISHER of this World and the World(s) to come.   Smoke that!

Moving on, you are responsible for making the wrong decisions in your life such as bad career moves, ungodly lifestyles, shacking, overeating, drinking, drugs, smoking, living outside of your means (overspending and under spending)   but   GOD STILL CHOSE YOU   with all of your faults and needs.   In other words, GOD knows when we sin, make wrong decisions, backslide, fall into deep pits, want to quit and get out but others keep us down, AND  HE  STILL LOVES  US  AND  HE  IS  MERCIFUL  TO  FORGIVE  US!   Smoke that!

GOD’S MERCY IS NEW EVERY MORNING!   If you woke up this morning, God’s Mercy is covering you.  If you have sinned and fallen short of His Glory, God’s Mercy is STILL covering you.  If you wake up tomorrow, God’s Mercy will cover you.  Now that is an insurance plan you WILL NOT find anywhere on the face of this Earth!

Thus, I recommend you to accept the fact that  U ARE CHOSEN!”    By now, you should be asking this question, “What am I chosen to do?”    (1)  U are COMMANDED to make a “religious point” of your life and testify to others about JESUS;   (2)  U are commanded to bring for FRUIT;   and   (3)  Your fruit will remain as long as you are connected to the VINE as you DO NOT work alone because the HOLY SPIRIT guides you into ALL TRUTH!    Allow me  to put it this way!   You’ve seen FRUITS growing on BRANCHES, but YOU AIN’T SEEN NO BRANCHES DANGLING IN MID AIR AND NOT CONNECTED TO A TREE!     If so, you should take a picture and present it to the authorities to win a Nobel Prize.

Please read my next Blog, Part Two!

Worldwide News: “The SPIRIT will come MIGHTILY upon U!”

The BIBLE states,   “And the SPIRIT of the LORD came mightily upon him [SAMSON],  and he  rent  [SMOTE the LION]  as  a  kid  [GOAT],   and HE HAD NOTHING IN HIS HAND….”   (Judges 14:6)


ARE  U  LISTENING?   As you know, SAMSON was one of the Judges in Israel’s darkest moment. Everybody did as they pleased and they refused to obey the Mosaic Law. The Angel of the LORD [JESUS] gave the Manoah’s (a barren couple) a prophecy concerning the birth of a son and his dedication as a Nazarite unto the Lord.  But, SAMSON was a maverick, a wild man, who could not keep his hands off the Philistine women.   One day SAMSON saw a woman in Timnath of PHILISTIA  and  he wanted her for his wife (first love).   This didn’t mean too much because:  (1)   By nature, Samson was a harlot and he played poky-man all the time;  (2)   Samson’s high testosterone  “…was of the Lord that He sought an occasion against the Philistines who had dominion over Israel but his parents did not know this.”   (Judges 14:4)

WHAT’S MY POINT?   The LORD GOD can turn around any situation…HE CAN USE ANYBODY/ANYTHING…and…HE will undo the bad in our lives.  Let me ask you a question. DID GOD KNOW THAT SAMSON WAS GOING TO BE A NAZARITE CHARLATAN?   Answer:  YES! GOD has all power and  HE knew that Samson would not keep the  vows of abstinence  as a Nazarite.  Check this out:  Samson did not make  those vows…his parents did!  However, the Manoah’s kept their part of the bargain.  Still, GOD  used  Samson  as  a “tool”  against the Philistines.  Moreover, SAMSON did not have a weapon in his hand and he killed the lion as if it was a kid!

Memorize this Scripture:  “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER!”   If you recall Biblical History, MOSES only  had  a  STICK  [a STAFF]   in his hand  and he used it as a “weapon”   (i.e., to lean on…as  a “transformer”  the dead staff  became  a live  snake which devoured the snakes of Pharaoh’s magicians… to divide the Red Sea…to hit the Rock for water…and more).

MOTTO:  USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT and ALLOW the SPIRIT of the LORD to come MIGHTILY upon U!   Can’t you see the miraculous of God in this story (such as a dead stick transforms into a live devouring snake…then back into a dead stick)?  You should be shouting with HOPE and VICTORY in your trials!

Have a Blessed Day!






Worldwide News: “U are HIDDEN in GOD’S SECRET PLACE!”

The BIBLE says,  “For  in  the  TIME  of  TROUBLE  HE  [GOD]  shall  HIDE  ME in HIS PAVILION:  in the  SECRET  of  HIS  TABERNACLE  shall  HE HIDE me;  HE SHALL set me up upon a ROCK.”    (Psalm 27:5)


I talk with people every day because they come up to me!  I have an approachable look, so people don’t mind talking to me.   Often times,  people are troubled by their circumstances…unemployment…sickness…financial issues….broken marriages…broken relationships…wayward children…raising grand children…and a host of other problems.  Does this sound familiar to you?  I’ll bet you think that you are the only one violently suffering.  Have people asked you,   “How are you doing?”    Outwardly,   you SMILE  but  inwardly you are in dire PAIN!

Allow me to share the following information with you.   I’m really talking to some of you out there. Up until this point, many things have gone wrong in your life but these things had to happen.  This was the only way the LORD could get your attention and to ensure your total dependency upon HIM.  If you have no problems and everything is Honky-Dory, you won’t get down on your knees praying and crying out to the LORD GOD.   Some of the tests you failed…some you barely passed…and some you passed with flying colors!

YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HIT BY A MACK TRUCK BUT THE LORD GOD IS COVERING YOU!   The LORD is near you!  You have an INVISIBLE COVERING the HOLY GHOST as HE IS A KEEPER!  In other words, you cannot physically see the HOLY GHOST but you can feel HIM working within and without!   But the eyes of the devil and his demons can see the MAGNETIC COVERING OF THE HOLY GHOST UPON YOU because they are spiritsHOWEVER, GOD ALLOWS THEM  DEVILS TO TEST YOU BUT THEY CANNOT DO ANYMORE HARM THAN THE ALMIGHTY GOD ALLOWS THEM TO DO.

Just as JOB  (a righteous man in the Old Testament)  was tested,  you will be FRIED in the FIRES!  You may be burnt on both ends but don’t worry.  God has a healing balm just for you.  Remember, fire  PURIFIES  the dross!  The LORD GOD is burning up the stuff YOU DON’T NEED!  Allow HIM to work in you as the HOLY GHOST sweeps throughout your mind, body, and soul!   Honey, I know how this process feels…it is really tough!   You feel alone, lost, alienated, and  unwanted  BUT GOD’S got your back!  Go through my Brothers and Sisters,  For in these  TIMES of TROUBLE:  (1)  GOD has hidden YOU in HIS SECRET PLACE;   and   (2)  SET YOU upon a ROCK

Have a Blessed Day!







Worldwide News: “GROOVING & DANCING like KING DAVID!”

The BIBLE states,   AND DAVID DANCED BEFORE THE LORD WITH ALL HIS MIGHT …  So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with SHOUTING and with the SOUND of the TRUMPET.”    (II Samuel 6:14-15)


This may sound strange to you but its ALRIGHT to get your GROOVE on for the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!   King DAVID was GROOVING   If  you can dance and party at clubs, you can dance for the Lord as He allows you to get your GROOVE ON.  While dancing, you’re raising up your arms, kicking up your legs, shaking your body and tail feathers to the music of live bands, sound tracks, and tapes played by Disco Jockeys. Your friends have captured photos of you getting “YO  GROOVING ON”  and they have plastered Facebook,  Twitter, and SPACE BOOK with them.   If so, YOU CAN PRAISE THE LORD!   After the band takes a break  and the music stops, people are still dancing in their seats and popping their fingers!  They call it…GROOVING!

Don’t you know that all musical notes and musical instruments come from GOD.  He made everything in Heaven and Earth. What in the World is the matter with you?  Some of us sit up like the grateful dead in Church but outside (in the World) we are the toast of the party.  In fact, the party don’t start until we get there declaring “PARTY TIME!”   Say here…LOOK ALIVE…YOU AIN’T DEAD YET!   So, stop pretending to be sanctimonious in Church and shout aloud, HALLELUJAH!   Take a minute to step out in the aisle and thank the LORD GOD for:


Maybe everything ain’t perfect in your life, but you’re still here by the LORD’S Mercy, Grace, and Goodness.  GIVE  GOD WHAT BELONGS  TO HIM…RECOGNITION, PRAISE, and WORSHIP!  Don’t wait until you’re sick in the hospital with one leg up in a sling or the doctor still researching medical books to find out what’s wrong with you.  The doctors don’t know every medical cause, sickness, disease, and diagnosis.  Your case may be the one which falls between the medical cracks. Don’t wait until its too late!  CALL ON THE LORD WHILE THERE IS BREATH IN YOUR BODY and WARM BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH YOUR VEINS.

 Have a Blessed Day!


Worldwide News: “U CAN MAKE IT!”



Irrespective of the defeats and failure in your life, there is a higher goal which should be common to all men, women, boys, and girls.  It is the HIGH CALLING of GOD in JESUS CHRIST!  Lay aside every weight and hindrance which are aimed at you like bullets from hell.

How do you suppose SAUL of Tarsus felt after his conversion to Christianity about 35 A.D.?   Answer: He felt like a fool!   SAUL (a.k.a. Apostle Paul) was a troubled fanatic with one determination to destroy the early Christians.   He dragged people and families out of their beds, out of their houses, away from their jobs and communities, put them in prisons, tortured them, starved them, beat them, and ordered them killed.  He interrupted the lives of many believers large and small. He made sure these people were miserable.  One day the LORD JESUS CHRIST met up with SAUL of Tarsus (who was on his way to Damascus planning to arrest more Christians)  and CONVERTED HIM.

At any time, GOD could have summoned Saul’s sinful soul and he would have descended into one of the deepest levels in Sheol.  Likewise GOD can take our souls in the heat of our sins and we will be eternally lost.   BUT GOD is a merciful Master who is full of grace and forgiveness.  No matter how stupid we behave,  HE IS ABLE TO FORGIVE US.   “All of us have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of GOD.”

Just think about all of the silly mistakes and failures you’ve made. If you are honest, I am sure you will drop you to your knees to repent.   HOW DO YOU MOVE ON?   One of the greatest statements of Apostle Paul is,  “…FORGETTING THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE BEHIND AND REACHING FORTH TO THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE BEFORE…”   (Philippians 3:13)   You cannot change the past, so stop living in the past!   You must move forward.   In order to do this, you must set higher goals  in CHRIST JESUS  who came to this Earth and died for our sins.  Make your way toward the Mountain top as you are in a RACE to WIN.   It ain’t gonna be easy but  U  CAN  MAKE  IT!

Have a Blessed Day!




The BIBLE states,  “For the poor  SHALL NEVER CEASE  out of the land:  therefore  I COMMAND THEE, saying,  THOU SHALT OPEN THINE HAND WIDE UNTO THY BROTHER, TO THY POOR, AND TO THY NEEDY, IN THY LAND.”  (Deuteronomy 15:11)


There is no difference today from the ancient times in the Bible.  Don’t we all come from the same GOD?  If so, WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME FAMILY.  Just look at the Internet and you will read the hate, prejudice, crime, murders, dictatorships and so forth throughout the World against people.  We are living in perilous times!   Every family has a BLACK SHEEP (a Wild Bill, Maverick, or someone who bucks the grain). Every country (including the USA) have undesirables classified as BLACK SHEEP.  Let’s jump the fence into the ghettoes and undesirable neighborhoods. Every race on this Earth has experienced some type of isolation, prejudice, incarceration, and annihilation from a governing authority or elite class.

In former days, the JEWS were treated like  BLACK SHEEP  and forced to live in designated areas (the JEWISH QUARTERS) only later to be exterminated.  This was cruel, violent, and inhumane treatment inflicted by the deceased German Dictator, Adolph Hitler (hopefully he is burning in Hell).  In general, people (especially the Jews) forget how the Lord brought them out and His manifold blessings.  After people “arrive to greater heights,”  they forget about the past.  They refuse to pass on the overflow or the gravy to others in need.   Likewise, the JEWS refuse to help their half-brothers  (the Palestinians)  as they shared the same Patriarch, ABRAHAM the HEBREW.

The most frequent excuse used by selfish people is,  “If I can better myself, they can too.”    They say, “Nobody helped me…”   ACTUALLY,  THIS IS NOT TRUE AS  GOD ABUNDANTLY BLESSED THEM.  Folks don’t want to remember their former estate (as it turns their stomachs); so they disassociate themselves from the past and people (including family members).  For this reason, they move across the railroad tracks into upscale condominiums or gated communities with security posted 24/7.

Presently, the Descendants of HAM (the son of Noah) are still suffering from cruel dictatorships and running like crazy people to escape.  Right now, Ham’s descendants are immigrating into ISRAEL but the Jews have forgotten the MOSAIC LAWS.   Listen to what Moses had to say to the CHILDREN of ISRAEL,

 (1)  Thou shalt open thy hand wide unto thy brother, thy poor, and to thy needy in thy land.” 

(2)  BEWARE that there be NOT A THOUGHT in thy WICKED HEART, saying, The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand; and thine eye be EVIL against thy POOR BROTHER, and thou give him nothing; and he cry unto the LORD AGAINST THEE, and IT BE SIN UNTO THEE.

(3)  Thou shalt SURELY GIVE to him and thine heart SHALL NOT be grieved when thou givest unto him…for this thing the LORD thy GOD shall BLESS thee in all thy works, and in all that thou put thy hand unto.”

 (4)  And THOU shalt REMEMBER that thou was a BONDMAN in the land of EGYPT, and the LORD thy GOD redeemed thee: THEREFORE I COMMAND thee THIS THING TO DAY.”    (Deuteronomy 13)

  Have a Blessed Day!